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5 Keto friendly Breakfast Recipes

Karolina Pawelek

Karolina Pawelek

Published on 9 months ago

Welcome! Thanks so much for clicking on this video. I hope you enjoy the content and get some ideas! Let me know if you guys try any of these recipes!

i am n ot a doctor or nutritionist. I know some of you will comment that I eat too many eggs, that i eat too much meat or salt, etc. This diet works for me. My health and my bloodworm have NEVER been better. These are not meals i eat every single day, these are just a few of my favorites!

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These recipes and all of the details will be up on my blog this week so keep checking my website for info on my videos!

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Leave me all your comments, i love talking to you guys!

see you in the next one!


Comments :

Parvin Rizi

Parvin Rizi . 1 minute ago

فارسی زبان میخواهم
Lose weight with Keto and no rebound effect

Lose weight with Keto and no rebound effect . 5 days ago

Sound to me like "Good Morning! Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome onboard this flight to Seoul. My name is John Graham and I'm Your In-flight Service Director. Your cabin crew are here to ensure you have an enjoyable flight to Seoul this morning." Just kidding, thanks for sharing, keto was a lifestyle for me during the past 2 years, I already got my summer body, is easy but there are some sacrifices to do, for example no more bread ;(
Cara Hartzell

Cara Hartzell . 5 days ago

LOl!..just thinking my grandmother drinks coffee which is caffeine which is addictive is bad for you.Then goes buys candy after telling me candy is a bad choice for your health..well you drink coffee and preach to me bout bad candy then go buy it for everyone WTF! 😂 this life doesn’t get anything funnier!
Beatriz Family style

Beatriz Family style . 1 week ago

Is it ok if I make home made salsa?
Melissa Blanchard

Melissa Blanchard . 1 week ago

what about serving sizes? I would like to know how much or many ounces of each is a serving. I like to weigh and measure on a digital scale if doing this diet.
Robert Gh

Robert Gh . 1 week ago

Guy i just noticed that there is no actual link to the website so here @t Thank me later
Eazy TV

Eazy TV . 1 week ago

Cottage cheese with salsa wtf?
K R Agee

K R Agee . 1 week ago

Great recipes! Another way I found as follows: https://tinyurl.com/tefbm5e
Urban candidate

Urban candidate . 1 week ago

Take your FREE keto Diet Recipe book Here NOW https://parupallysandeep7-ebd7.gr8.com/
Marsha Billups

Marsha Billups . 1 week ago

You are the best I made an breakfast I ate it sooooooo full is this the catch with keto to get full off fat I will have to make smaller portion is that ok?
Tiffany Terrell

Tiffany Terrell . 1 week ago

Do you have to have eggs as a breakfast? Fried, boiled, & scrambled eggs are sensitive on my stomach

annahkmon . 1 week ago

I am so excited to try the egg muffin recipe, thank you!
Antony Zhang

Antony Zhang . 1 week ago

Do natural popular fat burn secrets like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I've noticed numerous amazing things about this popular lose weight diet plan.
Kora Delmar

Kora Delmar . 1 week ago

This video was made so professionally editing wise as well as the angles, and the recipes looked yummy too!
blue Moon gamergirl

blue Moon gamergirl . 1 week ago

Anyone else really hangry now???....
Adrian Peters

Adrian Peters . 2 weeks ago

Low fat chease in keto?
Carolyn Haney

Carolyn Haney . 2 weeks ago

I have a question about your sugar content. Between a roma tomato that has 6g and cottage cheese with 6g. That is a lot of sugar. However, i do appreciate your ideas.

hoops0926 . 2 weeks ago

Worst way to cut an onion ever.
Apollo Nein

Apollo Nein . 2 weeks ago

Your knife skills are horrible momma
Best youtube videos

Best youtube videos . 2 weeks ago

Married At First Sight's Cathy Evans reveals how she lost 16kg with the keto diet - as she reveals her incredible body transformation...  https://tinyurl.com/ketogoogle
Thania R

Thania R . 2 weeks ago

i love your video its funny , simple and you explained everything super well. eyeball everything lol but in seriousness i found this helpful as a beginner so thank you !!
Fil-Am Daily

Fil-Am Daily . 2 weeks ago


DexterGrifFTW . 2 weeks ago

America is a crazy place, maple flavoured sausages hahah that’s mad, great video though
Sara Beluchi

