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How to Make Boxer Shorts EASY DIY

Mark Montano

Mark Montano

Published on 7 years ago

So you wear boxers every day OR you sleep in your boyfriends boxers because they're comfy! Today on Make Your Mark! you can learn how to make your own with just a little fabric and time.

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Comments :

Silverio Castillo

Silverio Castillo . 1 week ago

Great and easy job👍


Healthnbeauty1 . 1 month ago

Mark. I just had a thought. How about if you made some with t shirt fabric? It would be comfortable like that.


Healthnbeauty1 . 3 months ago

I'm planning on making some panties. But I have to be honest with you. I'm scared like a dog.

Carmalita Kleynhans

Carmalita Kleynhans . 4 months ago

MARC GREAT job you such a great teacher awesome of you sharing your crafts 😊 much appreciated will try this out ...👍

Guess who?

Guess who? . 5 months ago

But where's the hole?

Pink Glittery Unicorn

Pink Glittery Unicorn . 5 months ago

Thank you for sharing, gonna make my son some soon

chris nikes

chris nikes . 5 months ago



JG216 . 5 months ago

I have a question. I want to make these for my boyfriend and was wondering how to make an opening for his private to pee without pulling them down? Sorry if thats too personal.

nikolayus larssonian

nikolayus larssonian . 5 months ago

great intro and video

Laurie Lahr

Laurie Lahr . 7 months ago

Why didn't you put in the opening that guys need?

Heather Hodge

Heather Hodge . 8 months ago

Thank you so so muchMark for this amazingly easy to follow how to video! I feel like now I can successfully make these Easter pj shorts for my daughter in time for Sunday! I enjoy your videos so much!👍🙌

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell . 9 months ago

Great video. I would make a paper pattern from newly cut out pink shorts. Cool spy music.

Doner Emmiur

Doner Emmiur . 9 months ago

Now I know, where the templates come from.....I am going to search for my old boxers now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SIR.

Sakinah Pickett

Sakinah Pickett . 10 months ago

Mark, great video! I love the music, it’s like listening to a funny suspenseful show. You could have reused the elastic from the old boxers.

All in one solution A to Z multimedia

All in one solution A to Z multimedia . 10 months ago

Wow,very good, amazing, new idea,Thank you so much.

Hazel Blair

Hazel Blair . 1 year ago

Hello . i have just found you channel and the boxer shorts i would definitely like to try for my son. BUT i would really like to know how to measure myself to make panties. i don't want to draw around existing panties. i would like to know how to take the measurements and make a paper patten. i all so make dolls and could use it for them as well. Thank you. i hope you can help.

Pat Andersen

Pat Andersen . 1 year ago

Love the music and the tutorial!!, this is perfect.

Douwe Venema

Douwe Venema . 1 year ago

Great video, great music, great colors, it's a great video

wondering around

wondering around . 1 year ago

I'm not broke. Just trans and in the closet. :3

Rebecca Treeseed

Rebecca Treeseed . 1 year ago

I have a simple nightgown that is about to become a pattern. It is so pretty, but after years, well....

Rebecca Treeseed

Rebecca Treeseed . 1 year ago

I have cut up pants and used them as patterns, too. Simple construction. I usually turn them into shorts if they are too big and worn out.

Rebecca Treeseed

Rebecca Treeseed . 1 year ago

I made a bunch of boxer shorts out of used cotton sheets. So soft and comfortable. No bling like yours, though! Makes me think of jams for me, though.

muitau muitau

muitau muitau . 1 year ago

Thank you sooo much for your great tutorial, will do it for my boy friend!👍

Monica Parashar

Monica Parashar . 1 year ago

Sir make this pin band also which u carry on ur hand

Jcm apt

Jcm apt . 1 year ago

oh clever from y. good taste on fabric selected. l will do the same as y but when heal from a hand surgery days ago had. regards and dont forget always notify me.😀✌🍀👋😄

Kenneth Stensrud

Kenneth Stensrud . 1 year ago

Quick and easy as you said. But what about us that use briefs and not boxers? do you have anything clever for us Mark? My sister ask if you are single as well hehe......

lacheetas boamah

lacheetas boamah . 1 year ago

Thanks a bunch Mark. I have a ton of cotton fabric. I'm going on vacation soon and I plan to roll out 1 pair for each night to sleep in. A Big Thanks to You.

