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Superfoods For Diabetics | Eat This Food Daily Cure Diabetes

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Published on 2 years ago

Hi Friends, Welcome back to My Channel Health and Beauty
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Watch►Diabetic Superfoods | Eat This Foods To cure #Diabetes in 2 Weeks

Hello Viewers, Today I Am Going to Share With You, Diabetic Superfoods | Eat This Foods To cure Diabetes in 2 Weeks

This channel is an output for positive lifestyle content, simple choices on a daily basis shape your life and the world around you

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Comments :

Suganthi nice Suganthi

Suganthi nice Suganthi . 3 weeks ago

Are you sure mom. It's ok for diabetic

Kelley George

Kelley George . 3 weeks ago

Good luck keep posting

Supriya Gurav

Supriya Gurav . 3 weeks ago

Thank you

Nibedita Choudhury

Nibedita Choudhury . 1 month ago

Hi mam..can i take jaggery instead of sugar??

Chitra Murugappan

Chitra Murugappan . 1 month ago

Wow...useful info !!!!

David Barry

David Barry . 1 month ago

Rice biscuits oats,? Raaise blood sugars

Mopar hemi

Mopar hemi . 2 months ago

I love your accent/voice I'll certainly give it a try.

Bill Foster

Bill Foster . 2 months ago

How much water in pot?

Kashifsultan Ahmed

Kashifsultan Ahmed . 3 months ago

Excellent vedio thanks

Rajoshkumar Pt

Rajoshkumar Pt . 4 months ago

thanks a lot

Marvin Morrow

Marvin Morrow . 5 months ago

I am in great mental stress as I started reading through this “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) because my A1c was 11.5% and my blood sugar level has risen to Three hundred. The figures was two months ago. I stringently used “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). And that made it happen. I was very happy concerning the fact that I managed to decrease my average PP sugar level to A hundred and forty..

Gewichtsverlies Diëtist

Gewichtsverlies Diëtist . 5 months ago

Thank you so much


Gummy_Bear_Gaming . 6 months ago

I have diabetes type 1

colt45 Peacemaker

colt45 Peacemaker . 6 months ago

Don't give a history lesson on diabetes. Just give information please.

Hussain Mohammad

Hussain Mohammad . 7 months ago

Thank u very much

Cooper Lee

Cooper Lee . 8 months ago

Prednisone was applied to cure my pneumonia, however, the medicine also stimulated the increase of my blood glucose levels that resulted in diabetic issues. During that time, my A1C is 10.1, that is very high. I just read “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it) - that is basic and easy to comprehend. I`ve been through a retesting Two months later and also the end result implies that (my A1C had decreased to 6.8 simply .3 above normal)..


Tsetsi . 8 months ago

Ok i will take this into consideration

Ramaa Rangaraj

Ramaa Rangaraj . 8 months ago

Hi. I am Ramaa Rangaraj. I don't take garlic. Shall I drink without garlic. Kindly let me know. Thank you

latha krishna

latha krishna . 9 months ago

Please make this in Tamil . Your accent is killing your good intentions .😎

••Hridita_ Ashraf••

••Hridita_ Ashraf•• . 9 months ago

Lol ... If you boil these ingredients, the nutrients all vapour away !! Vitamin C boils just at 60 degree and you’re boiling it with 100 degree Very non scientific video

Is there a cure for diabetes

Is there a cure for diabetes . 10 months ago

Nice info thanks for sharing this.

Theresa Pushpam

Theresa Pushpam . 10 months ago


Israil Munshi

Israil Munshi . 10 months ago

Thank you Doctor. Wonderful planning for the diabetes patients.

Asra Fatima

Asra Fatima . 12 months ago

Nice video 💞💞👍💞💞

Felipe Daquiz

Felipe Daquiz . 1 year ago

Nice information to the public 🙂

vidyad madhusudan

vidyad madhusudan . 1 year ago

Is it good to eat so many times? To keep sugar level in control, insulin level should be kept low, if one keeps eating every 2 or 3 hours, insulin will keep releasing so many times and blood insulin will always be high.

shashank kaswankar

shashank kaswankar . 1 year ago

can take our medication?

So find out ifjodhaakbara Sama

So find out ifjodhaakbara Sama . 1 year ago

Nice information

Gowri Venkatesan

Gowri Venkatesan . 1 year ago

Thanks for your kind food chat

Kamala Sundaramoorthy

Kamala Sundaramoorthy . 1 year ago

Very useful video and foot chart is also useful and interesting thank you 🙏

Bhagya ram

Bhagya ram . 1 year ago

Any one cured diabetes from this receipe

Maria Pinto

Maria Pinto . 1 year ago

If you boil the ingredients all the nutrients go away better to have it raw


anthonianas1 . 1 year ago

Thanks for this

Patrician Shika

Patrician Shika . 1 year ago


radhika n

radhika n . 1 year ago

Nice useful video

Cooper Lee

Cooper Lee . 1 year ago

This “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it) is among the most reasonable and also easy to follow plan for overall health and treating diabetic issues. Apart from being simple to follow, this diet as well as life-style transformation will not stress you about carb or calorie tracking! After moving into a healthier as well as greener way of living, I didn`t just lose fat but also I am also freed from diabetes and also hypertension! It`s genuine that you really could change diabetes...

Grace Deborah

Grace Deborah . 1 year ago

Your English is horrible!

Balaji Ganeshan

Balaji Ganeshan . 1 year ago

U better talk in TAMIL

Smita Wadekar

Smita Wadekar . 1 year ago


Lydia Bundac

Lydia Bundac . 1 year ago

We sell potted INSULIN PLANTS (costus igneus), fresh leaves and dried leaves for tea. Originally from India with RED STEMS. We are at 364 San Agustin Vilage, Binan (back of Southwoods Mall) and have pick-up points in Makati and Paranaque. To order pls text/call 09212333173, 09279424999, (02)7811676, (02)4258714. Visit our fb page Insulin Plant- Binan, Makati, Paranaque.

Savitha Prabhu

Savitha Prabhu . 1 year ago

All ingredients have hot property

Monowara begum

Monowara begum . 1 year ago


sunil kumar

sunil kumar . 1 year ago

Can a sugar patient take palm jaggery


mkrangachar . 1 year ago


Arthur Chan

Arthur Chan . 2 years ago

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out can you stop being diabetic try Natural remedy tactic ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.

laxmisharma Health and beautytips

laxmisharma Health and beautytips . 2 years ago

nice video

Sujata Mahapatra

Sujata Mahapatra . 2 years ago


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