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(Cayenne Pepper) The Human Diet

45.00 CBD Oil
500mg Broad Spectrum
Lemon; Orange; Peppermint

50.00 Hemp Protein Powder
Blackberry Pomegranate


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Ann Herring

Ann Herring . 3 months ago

Awesome video👍 thank you.Monte 🙏❤

Hanging with Miss Dee

Hanging with Miss Dee . 3 months ago

GM Monte thanks for info and do you accept cash app for payment?

Angela Williams

Angela Williams . 3 months ago


Keesha Codling

Keesha Codling . 3 months ago

Hi Monte!!! Can u give your opinion on the Keto diet. I’m having mixed emotions about. Some people says it’s not healthy and some says it’s good for you 🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Ella Townsend

Ella Townsend . 3 months ago

Thank you


DIVA DEE DEE . 3 months ago

Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge and informative videos. I am curious where you purchase you capsules to fill with the Cayenne Pepper ?


Cleopatra . 3 months ago

Good MORNING brother

Marilyn Capehart

Marilyn Capehart . 3 months ago

Hey Monte 9-11-19

Valadia Pridgen

Valadia Pridgen . 3 months ago

Great video & always informative. Have a wonderful day! ✌🏿❤

Jai P

Jai P . 3 months ago

Will the cbd oil help with joint pain? I have had one cortisone shot in each knee and won’t be able to have replacement surgery for at least a year...I dont want to damage my kidneys/liver taking Aleve and things like that to relieve related stiffness and pain. I will definitely purchase from you if ingesting it will help 🤗 Peace yall🙌🏽

Simply Natural Black Life

Simply Natural Black Life . 3 months ago

Hello Teacher Minte , yes I do this often .... Great video👍💗

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