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Can You Make A Living Selling Dog Bandanas | Vlogmas Day 10

Dani & Nick

Dani & Nick

Published on 12 months ago

We talk about the financial realities of owning a small business where we sell dog bandanas. We also talk about all the steps that go into making a dog bandana here at Tails Up, pup.
OUR WEBSITE: www.daniandnick.com
Dani's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielle.caras/
Nick's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nickcaras/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/daniandnickk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniandnickk/

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Dani & Nick

Comments :

Mayra Arriaga

Mayra Arriaga . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the information How do you sew it so fabric doesnt fray on the openings

Madison Christensen

Madison Christensen . 2 weeks ago

What are some of the best places to find nice affordable fabric? Also what fabric do you use? Thanks!

Carol Harder Leary

Carol Harder Leary . 3 months ago

question on when you sew the whole thing and leave the tops open to turn - when you put the dog collar through -does that fabric you folded there - come loose and fray after a use or a wash or two?

Nancy Benolkin

Nancy Benolkin . 3 months ago

Hi Dani. Can you give me dimensions of your templates? I have no desire to make a business out of it. Just want to make some for my family and friends pups. If you don’t do this already, you should get sports teams fabrics and make them. I think they would be good sellers. Thanks.

Marsha Hanshaw

Marsha Hanshaw . 3 months ago

Love this and love your shirt! I love Casey!!!!!!!

Chewy_ FromThe6ix

Chewy_ FromThe6ix . 3 months ago

Hi, I’m starting a business of my own and would like more videos of how you use the Cricut machine on your bandanas (i.e which vinyl you use etc.) Thanks in advance!

Reese Morgan

Reese Morgan . 4 months ago

Thanks for doing this...I'm trying to get started but I'm a total novice. I've only used a sewing machine to make a few things...a cushion cover...make-up bag...etc. But I do have an idea and I would love to turn it into a business. Wish me luck!

Faith Annabella

Faith Annabella . 4 months ago

I’d love a update video (: how are you guys doing with this now?

Kim Wolfe

Kim Wolfe . 5 months ago

Just loved your video, I don't make dog bandanas but I do make costumes mainly for my family. May I ask where you buy your fabric? Its so expensive at Joann's and I just can't afford it. I love sewing but there fabric is crazy pricey.


anajane803 . 5 months ago

Do you leave raw edges at the side openings?

Espen Halvorsen

Espen Halvorsen . 7 months ago

Great work guys! Thank you for sharing <3


ruthiehensh . 8 months ago

This is quite informative and interesting. What did you do to obtain such a big increase in revenue? I have an e-commerce and I'm quite struggling

Kurtis Mark

Kurtis Mark . 8 months ago

hi could you plz tell me the measurerments of template od xs s m l xl the template not bandana size the template

Claudia Ribeyro

Claudia Ribeyro . 8 months ago

Thank you!! supper informational!

Julie Atkinson

Julie Atkinson . 8 months ago

Would highly suggest you get an embroidery machine (single needle to start) and your sales will most likely increase. Maybe make some matching leads.

Sierra Sun

Sierra Sun . 10 months ago

My question is how did you know which templet to use online? They all have different sizes

Shantel M

Shantel M . 10 months ago

Do you use Cricut vinyl or is that a different type that you buy in bulk? :)

Kerry and the Huskies

Kerry and the Huskies . 10 months ago

What’s the name of your bandana company?

Alissa Lyn

Alissa Lyn . 10 months ago

I have an Etsy shop where I sell dog accessories and I would LOVE for it to be my full time job. Unfortunately I haven't been able to have it up and running lately due to a current contract job I'm working but I can't wait until I can get it up and running again :)

Destinie Stalling

Destinie Stalling . 12 months ago

U guys should make a update of the dogs

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