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Elmo's Dog Bandana How to do a Rolled Hem



Published on 8 years ago

Learn How to make a Dog Bandana and How to do a Rolled Hem

As you can see I made a bandana for my dog Elmo, but I also wanted to show everyone how easy it can be to do a rolled hem. There are some other great videos on youtube which go into depth on the different sewing machines and such , but I just want to show you a basic way of doing it. I was intimated at first by rolled hems, but I got past it when I made my first really good project.

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Comments :

Isiah Martin

Isiah Martin . 1 year ago

Whats the name and brand of the sewing machine you have? I am in the market to purchasing one, but do not know where to start.

Theresa Billotti

Theresa Billotti . 4 years ago

I love your relaxed attitude :) Makes watching the video fun and easy to follow.


EllaWoo . 6 years ago

I just bought this foot. I am learning myself how to sew. You make it see so easy and I am having such a hard time!!!! thank you though for the video! :)

Tess Tickles

Tess Tickles . 7 years ago

Great Video but FYI you didnt have to iron the edge of the fabric before sewing, that is what that sewing foot is designed to do for you.


clothespindolls . 7 years ago

Yes he is a poodle! He is also very spoiled! Thanks for watching and subscribing!

Barbara Phillips

Barbara Phillips . 7 years ago

Great video, very easy to understand. What a cute little dog!!! Is he a poodle?


clothespindolls . 8 years ago

Hi! I have always had that idea because of my dog Elmo! But since he's a boy , I thought he might hate me if I dressed him up in a tutu....lol...but I might!! THanks for stopping by!


Pana_MontanaBaby . 8 years ago

Make a doggy tutu awwwwww so cute!!!


clothespindolls . 8 years ago

Hi thanks for watching and subscribing! I'm sure it could be done with a zig zag stitch. Thanks for stopping by!

lucinda monger

lucinda monger . 8 years ago

really cute idea. nice to see how a rolled hem works. but I just have a basic zigzag machine. could you make this also reverseable by sewing two and turning inside out?


clothespindolls . 8 years ago

Hi, thanks for watching! I bought the rolled hem foot a long time ago, I can't remember where, but I kept staring at it and was determined to learn how to use it! I am now itching to use the other feet that came with my machine. I think I have been missing out! Lol..


madewithluvcreations . 8 years ago

really cute bandana. My Molly will never keep that on.LOL. I think I have the same bro machine I don't use mine much. mine is Brothers Se 350 embroidery machine.Did that hem foot come with your machine? I haven't used all the feet or even know what to do with them sadly. So with that said Thanks for sharing. something new for me.

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