Published on 4 years ago

This is a series of floor exercises to help scalping your legs and stomach area.
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Easy #Beginners #Workout for Women – At Home #FullBody 20 Minute Floor Exercises

Join Traci Arlene for this easy beginner’s workout for women. This is a series of floor exercises to help scalping your legs and stomach area.

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Comments :


PsycheTruth . 1 year ago

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H Y . 2 days ago

I really love this workout. I will be doing it more often!

Isaiah Collins

Isaiah Collins . 5 days ago

Thank you I used your video for my project and I aced it btw looking good keep it up:D

Just me

Just me . 1 week ago

Definitely doing this again. Just the right workout for me (someone who's not really ever worked out before) challenging but not impossible. Hopefully it'll get easier with time then I can think about moving on to something even more challenging

Alex T

Alex T . 1 week ago

Currently starting to get back into my fitness funk and this is the perfect 20min everyday workout!! Thankyou!!

Susan Q

Susan Q . 2 weeks ago

Thank you! It was a great way to start my day! Woke up some muscles of mine!

ladyqueen Cobra

ladyqueen Cobra . 2 weeks ago

Omg my back is on hurt hurt lol but this was a great workout!!!!

Jakari Star

Jakari Star . 3 weeks ago

You doing to much


nefarious . 3 weeks ago

the first one is a wall sit minus the wall?

Meenakshy A T

Meenakshy A T . 2 months ago

Will this help in muscle gain

Felix Bernabe

Felix Bernabe . 2 months ago

I have similar videos on this, please take a visit to my channel.

Adetoun Saka

Adetoun Saka . 2 months ago

So amazing


DanAvidan'sLeftShoe . 2 months ago

"For beginners", I didn't realize how out of shape I am, I'm so upset. I'm hurting after only a few minutes.

Poonam Rajput

Poonam Rajput . 3 months ago

Love you man you are very smart and nice your dress

Emmanuel eat

Emmanuel eat . 4 months ago


Anoud AlMahdi

Anoud AlMahdi . 5 months ago

I’m 22 I don’t workout at all this morning I tried this workout and i liked but at night my chest started to hurt and I don’t know why! Is it normal? Pls help.

Pippa Druce

Pippa Druce . 5 months ago

The only time I’ve excesised was when I was running to the ice cream parlour lol I sill start

Katie Powell

Katie Powell . 5 months ago

“Or maybe you’ve been out of ten ab game for a while..” Honey I’ve never been IN the ab game

Mary Williams

Mary Williams . 5 months ago

Quit after 3.5 mins. NOT BEGINNERS. Sorry, but that first position alone was impossible to hold for more than a min if you're a beginner.

Jyotika Agrawal

Jyotika Agrawal . 5 months ago

U talk too much... Please do more workout... I had to fast forward whole of the vedio to find excersises to do..

Rana Hussain

Rana Hussain . 5 months ago


Sidney Pope

Sidney Pope . 5 months ago

These are just the kind of excercise I have been looking for

shirisha bondi

shirisha bondi . 5 months ago

Mam do it help in reducing hips butt thighs stomach neck

Anisha Sharma

Anisha Sharma . 5 months ago

I started from today......


MsWaterlily100 . 5 months ago

She's so friendly without being to much. I feel like I'm working out with a friend

Roshaan Arshad

Roshaan Arshad . 5 months ago

Is it for weight gain?

Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer . 6 months ago

Tried to start the work out but this chic talks WAY to much. Could not concentrate.

Martha Hernandez

Martha Hernandez . 6 months ago

This is definitely notttt a beginners routine I couldn’t keep my legs up for 30 seconds lmao

Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness . 6 months ago

Your examples are fantastic. The explanations are so simple. I love it.

Desire Tesi

Desire Tesi . 6 months ago

She's the worst 😭😭 smh!!! She talks too much 😂😭😭 I can't deal 😭😭

Shelia Tubbs

Shelia Tubbs . 6 months ago

Thank you for this video. I have had 12 brain surgeries and have gained ALOT of weight. I needed and easy workout. Something to get me started. Thank you so much.


J M . 6 months ago

This is yoga. You shouldn't talk while doing this . You should focus on your breath for more benefits. I m from yoga country - India❤️

Angela Lane

Angela Lane . 6 months ago

Too much talk whilst not actually working out. Whilst i appreciate you ensuring we are doing the pose properly theres too much down time.


PA . 7 months ago

so much talking, so less work out

Crowned One

Crowned One . 7 months ago

I love your video! Thank you! This is perfect for me to do after work. Also, you remind me of my cousin Alyssa. :)

Victoria Browne

Victoria Browne . 10 months ago

As a college student, I definitely struggle to balance school, work, and exercise too. This video, being only 20 minutes, was an incredible help. Especially having someone do it with me, making small talk, and embracing relaxation. This video has certainly helped to encourage me to keep at it. Thanks for walking us all through these exercises!

Gacha Lover

Gacha Lover . 11 months ago

I like how Traci has a growth mindset

Siddhanth Marwah

Siddhanth Marwah . 1 year ago

ur hot

Miss Perky Sans

Miss Perky Sans . 1 year ago

I like your voice.

angela aya

angela aya . 1 year ago

this is the best workout i hade in my totlly life

Soulful Sweat

Soulful Sweat . 1 year ago

Great easy, yet effective workout to follow!

•gacha Lover•

•gacha Lover• . 1 year ago

thank you 😺😺😺😺😸😸😸😺

Azim Shaikh

Azim Shaikh . 1 year ago

Bac saet ka koi houm gym

Kelly-Ann Marks

Kelly-Ann Marks . 2 years ago

too much talking, not enough motivation!

Bellah Grace

Bellah Grace . 2 years ago

she just talks the whole time. super annoying when your just trying to get a workout done and over with


THE MENDEZ FAMILY . 2 years ago

A good workout...Very good explanation...Thankyou...

Ann marie Beckford

Ann marie Beckford . 2 years ago

Its really a beginners program

HeretoLove GodisLove

HeretoLove GodisLove . 2 years ago

It sucks when you just want a good workout but the logo is pushing a false religion. I didn’t even get past 0.04

Dennis Harold

Dennis Harold . 2 years ago

I bought instruction from Unflexal and I learned about workouts.

Shanta Hsieh

Shanta Hsieh . 2 years ago

Just look and learn much more about it from Unflexal workouts.

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