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How To: BLUE OMBRE HAIR DYE with Arctic Fox & Colorista!

Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah

Published on 3 years ago

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Here's another 'How To' hair dye tutorial for you all! This time I've tried something a little different and created a blue ombre all over hair color using: Arctic Fox Poseidon and L'Oreal Colorista in Indigo.

I hope you enjoy!

Poseidon // https://goo.gl/Hnvyij
Indigo // https://goo.gl/BG5txs


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Comments :

Petra Z.

Petra Z. . 1 week ago

You need to start from the back of your head not front. Front by face especially chatches colour the fastest

Iryna Alekseienko

Iryna Alekseienko . 4 months ago

Thanks you so much I been trying to find a video how do dye my hair purple with blue streaks thank you soooo much

Shanti's Candle

Shanti's Candle . 10 months ago


Rebelstarr Haircolor

Rebelstarr Haircolor . 11 months ago

Don't use color Rista it's not a professional product in there right it's not going to last

Rebelstarr Haircolor

Rebelstarr Haircolor . 11 months ago

If you mix some of the Blues and the purples and pinks together you'll get a really beautiful aqua teal color

Artsy Roww

Artsy Roww . 12 months ago

You can also see the difference with quality, cause the colorista parts seem a bit spotted but the Arctic Fox parts are perfect 🦊

izabela szypulska

izabela szypulska . 1 year ago

I have got your indago washout on my hair right now

Truman Ellie

Truman Ellie . 1 year ago

I’m about to do this now party for me

Sarah KateLynn

Sarah KateLynn . 2 years ago

Ok this sounds sooo weird but I love it when people from the uk say purple it sounds so nice

Jess B

Jess B . 2 years ago

Literally every colour suits her hair 😂😔.

Nana Nayana

Nana Nayana . 2 years ago

Does colorista stain your clothes after like when you get sweaty Can I use it on dark/dirty blonde

Ashlynn Highsmith

Ashlynn Highsmith . 2 years ago

Is that where you normally part your hair??

chelsea Hillier

chelsea Hillier . 2 years ago

Doing this to my hair today, so exciteddd

cheyenne markham

cheyenne markham . 2 years ago

That's a color melt not on ombré.

Lunalia Winters

Lunalia Winters . 2 years ago

In no way is this meant to be rude but an ombre is a fade from one color to another. You did highlights rather than an ombre. An example would be all your roots down to a certain point then faded into another color.

Adriana Zavala

Adriana Zavala . 2 years ago

how is this ombre???

Annabell O’Shea

Annabell O’Shea . 2 years ago

She wasn't doing ombre hair it was ombre hair dye people.


DreamImpossibleThings . 2 years ago

My only concern with this would be that the colorista doesnt last nearly as long as arctic fox... how did it hold out?


lozzaD . 2 years ago

Did you use arctic fox for the blue at the beginning of the video? Going purple but if it's not dark enough may try arctic fox, but worried if it will react weird if mixed with the previous different brand purple dye, thanks!

Kerry Cox

Kerry Cox . 2 years ago

your hair is so glossy and healthy, what do you to get your hair like that please x

Karen Valdez

Karen Valdez . 2 years ago

Hey guys I'm a small YouTuber and would like if some of y'all could check out my channel ❤️❤️😊.

Shazzledazzles 84

Shazzledazzles 84 . 2 years ago

how long do you notice Arctic fox stayed in? I also like to change color often and I had a very hard time getting manic panic, Iroiro, and special effects out. which could be good if I could make up my mind. also do you notice colorista damaging your hair at all since it isn't vegan?

Turker Karacam

Turker Karacam . 2 years ago

Hi my name is beren.

Sarah Bertke

Sarah Bertke . 2 years ago

You have the prettiest eye lashes!

Renee Gberry

Renee Gberry . 2 years ago

It came out pretty decent for an attempt but youtubers really need to stop putting how to in the title. if you are not a professional, you can't tell people "how to".

Bree Kelley

Bree Kelley . 2 years ago


Red Siren

Red Siren . 2 years ago

Youre supposed to dye it from the back to the front XD

Angela Hooper

Angela Hooper . 2 years ago

I'm thinking maybe if you used both arctic fox blue and arctic fox purple instead of 2 different brands of dye if you would have been able to distinguish between the colors more. because honestly it looks more blue than anything lol but it still looks good!

Courtney Michelle

Courtney Michelle . 2 years ago

;-; It's not ombre but I looked nice

Anne Smith

Anne Smith . 2 years ago

Your hair looks so healthy. goals.

Daniela Torres

Daniela Torres . 3 years ago

I love your videos

Amber McGraw

Amber McGraw . 3 years ago

Can I just say neverrr get blue hair dye . I dyed my hair blue last year and bleached my hair because 6 months later it turned greenish and wouldn't come out of my hair

Lyanna Mormont

Lyanna Mormont . 3 years ago

Nice eyebrows!


dingdingshakalaka . 3 years ago

random question c: If I'm a Semi- Dark Hispanic and I dyed my hair blond will this hair color work on me? lol...

Taylor Reacts

Taylor Reacts . 3 years ago

you look like Jessie j

Mimi Meyers

Mimi Meyers . 3 years ago

It's Beautiful

Mimi Meyers

Mimi Meyers . 3 years ago

Color Rista washes out in 4 to 10 washes. Artic Fox Sticks like crazy.


JustLesly . 3 years ago

you seriously Rock that hair😍😍😍😍😍💙💜 I just can't

Hannah Kelsey

Hannah Kelsey . 3 years ago

wow @gorgeous

ana wayne

ana wayne . 3 years ago

You are so pretty! 😍

Thot Patrol

Thot Patrol . 3 years ago

She looks like Louisa Johnson!

Hair Goals

Hair Goals . 3 years ago


faye reader

faye reader . 3 years ago


Laura Simon

Laura Simon . 3 years ago

I don't think she knows what an ombre is.

Gemma Watson

Gemma Watson . 3 years ago

What's the dance tune in the background? Anyonw know? jetting off to New York! lucky you! 😀 Nice one, safe journey chick love the hair! 💜💙💜💙 I would also like to know how you keep ur hair so soft & smooth? is it just a bit of conditoner after colouring? x

Gemma Watson

Gemma Watson . 3 years ago

colouring not dying

Heshw Mhamad

Heshw Mhamad . 3 years ago

I LOVE YOURR HAIRR but one question , you dye your hair quite a lot , doesn't damage your hair ? it looks like very smooth and healthy hhh I'm just wondering whether you have any certain treatment for it I'm a big fan by the way :D


Gem1234 . 3 years ago

Love the Poseidon 💙

Marissa Hernandez

Marissa Hernandez . 3 years ago

it's not ombre


T.K GLAM . 3 years ago

Gorgeous! Loving the colour😍

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