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Walden Farms - No Calories and Totally Delicious



Published on 10 years ago


No Calories and Totally Delicious - Great Day Houston präsentiert Walden Farms Produkte. Vergleichsbeispiele aus der US TV Show zwischen herkömmlichen Dressings, Soßen und Dips sowie den kalorienarmen oder -freien, low carb, fettfreien und zuckerfreien Produkten von Walden Farms.

Die Frage lautet: Kann das schmecken? Es kann! Durch die Verwendung von verschiedenen Aromen, echten Fruchtextrakten, reichhaltigem Kakao und Hunderten von natürlichen Zutaten (z.B. Kräuter, Gewürze, Essig, Öle) bietet Walden Farms eine große Palette an schmackhaften Lebensmittel und süßen Spezialitäten an.

Walden Farms Produkte sind ebenfalls Gluten-frei, hergestellt mit natürlichen Zutaten, und enthalten keine Konservierungsstoffe, sodass Sie sicher sein können, dass Walden Farms gut für Ihre Gesundheit und gut für Ihre Figur ist!

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George Goldberg

George Goldberg . 1 month ago

Peak America

Tee Marie

Tee Marie . 2 years ago

To those giving negative comments, this is actually popular on dieting websites if you want to lose weight.

Unruly Mermaiden

Unruly Mermaiden . 4 years ago

ok while I was dieting I tried the dressing but only 1 teaspoon a day for a few weeks...but all these products on a daily basis cannot be good for you or productive to your health in anyway...think about it ...no calories...which means pure junk and chemicals to make it taste like food...all real food has calories even celery! When it activates the tase buds your body prepares for calorie intake and prepares to use,digest and burn calories etc...this fools your body and causes inbalances....but seriously....pure chemicals. If this does not concern you then the dressings I tried were decent I liked the Italian dressing and ginger seseme. :) Good luck in all you endeavor to do!


jjohnston94 . 4 years ago

I've tried some of their salad dressings, some of their coffee creamers and some of their pasta sauces, and here's how they were:Thousand Island dressing - pretty good. A bit runny.Bacon Ranch dressing - also pretty good, but a bit runny.Ranch dressing - very runny. So runny it's unusable, so the taste is irrelevant.All coffee creamers and all pasta sauces - absolutely vile. They all have that sour, metallic, chemical taste that sugar free/fat free foods seem to have.


PandawdyBob . 4 years ago

I see people asking where to get it.. you can get some of the dressings at walmart. The all natural food stores like Green Acres carry many of the other products. About the only thing they make that I like is the thousand island dressing. The mayo, peanut butter and chocolate dip all taste like shit.


Sylar_STC . 5 years ago

Lol all of thos product are calorie free bc shit as no calorie ! It taste like death !!!!!!!! I spend 40$ for this most disgusting thing in the world called walden shit!


GeorgeBonanza . 5 years ago

Well they are obviously not going to get a co-host who says, "bleaagh! thats awful!" But I have tried the ranch...the ranch isn't horrible, but its not ranch. I thought about mixing in a ranch seasoning packet into it, much like they do with ranch and yogurt. Little redundant, some calories, but less than even the lite. I just ordered the pancake syrup, I hear that stuff is really good from just about everyone, so excited to try that on bacon and sausage.

MSP Alisha

MSP Alisha . 6 years ago

You can find Walden Farms products for cheaper from iherb.com . Use coupon code KEB068 for $5 off your first  order! If your order totals $40 or more, take $10 off! .Worldwide delivery , free to US and also add a free item.Over 35.000 natural products  , 600+ well known brands.


PandawdyBob . 6 years ago

Is this a paid advertisement?


flyingsolo89 . 6 years ago

i want to get this and i was wondering if the amazin mayo taste good


clarlil . 7 years ago

Hah. "Totally delicious"


sammyboyrep . 7 years ago

any official site in the UK?

Body Attack Sports Nutrition

Body Attack Sports Nutrition . 7 years ago

Sure. Just visit their Webseit at waldenfarms. com. au

Xam Schnöll

Xam Schnöll . 7 years ago

I am from Austria, is this available in my country ? "walden farms will do no harms" ;) i need some waffle/pancake sirup


zackfairthepuppy . 7 years ago

AND they add sucralose... that's how :(


sivivatuu . 8 years ago

articifial flavors as well read the ingredients label

Thomas Stribley

Thomas Stribley . 8 years ago

you can buy them from amazon :)

Remy B

Remy B . 8 years ago

lol i was wondering the same thing. I looked on bodybuilding forums and seems like these products are really popular while dieting..

Body Attack Sports Nutrition

Body Attack Sports Nutrition . 8 years ago

@FitnessKid96 There is an english shop from us also: body-attack . com You´ll get the Walden Farms products there.


FitnessKid96 . 8 years ago

I really want to try these products! Ill be honest, if i know something is 0 calories, and it tastes SOMEWHAT good, ill love it! Id rather get an ehh product for 0 calories, rather than a delicious product for 200+ calories! How can i order?!

Body Attack Sports Nutrition

Body Attack Sports Nutrition . 8 years ago

@icsfwmm Simply low fat and low carb ingredients like natural flavors, natural herbs and spices, soy protein, etc.). The secret is the mixture how to make that tasty. Walden Farms got it.

Body Attack Sports Nutrition

Body Attack Sports Nutrition . 8 years ago

Gibts online z.B. hier: body-attack.de


RapiDEraZeR . 8 years ago

im dying.hopefully i´ll find any of this stuff here in germany

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