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Raw Denim 101: A Beginners Guide to Understanding Raw Denim

alpha m.

alpha m.

Published on 7 years ago

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A Few Raw Denim Brands:
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Acne: http://www.acnestudios.com
Nudie: http://www.nudiejeans.com
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In this video professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino, explains the difference between regular denim and raw or dry denim. Raw denim is becoming a very popular alternative the normal wash jeans. Learn how to take care, wash and clean your raw denim jeans. How to eliminate smell, care, wear and how to wear your new raw denim jeans. This is denim for dummies. Understanding raw denim and selvedge jeans

Comments :

Claudia Lopez

Claudia Lopez . 3 days ago

After wearing out countless pairs of stretch jeans in months, I got my first pair of APCs. I wear them exclusively around the house and steam them occasionally. Sure it'll take longer to get that fade but they'll be customized and more durable than the stretch garbage they're selling. My boyfriend doesn't complain about the smell so I think I'm good. I don't think his APCs smell either. When and if they do, we can be gross together for a few months :p

Wan Solehin

Wan Solehin . 4 weeks ago

Febreze?what about if we use febreze to eliminate odor


shortarms . 2 months ago

I’ve got a few brands of jeans, but my favorites are a pair of 12$ rustlers they look rugged but feel super soft.

Warren Mercer

Warren Mercer . 2 months ago

Really ....

Adam Kelly

Adam Kelly . 2 months ago

6 months without washing your jeans? Sounds like a smell nightmare in the making.

Sam Fraser

Sam Fraser . 2 months ago

Freezing doesn't kill bacteria.


Goob . 3 months ago

Can’t you just throw them in the dryer over and over and run it with just air and no heat? I know that won’t make them form to your body, but it will still break them in, right?

Paul Sickleville

Paul Sickleville . 3 months ago

I have jeans that I've never washed .... Maybe 5 years or more and they don't stink . How do I achieve this magic ? Well I do this thing called personal hygiene .... It involves taking a shower and wearing clean underwear . I don't have to spray room deodorizer on my clothing


Sydney . 4 months ago

I couldn't make it through the first two minutes of this video... Top level cringe


ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn . 6 months ago

You are bullshit and high pitch feminine faggot


Krish . 8 months ago

Alpha what's the name of the jeans you have used in the video. Thanks

Gary K

Gary K . 8 months ago

Wearing 1 pair of jeans for 6 months straight. Are you nuts? There are more practical ways to break in your newly bought raw denim jeans. I'm very disappointed with this video -- I was expecting a nice beginners guide but it's more of a poser deal.


NCS926 . 9 months ago

Very informative video, thank you.

Jesin rock

Jesin rock . 10 months ago

Actually freezing doesn't help with killing bacteria it just multiplies it ... Putting it in an heating path inside out helps in odour control and bacteria killing


jac6995 . 10 months ago

Freezing doesnt kill bacteria.


dunne00 . 11 months ago

I done the freezer trick . Deforested my jeans and they smelt okay . A few hours later at a restaurant I could smell my Jean's they stunk. Never again

Wamuu chan

Wamuu chan . 11 months ago

The freezer thing is a myth, bacteria will just go to sleep, not die... that's how in labs they keep bactirias.


SARTHAK MOHAPATRA . 11 months ago


Paul Reyes

Paul Reyes . 11 months ago

Alpha man I need a 26w 32L I can't find anything affordable anywhere. PLZ HELP🙏 All I can find is Nudie Jeans and G Star

Alex Argente

Alex Argente . 1 year ago

why doess this guy annoy me so much? is it his voice? his earrings? the fact that his name is alpha? It could be all of the above...

A.P. G.

A.P. G. . 1 year ago

No,no,no get out!

alonzo calvillo

alonzo calvillo . 1 year ago

You were those jeans two days without washing and they smell? WTF. Did you shit and pee in them?If you go around sniffing jeans you got problems.


Raphael . 1 year ago

has anyone ever told you, you look like Davey Havok the singer from AFI cuz you do......


voicedify . 1 year ago

Don't get into raw denim. You'll fall in love with them and start buying more and more expensive jeans. You'll want a $300 pair of all kinds of novel and unique Japanese brand jeans and you'll eventually have more jeans than you'll know what to do with. And you'll still want more.

