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Walden Farms Syrup: Strawberry & Blueberry Review

Tami Dunn

Tami Dunn

Published on 3 years ago

This is a taste test/review of the Walden Farms Syrup in Strawberry and Blueberry flavors. They are fat free, gluten free, calorie free and has no carbs or sugars of any kind. They were $9.99 each at Amazon.com.

Music Credit: "Cut and Run" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Comments :

Iris Lam

Iris Lam . 3 years ago

If you were to pick one out of these two flavors, which one would you prefer more?

Lindsay Hester

Lindsay Hester . 3 years ago

Great review! I was curious about these. Also, love your sweater, Tami!

Hayley Gold

Hayley Gold . 3 years ago

kashi also makes 70 calorie waffles, and also in blueberry flavor if you like that. don't bother with the van's "lite" waffles, they weigh about twice what the box says they should


Divin . 3 years ago

Hi Tami! I have tried just about every Walden Farms product there is... I actually like several of their dressings, but some of them are not good at all in my opinion (especially bleu cheese!). My favorite is the original BBQ sauce. I also like the French, Italian, bacon ranch, Asian, honey dijon, and thousand island. I don't care for the coffee creamers, sweet dips, and mayos. I don't think you would care for the peanut spreads after having PB2. I think the alfredo pasta sauce is really good, and I tend to use the tomato sauce from time to time. I use their ketchup and seafood sauce, but the Heinz reduced sugar is much better and worth the extra calories. Are there any other WF products you've been requested to try or are curious about?


MARK WELLS . 3 years ago

Great review, Tami.


TheRivrPrncess . 3 years ago

Kevin's expression on tasting the waffle-so funny. The sucralose is the bitter flavor Kevin is tasting. I don't like that sweetener either.


GSNCards . 3 years ago

Oh man $10!? My shop rite sells them for 2.99


tortellini . 3 years ago

What store did you see these in that is $10 each?! At the store I shop at most they are $3.99 each and when they go on sale, $2.99. I'm really happy you tried these! I enjoy using them on my protein pancakes and waffles.

Stacey Johnson

Stacey Johnson . 3 years ago

I use the chocolate in iced or hot coffee and it good. i have never used it on ice cream but in the coffee i like it. P.S....i love Kevin's faces, i just knew he would be a fan of these....lol


noviceprepper53 . 3 years ago

Hi Tami and Kevin, thanks for another good review. netrition sells these for $3.99, though as you already know there is the shipping charge. some reviewers there like the carmel but the price is so much lower than amazon that you can try them all if you want. best regards.

Valerie Mings

Valerie Mings . 3 years ago

Wow $10 for each? In our Kroger, they have them for about $4.99 each. I've only ever tried the regular pancake syrup and I really liked it, it tasted close to real syrup to me! There's supposed to be a maple walnut flavor coming out too!

Adam Bennett

Adam Bennett . 3 years ago

You can buy directly from their site for way cheaper

Ashley Weill

Ashley Weill . 3 years ago

I would be careful of the serving size too. Like the strawberry says 0-4 cal per 2 tablespoons and the blueberry says 0-4 cal for 1/4 cup.

Ashley Weill

Ashley Weill . 3 years ago

Oooooh. I've been so curious about all of walden farms.

Madison Killer

Madison Killer . 3 years ago

Kevin that acidic feel is exactly why I hate walden farms! I had it once and the thought of the products now just turns me off!


anbshilling . 3 years ago

what I like to do is mix the syrup (maple flavor) and pb2, microwave it for about 10 seconds then use as a topping for waffles or ice cream. :)

Melissa Delorme

Melissa Delorme . 3 years ago

im surprised you paid so much. In Canada I buy them at the Metro grocery store for $5.99 each. I figured you would pay less since it's a product of the USA.


suvoth . 3 years ago

Couldn't you just use the Torani Syrup instead? Opens up a lot of different flavours.

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