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HCG Diet and Weight Loss Results Information by Austin Chiropractor Care

Dr. Echols is a Chiropractor in Austin, Texas. In this video Dr. Echols discuses the hormone HGC and how it can help a person burn fat and lose weight!

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Comments :

Sovereign Principal

Sovereign Principal . 2 months ago

This does work lost 63lbs.. In 2014 gained it back eating poorly last year, going on it again

Riz Own

Riz Own . 2 months ago

Will it back after weight lose compelete


Beth . 3 months ago

Anyone will lose drastic weight on only 500kcal a day. You don't need to purchase a $120 4oz bottle of basically Vit B12 drops to do it. The starter kit which costs about $400 contains liquid vitamins for day & night, w/glucose & more B12, bc you're basically starving yourself & need energy, a bottle of fiber tablets, prebiotic capsules, & packets of a phetamine( uppers) containing powder to add to water, to give you energy to get through the day. You can buy all that at a store for $40. That's a 10× marked up price!- That's crazy! Then they try to get you to recruit more people. It's a pyramid scheme that should be outlawed. No wonder there are lawsuits against them. Shame on you.

Janete & Ariel

Janete & Ariel . 3 months ago

Learn about Dr. Simeons >>>

Sabbir Rahman

Sabbir Rahman . 3 years ago

Hello there, have you considered Fenoboci Diet Plan yet? Just do a google search engine search. On there you'll find a great tips about how exactly you can lost a lot of weight. Why not give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

Grant Warden

Grant Warden . 5 years ago

If you honestly believe this guy, you're being misled.  Losing 17 pounds of fat in 2 weeks would mean you are eating around a 4,500 calorie deficit each day.  This would be like a high caliber athlete not eating and still doing all of their workouts every day for 14 days.   Obviously a large amount of the weight you lose when you're on a diet is water weight, but 17 pounds in 2 weeks is outrageous.  


kanchonraja . 6 years ago

Hi there, have you heard of "BellyFATtack" yet? Simply do a search on Google and you will find On there you can get a practical free video by an experienced certified health practitioner teaching about the way to eliminate weight. It helped Bianca to eliminate her tummy fat. Why not give it a shot. Hopefully it works for you too.

Mod Mark

Mod Mark . 6 years ago

please keep your videos about cracking. you talk like you got this knowledge from a gr12 textbook. I'm not talking about dumbing it down for people, why don't you reset my lungs with some oxygen? wtf is resetting an organ, you think its that simple? Just admit that d.c.'s are not real scientists.


loller874 . 7 years ago

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Andriy Gulikov

Andriy Gulikov . 7 years ago

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Andriy Chuman

Andriy Chuman . 7 years ago

Hi! I'm Daniel.I did -45 lbs past 30 days.Go to


lazybee1122 . 7 years ago

My family laughed when I told them I would burn off fat with "Lean Body Stagger", but then I showed them the results. Go google "Lean Body Stagger" to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)


wulfgar3000 . 8 years ago

You're a moron. The 500 calorie diet is temporary and when you go off the hcg you have to change the way you eat. PERIOD. DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Bob . 8 years ago

Love Dr Echols vids. So much info. I am losing weight by not eating processed food, no carbonated drinks, and whey protein with P90 exercise and such. Feeling better than I've ever felt.

Micah Jones

Micah Jones . 9 years ago

you're only allowed 500 calories a day? NOBODY can live on that and be healthy. just lost all respect for this dude as any kind of dr.


myastroflight . 9 years ago

November 27, 2010. I have wasted a lot of good money on some bloody useless things in the past, so one more foolhardy purchase will not kill me. I have saved this to favourites, as I have just bought and paid for the programme. It should arrive next week. I will report back on my progress. Does it work without leaving me starving and unwell, or is it just snake oil. I will let you all know.


The-Unlabelled . 9 years ago

are you sure you're a doctor???

