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Luke Combs - Dear Today Lyrics

Future Top Lyrics

Future Top Lyrics

Published on 7 months ago

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Luke Combs Dear Today

Comments :

Future Top Lyrics

Future Top Lyrics . 1 month ago

Surprise Luke Fans https://www.teezily.com/whatyou-seeis

Delila Hernandez

Delila Hernandez . 4 weeks ago

I feel like Mathew McConaughey would like this. Reminds me of his oscar speech.

Burke Hanford

Burke Hanford . 2 months ago

This song means so damn much to me. Thank you

Kayden Dunn

Kayden Dunn . 2 months ago

Love your song especially derr today

Kayden Dunn

Kayden Dunn . 2 months ago



Chacon . 3 months ago

Love this song


lindalovesal . 4 months ago

Love it you are so very good singer. enjoy listening thanks for sharing your great talent 💕💕

Todd Woodring

Todd Woodring . 4 months ago

Hey y’all! Go check out my channel! I’m tryna get my music channel up! I wrote two songs “through the fire” and “still in Texas”, I could use the support! Check it out (:

Tyler Hallman

Tyler Hallman . 4 months ago

#1 I can feel it

Thomas Galant

Thomas Galant . 4 months ago

Love this Luke love them all brother I wish we can meet some day ..N.C

Elizabeth Mathis

Elizabeth Mathis . 5 months ago

As always Luke Combs will be the next KING OF COUNTRY music

Nicole Lynne

Nicole Lynne . 5 months ago

Nice song 😍

Jacob Spannbauer

Jacob Spannbauer . 5 months ago

So are u saying I should stop messin around and go find jenna finch and ask her out

matt sink

matt sink . 5 months ago

He could sing an Applebee’s menu and I’d listen to it

Joshua McCrea

Joshua McCrea . 5 months ago

Impeccable songwriting

Maddie Cunningham

Maddie Cunningham . 5 months ago

lowkey about to send this to my boyfriend.... 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lisa Yocum

Lisa Yocum . 6 months ago


Anolia Ross #2

Anolia Ross #2 . 6 months ago

this is a reality check <3 love this song so much

Amanda Jane DeWeese

Amanda Jane DeWeese . 6 months ago

So maybe you should put that diamond on my hand cause boy I'm ready to settle down and live for today and I'm not to busy and I will always have time for you. Love you all. And can't wait to join you boys on the road. I'm headed back to Kansas

C. Benoit

C. Benoit . 6 months ago


MGTOW Cowboy

MGTOW Cowboy . 6 months ago

This will be a #1 when officially released

Spam Asf

Spam Asf . 6 months ago

Well that’s it..my ol lady and I are getting married she’s been wanting to for a while. This song finally gave me that push.

peggy self

peggy self . 6 months ago


Sarah Crowded

Sarah Crowded . 6 months ago


Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson . 6 months ago

Kinda hits home hard as a brick wall awesome song

Storm Entertainment

Storm Entertainment . 6 months ago

This is a hit

Brett Fogle

Brett Fogle . 7 months ago

Amazing! My gf put me on this and I thank her for it

Jessica Fowler

Jessica Fowler . 7 months ago

💛love how all of his songs pulls on the heart strings💛


F J . 7 months ago

Just heard this on my SiriusXM. 👌

Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago

He said that's enough of that song He said but if you want to go out and drink he'll go out and drink with you on my light

Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago

Mikecombs said

Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago


Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago

And I hope to God you are reading this

Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago

You just made my day thank you you hit it right on the nose he needs it listen to this song thank you

Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago

A men

Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago

You're fan lola

Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago


Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago


Lola Combs

Lola Combs . 7 months ago

Nicelike song

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