Cowboy C Bop

Cowboy C Bop . 1 year ago

Did I fuck up my raw denim ?? My jeans had a ton of dog hair on them so I put in the dryer / with a fabric sheet - for about 30 minutes . They were NOT washed !! ( still haven’t been washed in 3 months - just one soak )/// but I was only supposed to leave them in the dryer for like 5 minutes ( just to get that dog hair off ), but I totally forgot they were in there . Idiot !!!!! They seem ok .... but was that a huge no-no ?????

William Snyder

William Snyder . 1 year ago

Sorry, but you can have "raw." They're uncomfy to me. I like my jeans soft and faded. So do my admirers, lol...

Tom Hoff

Tom Hoff . 1 year ago

Wow, Elijah wood has had a real fall from grace

Mark Brown

Mark Brown . 1 year ago

It is actually recommend that you do not wash your best denim very often if at all. Avoid farting in them! and always keep your balls kissing fresh! Yes, freeze them! Yes, Spray with fabreeze! As needed👌 The denim, not your balls👍

Happytime cyanide

Happytime cyanide . 1 year ago

american eagle has raw selvedge denim for about $50

dimond ninja

dimond ninja . 1 year ago

raw denim the only way to go guys !! Like he said not for everyone

Tyler McMahon

Tyler McMahon . 1 year ago

If I saw this guy on the street I would assume he's gay.


cizcalodiablopanzon . 1 year ago

Spray lysol on the inside to kill the bacteria

Anthony Haines

Anthony Haines . 1 year ago

One thing to note is that washing raw denim is really a catch 22 situation. If you dont wash them you'll get nicer fades but you'll almost certainly get a crotch blowout. If you like the look of patches then it's fine but it's not a matter of if it happens, it's when. My two older pairs have it and I've had to get them patched.

Julian potatoe

Julian potatoe . 2 years ago

Potassium permanganate has replaced this concept a while ago. The process give an authentic warn look from new. The jeans are pricey through.

Dustin Allenby

Dustin Allenby . 2 years ago

Aaron what jacket is that!? I want it

Surf Viking

Surf Viking . 2 years ago

You dye your hair black to hide the grey?

Surf Viking

Surf Viking . 2 years ago

Alpha males don’t need help on how to dress

Hana Tanana

Hana Tanana . 2 years ago

I love the conceptual idea of raw denim BUT in reality I wash them after about 5 wears (cold water, hang to dry). They still look like new, the way I like them.

Tommy Nguyen

Tommy Nguyen . 2 years ago

if your jean stinks after 2 wears/ 2 days... there something wrong... need to hang them up in a cool room or something to air them out at night.

Truck Guy

Truck Guy . 2 years ago

Does it do the same thing to dudes with bigger sizes such as 38’s or 40’s?

Warrior in the Shadow

Warrior in the Shadow . 2 years ago

Ze Alpha Male G - Ultimatum - https://www.amazon.com/WARRIOR-SHADOW-Survival-Guide-Break/dp/1980212244/ref=sr_1_1_twi_pap_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1520945137&sr=8-1&keywords=van+paul+warrior+in+the+shadow

Ian Harris

Ian Harris . 2 years ago

What if I want to maintain the original dark wash? I've heard the washing them can basically do the opposite of what you stated here

Lee Nicholls

Lee Nicholls . 2 years ago

Replay jeans are the best fitting jeans I have ever bought

Get Me Out of Here

Get Me Out of Here . 2 years ago

Images of Wolverine’s brother kept flashing in my head. Was waiting for the claws to come out. 😂. Good vid—it was helpful.

Ian Clark

Ian Clark . 2 years ago

this guy is a fckin weirdo


WIllimeace . 2 years ago

I plan on wearing my new pair of raw denim for only three months then a wash, seems reasonable to me. That or dry clean for a year


WIllimeace . 2 years ago

Also if you wash your ass everyday and maybe only wear those particular jeans 3or4 days a week they can't be that dirty after just a year...


WIllimeace . 2 years ago

I'm wondering how bad could a dry clean be for raw denim?

James Burns

James Burns . 2 years ago

Wow a young ass Alpha M

Javier Perez

Javier Perez . 2 years ago

I steam clean my jeans. I own a few raw denims so it works out considering none have ever been washed. Steam inside-out

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