James Burrows

James Burrows . 9 years ago

@ThubanExile lol you failed to see the connection between "the human race is mentally ill" and "following idiotic religions"


reviewloop . 9 years ago

Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... FUCK OFF, you snakeoil merchants. Unsubscribed. Burn in hell.


reviewloop . 9 years ago

Cut to the chase, beardy.


Evilcyber . 9 years ago

According to "Discovery Health" most independent, peer-reviewed studies of the this diet have shown no difference in weight loss between subjects on a low-calorie diet who received hCG injections and those who received a placebo. I think Mr. Echols simply forgot to mention that, didn't he? ;)


survivor030406 . 9 years ago

There is on scientific proof. HCG is not something you eat. It is an injectable product.

Christina Ellisor

Christina Ellisor . 9 years ago

@pmcd20 You question that a "substance under your tongue is going to tell your complex brain in where to take the fat from". Are you even aware drugs can cross the brain barrier and do all kinds of things??? There are anti-depression med, dementia meds, ADD meds, ect, ect. They all access the brain and tell it to do different things. I have some friends on this and they are doing great. Have one friend who did it several years ago and weight has stayed off. Better than surgery!


brunsi63 . 9 years ago

hCG and protocol worked for me - I lost 16 pounds and lost inches all over - and the weight is staying off even now that I am off the diet! I used the sublingual drops that I mixed myself and kept to the protocol - I am going to do 1 more round this fall to get to my healthy weight - anyone overweight - this is the healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off -


tegra1 . 9 years ago

Where's the scientific proof? Unless a number of objective sudies have been done this is just another money making fad. Unfortunately there have been too many businesses that have preyed on short memories and deep pockets. Think of all the fads that gave no result while making their inventors incredibly wealthy.


pmcd20 . 9 years ago

500 calories a day. No one should ever recommend that. and to think a substance under your tongue is going to tell your complex brain in where to take the fat from. Crash diets aint good and thats whats going to happen here. If you think a few drops is going to feel like 1000 calories. be the fool and pay for another useless marketing scam

carrie lally

carrie lally . 9 years ago

@willbscene360 yep lol


PalatinShop . 9 years ago

why not just stop eating McD. KFC etc?


Matt218 . 9 years ago

Haaaaaaaay Its Kenny Rogers

Joel Hickey

Joel Hickey . 9 years ago

Homeopathy is completely unproven pseudoscience. Why not recommend your patients try some laser bed therapy and get a phrenological exam while you're at it?


Orsbore . 9 years ago

Homeopathy? Hahahahahahah!


Firebird7478 . 9 years ago

@TheAmazingBiped Yep, I did this diet and put it all back on! I starved on this diet and put the weight back on almost immediately. However, I am a fitness freak and follow pretty strict dieting, clean eating, etc. This diet is not worth the time or effort.


soccom8341576 . 9 years ago

@tommybarresi yeah, that's about it.

DJ Stark

DJ Stark . 9 years ago

But he says HCG not HGC!


commuty . 9 years ago

anyone tried hcg by cherrybomfitness?


DoubleHelix_42 . 9 years ago

i thought this was an intelligent channel homeopathy does not work, its the placebo effect. the normal medicine is diluted till it has no effect at all. (see the the amazing james randi for details on homeopathy) this is just irritating predatory pseudoscience for the ignorant.


Fudolux . 9 years ago

somehow I just can't believe that nature/body is dumb enough to use fat covering vital organs and not use fat on ass or stomach first, this fat on ass is stored for exactly that - times when there is less calorie intake and body would try to preserve it and use fat needed for health? .C'mon, doesn't make any sense


commuty . 9 years ago

I cant open up ur website


BigMac8000 . 9 years ago

Your site link just comes up as a white page.

carrie lally

carrie lally . 9 years ago

@willbscene360 yeah but its titled hgc


soccom8341576 . 9 years ago

@tommybarresi What do you suggest?


highwayman140 . 9 years ago

Since HGC is produced by pregnate women would this diet produce a false postive on a pregnacy test?

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