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Indigo Girls - Closer to Fine



Published on 10 years ago

Indigo Girls' official music video for 'Closer To Fine'. Click to listen to Indigo Girls on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/IndigoGirlsSpotify?IQid=IndigoGCTF

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I'm trying to tell you something about my life
Maybe give me insight between black and white
The best thing you've ever done for me
Is to help me take my life less seriously, it's only life after all
Well darkness has a hunger that's insatiable
And lightness has a call that's hard to hear
I wrap my fear around me like a blanket
I sailed my ship of safety till I sank it, I'm crawling on your shore.

I went to the doctor, I went to the mountains
I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain
There's more than one answer to these questions
pointing me in crooked line
The less I seek my source for some definitive
The closer I am to fine.

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Comments :

ge -

ge - . 8 hours ago

I am a Republican. I love music. I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana fields with ar-15's. Freedom! Anything else is a crooked line.

Cody Blues

Cody Blues . 3 days ago

This album spoke to me so deeply, I knew every lyric of every song. Closer to Fine inspired me to learn guitar.

Frank Stoeffler

Frank Stoeffler . 5 days ago

The truth is a virus... Jordan Peterson (in one of the episodes of the Joe Rogan podcast) explains the idea of God. With people asking who is God, is God real, does god exist, etc. MY REPLY How do I feel about it all? F*ck God, F*ck Religions, F*ck Heaven and Hell, I live here on Earth on the best I was taught and that is by my parents and Jesus as a human in the Gospels. I don't do good for a reward like a Pavlovian dog... I don't do good because I cower from punishment in Hell. If God wants me in heaven, hell, or Earth then who am I to disagree? I do good by example... my parents were very good people who lead me by example and Jesus proved my parents right by being the best example. Atheists are bankrupt and full of nihilism. Does God exist? I really don't care. I commit all my sins in public and do all my good deeds in private to the point that only one besides me knows about them... Think about it. Gordon "Evil exists when good people do nothing."

Jonathan Hitt

Jonathan Hitt . 6 days ago

Their husbands must be so proud

Elton Menezes

Elton Menezes . 1 week ago

Thanks to the Bundies I'm here from the Voice

Jeff Leonard

Jeff Leonard . 1 week ago

My god! This song is so powerful! Sends such a positive message!

Jeff Leonard

Jeff Leonard . 1 week ago

Saw these girls live at the South Shore Music Circus about 13 or so years ago. For a duet of folk singers, they were awesome. Also considering I was the only 13 year old in a crowd of at least people that were at least 70+ years old. They were amazing, though. Would definitely see them again if I had the opportunity.

Christi Nash

Christi Nash . 2 weeks ago

The predecessor of all 21st century Hipster music is 90s lesbian folk.


Sando-Metal . 2 weeks ago

Just watched Tig Notaro's special on Netflix and looked these girls up. I knew of the name many years ago, but never heard their music. Soothing.

Joanne Wilton

Joanne Wilton . 2 weeks ago

I'm here because it's still the truth, and man that brunette is hot. Fab lead vocal too. Indigo Girls by FAR the most impressive thing to come out of the 80's.

lakotasue Nonya

lakotasue Nonya . 2 weeks ago

Stacey, Deb didn’t really have the best taste in music. Yawn. I did always love this one, tho!! ❤️👍🏽

l Cinnabon l

l Cinnabon l . 2 weeks ago

just learned to play it on my guitar. Makes me happy just playing the riff.

randall wood

randall wood . 2 weeks ago

Good music,keep on rockin

Jonny Weiss

Jonny Weiss . 2 weeks ago

Indigo Girls- Semisonic ROX.

Jonny Weiss

Jonny Weiss . 3 weeks ago

Indigo Girls- “Amazing Music!” I’m from MN. Jonny Weiss “Highway to America.” Email is defunct 😎. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ian Rogers

Ian Rogers . 3 weeks ago

I'm so old, I remember when they were "straight"

Jennifer Durano

Jennifer Durano . 3 weeks ago

so much happiness


7A . 3 weeks ago

i don't watch TV, owned 1 for 6 months in 1994, so i don't watch the crap you do.


WiiGame2000 . 3 weeks ago

This song is simply a masterpiece of music. Upbeat from the first strum. Beautiful voices. Lyrics that stay with you. Every groove and rhythm ... and every time they diverge ever so slightly from what they quickly conditioned you to expect next. This one, and the rest of this album/CD, hit me at a time in college when I was just realizing that music can be more and other than "just" classical or pop/rock. There aren't many songs where I remember where I was when I first heard it, but this was arresting enough to be one of those few. And I've never been particularly religious, but that never mattered between me and this music -- with these "girls," I don't have to have read The Bible to sing about it, or Heaven, or Canaan. Now, almost 30 years later, I still cannot hear the end of this song without expecting the next (Secure Yourself) and the next (Kid Fears) in CD order. And when I first heard Micheal Stipe's oh so distinctive R.E.M. voice -- one of the highlights of my high school years -- seemingly creep out of the shadows of my boom box in the emotion-laden Kid Fears, I swear I almost lost bladder control. And just listening to this song on YT now, I got all over body chills/pins&needles/goosebumps ... twice ... which never happens to me in the first place. This song teleports me to many places across time and space, and I will never be able to thank Emily and Amy (and all the people who put this recording together) enough for voicing the music in them and sharing it with all of us.