Sara Beluchi . 2 weeks ago

awesome tips i lost 20 pounds doing this diet omg!
Meyring Van Der walt

Meyring Van Der walt . 2 weeks ago

half an avo has 7g carbs in it? to be safe on keto you should stay <=20g of carbs, dont you think you are going a bit over the daily limit ? Other than that cheerz for the nice recipe ideas :)

THE SECRET OF KETO . 2 weeks ago

the best diet in the world, if you want results and immediate health, THE KETO DIET is the best solution, I lost 60 pounds and changed my life and my health forever, now it is a lifestyle

ALL ABOUT KETO . 2 weeks ago

I'm 4 weeks into my custom keto diet plan and I've lost 14 pounds which I must say is pretty incredible, it's actually amazing watching my body transform into something I am actually proud of rather than something I have always tried to cover up. Thanks!!!
Life is Keto

Life is Keto . 2 weeks ago

Those are great recipes. I lost 35 pounds since I started my keto journey. Don’t give up guys! It’s well worth the reward. I can’t be any happier that I stuck with the process. Will power is the key 🔑
Keto & Me

Keto & Me . 2 weeks ago

Nice ideas! I started keto 3 months ago, lost 16lbs! Today is my day 92 :D Persistence and diet guys! GO KETO!
NaturalWay TV

NaturalWay TV . 2 weeks ago

THE ULTIMATE KETO GUIDE! @ https://gum.co/NRTto
Miah Harrison

Miah Harrison . 2 weeks ago

You people should check this customketo4u.com they create an 8 weeks keto meal plan just for you based on your preferences, even with a detailed shopping list!
tegan jade

tegan jade . 2 weeks ago

yummy, can't wait to try all of these
Keto_CustomKetoDiet Phuong

Keto_CustomKetoDiet Phuong . 2 weeks ago

Very delicious and complementary ich thank you 😂

CaliTrekk . 2 weeks ago

Enjoyed your video very much. Keep up the great work
Linda Redden

Linda Redden . 2 weeks ago

Derrin Eckelmann

Derrin Eckelmann . 2 weeks ago

What protein powder do you use for the protein pancakes ? I know most powders have carbs
Sonia Awan

Sonia Awan . 2 weeks ago

https://youtu.be/U7OIKfqzieo Keto low carb dish
Missy Moser

Missy Moser . 2 weeks ago

Metal on a nonstick pan, ugh! And the scratches to show! I couldn’t even keep watching because of the nonstick pan abuse.
Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago

Those protein pancakes look really good, thought I had to give up pancakes 🥞 this gives me hope
aysha ahmed

aysha ahmed . 2 weeks ago

What can I use instead of avocado? Its rare in my country
Jacqueline Lopez

Jacqueline Lopez . 3 weeks ago

Im sorry that egg was ugly

MEGA . 3 weeks ago

Have your own customized keto diet here: https://tinyurl.com/tykvce3

Go_getta30 . 3 weeks ago

I love cottage cheese, but what you just made with it doesn’t look good AT ALL!
Shannon Grady

Shannon Grady . 3 weeks ago

Avocados are 4 for a $1 at peak season here. Most of the time they are about 80 cents.

Rawhealthbitch . 3 weeks ago

The second meal would me enough for me for the entire day. that is a good one meal a day recipe. thanx.
Marty Cloyd

Marty Cloyd . 3 weeks ago

Please put all trays in upright positions and prepare for landing
Desi La Chingona

Desi La Chingona . 3 weeks ago

Why so many negative comments this video is good, yall tripping! Looks yummy girl, Thanks for the ideas! ♡♡
Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

I’m just starting the keto diet and was worried I couldn’t enjoy my favorite meal (breakfast). But after researching and watching a ton of YouTube vids I am surprised at all the good eats I have to look forward to. Thanks for sharing!
Vivienne Muzila

Vivienne Muzila . 3 weeks ago

Starting my keto diet wasnt an easy journey lol but today I want to celebrate my one month mile stone 😊..Got my plan at https://www.digistore24.com/redir/273309/Vivienne85/ hope this helps someone else out there to get started
Jacob Henshaw

Jacob Henshaw . 3 weeks ago

Forget the protein pancake recipe 2 eggs 1 banana blend and fry

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