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Weight Loss Yoga for Flat Stomach & Abs – 20 Minute Beginners Yoga Workout



Published on 4 years ago

Weight Loss Yoga for Flat Stomach & Abs – 20 Minute Beginners Yoga Workout
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#WeightLoss Yoga for Flat Stomach & #Abs – 20 Minute #Beginners #Yoga #Workout

Start your day right with Lisa Husberg by spending time in the morning to help boost your metabolism so you burn fat throughout the day and stay energized. This is a 20 minute yoga workout for women to help them reduce stomach fat and help you build six-pack abs.

Learn more about Lisa:

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Comments :


PsycheTruth . 1 year ago

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bored . 1 day ago

i use my blanket as yoga mat <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Its My corner

Its My corner . 1 day ago

I can't concentrate because of ur beauty

Parikshith Akhil

Parikshith Akhil . 4 days ago

Respected mam, I like your video training for weight loss & helping others from body pain for beginners. I like your attitude . And another thing I would like to ask you is , " Per day how many times & minutes, I should work out for every single yoga asana's " . For example for every single yoga asana's I should work out once or twice per day for 1 or 2 min's or in seconds. Please tell me. Thanking you, Regards from, Parikshith Akhil R

Sequoia Babyyy

Sequoia Babyyy . 5 days ago

20 minutes go by fast when u actually like the exercise Day 2: I finished the whole video again Update I’ve been trying different yoga videos on this channel I like Sanela the most so far

Israa Israa

Israa Israa . 7 days ago

So hard. I thought it easy😢 at 14 minute i stop the wourkout, start reading coments on video, imean can it realy make flat tomy, is it worthy???

Neeraj Jain

Neeraj Jain . 1 week ago

Very nice yoga.thanks mam


Squidward.dabs.sometimes . 1 week ago

Friend: Can you swim? Me: Yea Friend: Show me Me: 6:09

Igor Sidelkovsky

Igor Sidelkovsky . 2 weeks ago

I've been researching yoga tips to reduce weight and found an awesome website at Yaras yoga tactics (look it up on google)

Idfk dude

Idfk dude . 2 weeks ago

This is not a "beginners workout" 😂

Pallavi Alallimath

Pallavi Alallimath . 2 weeks ago

Will it works for high cholesterol problem

Chrysta Hines

Chrysta Hines . 2 weeks ago

Which part of this is for beginners? Im like fresh from the womb when it comes to yoga. Im not flexible, my muscles are weak. It would be nice if there was instruction for a brand newbee who cant hold these poses long or who cant get directly into some of those poses. How can i do this with my current physical ability and still get a good benefit? Where is the video for true beginners?

Plasma Snow 2nd account

Plasma Snow 2nd account . 2 weeks ago

This really, REALLY helps with period cramps girls. Trust me, first day if a late cycle. This and coffee saved me.

Plasma Snow 2nd account

Plasma Snow 2nd account . 2 weeks ago

I'm doing this and counting calories again. Wish me luck! Had to pause 13 minutes in because of my sister coming in though.

Hunter Henderson

Hunter Henderson . 2 weeks ago




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L M . 2 weeks ago

Okay maybe should do this then my arm workout, planking was really hard!


hotgirlgee . 2 weeks ago

Great video!! Thank you!!

salwa saleh

salwa saleh . 3 weeks ago

how frequently do we need to do this?

William Jackson

William Jackson . 3 weeks ago

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Nilushana Dissanayake

Nilushana Dissanayake . 3 weeks ago

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Jill . 3 weeks ago

My very own close friend has went from the 41 inch waist to a 34 inch waistline withthis guidebook “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it). I have been having this unique guide for a week and I`ve by now discovered a big difference. I am a lot more enthusiastic and shed Seven pounds of the bodyweight. .

Jenna Garriott

Jenna Garriott . 4 weeks ago

Y’all this hurt my back more than anything. All this talk about “engaging your core” but sis ain’t telling my how to do that

Elaine DG

Elaine DG . 4 weeks ago

I can definitely do inhale and exhale

Bryan Cirillo

Bryan Cirillo . 4 weeks ago

So much more confident that I'll lose weight with this routine compared with the others on youtube, thanks so much Lisa! You Rock!


Snozzy . 4 weeks ago

It’s been 3 days of me trying to loose weight, first 2 days I did a lot of yoga poses and watched what I ate, then yesterday I did this video and when I woke up I lost 6 pounds!! Trying to loose 6 more so I definitely recommend doing videos like this and also keeping track of what you eat:)

Vadah Buchanan

Vadah Buchanan . 4 weeks ago

I wish I could fuckin do it but you GOTDAMN breathing screaming fillin up the whole room jesus

atri pal

atri pal . 1 month ago

The only thing I've done correctly is : relax!!😎😎


Ara . 1 month ago

I did this after a 10 mins cardio. I threw up at minute 13 doing this :( (I have GERD, and only had a hot thai tea when I woke up, approx an hour before my work out. maybe I shouldnt drink hot thai tea before? I dont know what I did wrong..)

fancy peppa

fancy peppa . 1 month ago

Day 1 Nothing changed just sweated alot. Feeling my stomach feels a bit different. Just tired wanting to relax. No junk food yay. Im 14 btw so is it good im doing this?

The crazy family Love

The crazy family Love . 1 month ago

how many pounds do you loose in a day or week?


HANSA SONI . 1 month ago

Nice...many..day of this yoga..daily...use than weight lost

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock . 1 month ago

Sorry his is way too hard I`m gonna start with the beginners


Mokonachan92 . 1 month ago

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clare longhurst

clare longhurst . 1 month ago

Nothing wrong with the video but I wouldn't call it an ab workout

Sk jsj

Sk jsj . 1 month ago

Okay but why does the 20 mins go sooo quick?

Frankie Davies

Frankie Davies . 1 month ago

Pulling your abs in pulling your abs in Me: I HAVE NO ABSSSSSS

Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh . 1 month ago

I love you

Alaina J

Alaina J . 1 month ago

Search google to learn relating to this diet regime “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it). I actually have lost approximately 12lbs just after making use of it for 3 weeks, despite not improving a lot along with my diet program or even exercise. It feels good to have this. I am right now encouraged and also empowered by it. .

wreaks police said he is a bad man

wreaks police said he is a bad man . 2 months ago

Great video cant wait to try more!!

angela mayhead

angela mayhead . 2 months ago

I got to 1618 ish and had to shout for help I was stuck

Love kitty and puppy Forever!

Love kitty and puppy Forever! . 2 months ago

I didn’t loose anything!!!

Sharmimi Abdullah

Sharmimi Abdullah . 2 months ago

this really works! my stomach is leaner and i even have the abs line now. been doing this for 2 weeks now.

Monika Reddy

Monika Reddy . 2 months ago

Truly Indian yoga. . I am fed up of ppl doing aerobics and gymnastics in the name of yoga.. In China especially they don't emphasis much on breathing , stretch & relax time between asanas.. Great video for a morning routine..

Pasang Tamang

Pasang Tamang . 2 months ago

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Salanki Tejaswani

Salanki Tejaswani . 2 months ago

Your age??

Lutfiani Eka

Lutfiani Eka . 2 months ago

15:00...its not easy

sara luvv

sara luvv . 2 months ago

Cute belly

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