Tina Grace

Tina Grace . 3 weeks ago

Thank you sharing your divine gifts that have, and continue to inspire me when I need something to speak to my soul! Thank you 🌺💝🌊🎶


SopranoSister . 3 weeks ago

The funny thing, I learned to play this song before I realized I was gay, LOL! I love the Indigo Girls! Their songs are so beautiful.


TreyParkersBitch . 3 weeks ago


Jonathan Cabrera

Jonathan Cabrera . 3 weeks ago

Kurt cobain?

Frank Stoeffler

Frank Stoeffler . 4 weeks ago

I am a strange card turned up rarely in the poker game we call life. I'm a Republican who loves watching Bill Maher for his slant on everything yet we don't agree on the divine things. I first heard the Indigo Girls about the same time I heard Dishwalla and Thermadore. I really listened to every song on all their albums. I'm kinda pissed off with the connection of homosexuality in media to the music made by Indigo Girls. I liked and connected to the music/lyrics as a middle class white man who has no interest in any artist's sexuality. Good music is just good music. By the way, they and I have a mutual friend: Cooper Tisdale who is one of the best Chess players I have shared the game. All my love, Gordon

Quiet Quantum

Quiet Quantum . 4 weeks ago

Who is here because the Indigo girls are a classic?


X O . 4 weeks ago

Good girls on Netflix lol

Jonny Weiss

Jonny Weiss . 4 weeks ago

Indigo Girls- “Excellent!” ❤️

Kevin McPartland

Kevin McPartland . 1 month ago

This is a truly great song


legunncat . 1 month ago

Such profound wisdom at such a young age.

Jennifer Noll

Jennifer Noll . 1 month ago

One Fine Day.

Seeking A Great Perhaps

Seeking A Great Perhaps . 1 month ago

I loved this song when I was a teenager and this first came out and I listened to this record over and over and over. And it is amazing - more than almost any song, how well it holds up and how true it rings (truer now - way truer now with decades of life behind me since). I have a real hard time living without knowing the purpose, the single goal of getting up in the morning, and it has caused me depression and anxiety and despair and worry. And on those rare days I can wake up and not think about it, and live by instinct, knowing right from wrong without using some kind of flowchart and just letting my conscience guide me through the day like a quiet, reliable voice...how much happier I am. How difficult and painful a search for faith has been. How difficult it has been reading impenetrable text, dealing with the condescension of the advocates of 10 million mutually contradictory worldviews who insist and seethe and rant that the way they see things should be obvious to everyone and you're a moron for not being convinced. A quiet and receptive mind and kindness - if I can just manage those two things, and nothing else...I can be happy. I wish I'd taken the counsel from this song more seriously when I was young. This is a better song than we deserved, then and now.


kahea2018 . 1 month ago

I know about the Indigo Girls. But I'm only here because of Andy. I probably won't be back. Lol


tg72201 . 1 month ago

I just heard this for the first time. Holy shit I love this so much.

chig bungusbog

chig bungusbog . 1 month ago

gay brought me here

Almighty Talos

Almighty Talos . 1 month ago

Ro do doo do dooo

Jonny Weiss

Jonny Weiss . 1 month ago

Indigo Girls- Legendary! Jonny Weiss. “Back to Phoenix.” Music Video. I’m from MN 👋

Bryan Bass-Riley

Bryan Bass-Riley . 1 month ago

This has been my life's theme song for a long time.

AJ Lavyd

AJ Lavyd . 1 month ago

I’m in love. How come I can’t find a straight gay girl?

Charles Moore

Charles Moore . 1 month ago

Watching an episode of Chicago PD on Halloween 2019 and the Indigo Girls popped into my head. I don't know why but I won't question it. I was 21 when they released "Closer to Fine" and it brings back some pretty good memories of my youth....

Ginger Durbin

Ginger Durbin . 2 months ago

Darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable And light has a call that’s hard to hear...

Bridgett Mailloux

Bridgett Mailloux . 2 months ago

Man, I used to see guys in Atlanta circuit. Miss ya'll! I love to come back to the songs that turn me on before you made an album. God Bless Be weel hoped to you in FLA.


ALI G . 2 months ago


David Landsberg

David Landsberg . 2 months ago

I forgot how well they dance.

Highway to Hell Sydney.

Highway to Hell Sydney. . 2 months ago

That whole first album , and everything they have done since is amazing. Some people are just born to make music together

Joe Blow

Joe Blow . 2 months ago

Tig Notaro anyone? Wow such great lyrics, never heard this song before.

Rick van de Ven

Rick van de Ven . 2 months ago

The Hollars?

Stevie Mac

Stevie Mac . 2 months ago

Just saw these two wonderful women in Sligo. X


TheBigCheeseSauce . 2 months ago

Til this day I'm still shocked at how powerful this song actually is, for an acoustic-styled song. 🤘

Guilherme Estevam Vital

Guilherme Estevam Vital . 2 months ago

No acapella Andy

Angelique Hammond

Angelique Hammond . 2 months ago

Chattanooga show?!! I LOVE Chattanooga!! Maybe I can make the drive from ChiTown.

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