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Oasis - Live Philadelphia 1995 (Full Concert)

Oasis Best Videos

Oasis Best Videos

Published on 3 years ago

7 March 95. Theater of the Living Arts

Rock 'n' Roll Star
Fade away
Digsy's dinner
Live forever
Up in the sky
Bring it on down
Slide away
(It's good) To be free
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Married with children
I am the walrus

Comments :


BBB . 2 months ago

NOEL wtf Let liam sing

Joel Sandberg TE18A 363TEGY

Joel Sandberg TE18A 363TEGY . 8 months ago

one of the best live versions i've ever heard

Skinny Onion

Skinny Onion . 8 months ago


Mr Young fans

Mr Young fans . 1 year ago

Meggggaaaa I am the walrua

Carlos Bruxel

Carlos Bruxel . 1 year ago

Noel often fucks cigarettes and alcohol with an out of tune second voice... This was not different. Liam is always (excluding 2006) on perfect tuning, even if he was high or drunk, always perfect singing.

Frederico Gallagher

Frederico Gallagher . 2 years ago

Liam puta莽o com o Noel errando as notas em Married with Children hahaha

Tony Fuentes

Tony Fuentes . 2 years ago

Epic whoever was at this show where lucky fuckers

Videos of the past

Videos of the past . 2 years ago

Tony McCarroll.....good drummer that fellow.


饾攳饾敠饾敧饾敧饾敹 . 2 years ago

0:06 Rock N Roll Star 4:42 Columbia 9:13 Fade Away 13:37 Digsy's Dinner 16:21 Shakermaker 21:50 Live Forever 26:40 Headshrinker 31:53 Up in the Sky 36:40 Bring it on Down 41:20 Slide Away 47:37 (It's Good) To Be Free 51:43 Cigarettes & Alcohol 55:45 Married with children 59:00 Supersonic 1:05:12 I Am The Walrus


Pato . 2 years ago

Where's the biblical guy?

Lucas Gaiva

Lucas Gaiva . 3 years ago

isn't common to see liam ending headshrinker.. this one is absolutely fantastic


Sac . 3 years ago

It's good to be free is so underrated


nunzioforpresident . 3 years ago

e abbassa sto cazzo di microfono noel porco iddioooooo!!!

Jeeshan Choudhury

Jeeshan Choudhury . 3 years ago

Bring It On Down sounds absolutely fucking perfect here, love it

Aren Clegg

Aren Clegg . 3 years ago

this is really when oasis was at the top of their game. being in high school good luck trying to convince my parents to buy me a ticket and drive me to see them. eventually I saw oasis in 2000 and 2005, but this is still when they where at their best! Mad for it!

Dave Buckoke

Dave Buckoke . 3 years ago

Noel sounds terrible


MrSixiesRock . 3 years ago

This is the night before they played on the Letterman show where they did Live Forever, Pretty epic


袣褋邪胁褜械 . 3 years ago



John-S . 3 years ago

Needs more bass.

Andy Inwood

Andy Inwood . 3 years ago

never seen this gig. fuckin top man...live forever!!

Jorge G贸mez

Jorge G贸mez . 3 years ago

Where's the "biblical" guy?

Henrique Vitor

Henrique Vitor . 3 years ago

First /Oasis/

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