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Oasis | Jacket Potatoes



Published on 9 years ago

Comments :


OfficialMexicanNinja . 6 years ago

So nobody cared when a man (Oasis) just goes into a steaming place for women (Potatoes) and they are naked. So nobody just cares? World, what has gotten into you?

Chris Jones

Chris Jones . 8 years ago

@JJLS1996 not like there only 1 video on youtube, no point watching something you dont like. sorry Bellend. mut know how to spell it you get called it enough ;) haha

Drake Swansworth

Drake Swansworth . 8 years ago

Wtf these ads are soooooo showing to many parts!!

Ron Mayo

Ron Mayo . 9 years ago

@bennyd14 park your bar down...whf, the said occupado


forensic_freak . 9 years ago

Complete rip off of the Fruice Adverts.


DjColossalSquid . 9 years ago

@bennyd14 'occupado'


DjColossalSquid . 9 years ago


Ben Dalton

Ben Dalton . 9 years ago

What does the Oasis bottle say at the end? all I am getting is 'Park your bar down'??

Chris Jones

Chris Jones . 9 years ago

@JJLS1996 Dont watch it then belend!! common sense

Hanxudroid Zion

Hanxudroid Zion . 9 years ago

love it

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