Sahil rajput

Sahil rajput . 1 year ago

I like it

Shubhi Jain

Shubhi Jain . 2 years ago

nice kacha without any bacha

Kirsten Giebelmann

Kirsten Giebelmann . 2 years ago

Hi Mark, i'm from Germany and sometimes i have to make a Break to understand, what's going on. And than i've to turn " in cm. But your Tutorial is so great! It's simple and easy to understand. Thanks a lot and all the best for you in 2018.

Khadijah Mcdonald

Khadijah Mcdonald . 2 years ago



K I U . 2 years ago

I love that you spend a little time ironing your fabric. A lot of youtube-sewers don't iron and it annoyes me a lot, because a good sewingjob depends on well ironed fabrics. It doesn't take long to do it and if you teach other to DIY, you should always do it the proper way, so thumbs up! 👍

Sancho Pansa

Sancho Pansa . 2 years ago

thanks a ton, man! i've been trying to get my head around making my own stuff but was never quite good at understaning what goes where when sewing you're a saviour!!!

kristal burns

kristal burns . 2 years ago

Ahhhh! Love this tutorial. How well do your pinked seams hold up? Mine seem to always fray.

alanna naomi

alanna naomi . 2 years ago

I.m new at sewing and i know i can make these boxer thank you


jakkyisme . 2 years ago

Discovered your channel by accident while trying to find tutorial for boxer shorts. Love this tutorial as well as other videos. Now I'm a subscriber.

Sarah Hudson

Sarah Hudson . 2 years ago

The music! :D

Christine Ward

Christine Ward . 2 years ago

Love the tutorial. Great music. You are so funny! I will have a happy behind too soon! LOL Thanks!

ndu group

ndu group . 2 years ago

I try making myself

Rico g

Rico g . 2 years ago

$18.00 for boxers? I live in the carribean and I can get boxers cheaper than that. nice tutorial though.

chry kirschtein

chry kirschtein . 2 years ago

if I make it a little bit longer, can i use it for basketball shorts? (I need it for a cosplay costume xD)

Kay Johnson

Kay Johnson . 2 years ago

I just finished my first, but definitely NOT my last pair of sleep shorts!! And easy and fun project. Now I don't have to wear Hanes boxers for sleep anymore and can use up some fabric from my stash!! Do you have any top patterns similar to this one? Thanks!

Caroline Craig

Caroline Craig . 2 years ago

Best tutorial ever! Thanks Mark, you're always awesome, glad I found you on youtube!

Angharad Ceridwen

Angharad Ceridwen . 2 years ago

Mark, I just love your stuff! Keep up the good work *wink*

Sharon R. S. Diaz

Sharon R. S. Diaz . 3 years ago

Hi Mark! I'm just learning to sew and instead of just sewing things that I would love for myself, I also wanted to learn something simple that would be useful to my husband! Just found your channel by YouTube searching for "how to sew simple boxer shorts". I am a new subscriber and can't wait to watch more videos. Thanks for this great tutorial!


leonardo . 3 years ago

i want to make a business out of this

Amarachi 17

Amarachi 17 . 3 years ago

How long does it actually take to make these? Great job! I saw a comment where you make ten at a time?

Ranjani Jay prakash

Ranjani Jay prakash . 3 years ago

good music


ReplyKatee . 3 years ago

Thank you so much for this tutorial! It´s really very easy :)

Nmuhammad Ataie

Nmuhammad Ataie . 3 years ago


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