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How to Sew a Store Bought Bandana to Fit Your Dog

Missy R

Missy R

Published on 5 years ago

Bandanas are a very popular accessory to dress your dog with and this one slips on and off your dogs collar for easy dressing, maintenance, and no risk of choking your dog. This video will help you learn how to sew a store bought bandana to fit your dog no matter how big or small your favorite pooch is. This is an easy project that requires basic sewing skills and is great for any beginner. And, it is machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. I hope you enjoy this video and are inspired to make a bandana for your dog, too!

1 Bandana
1 Collar
1 Scissors
4-5 Pins
1 Sewing Needle (If sewing by hand)
1 Sewing Machine
Iron & Ironing Mat/Board

Embellishing items such as fabric paint, embroidery supplies, buttons, etc.
Measuring Tape

1. Fold bandana in half diagonally so the bandana is a triangle with the corners matching.
2. Lay collar on bandana and position so the corners of the collar touch the ends of the bandana.
3. Cut the bandana above the collar so the triangle is sized to fit your dogs neck.
4. With wrong sides together, straight stich the two cut triangles together to form a square. Clip tails and threads.
5. Iron seam flat and fold square back into a triangle with right sides showing on the outside.
6. Placing collar on triangle determine how much to fold over to make a pocket for the collar to slide in and out easily. You can measure the width of the collar and add on 1/4 inch seam allowance.
7. Once folded, stitch along bottom edge of fold with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
8. Tuck in triangle pieces in the pocket for the collar and tack in place with needle and thread being sure not to sew shut the opening. Or you may tuck in the pieces and leave in place. (I found just tucking in the pieces was fine for me when I slid the collar in and out.)
9. Embellish your bandana as desired.
10. Slip collar into the bandana and buckle around dog's neck to wear.

Have fun with your project and thanks for watching!

Comments :

J BigMamma

J BigMamma . 11 months ago

Great video! Love both the dog and bandana.

DD Jayen

DD Jayen . 1 year ago

Thank you so much, Missy. I have found different sizes of bandanas out there in the market place...from 15x15 or smaller and also 22x22. May I please ask you what size you started with here in your video please? Thank you and yours turned out very cute! I really liked your video too.

Pam Drew

Pam Drew . 2 years ago

This worked! I am barely able to see a straight line, but this only needed two straight lines. So cute and easy, I made 4.

Dillon Cullin-Crews

Dillon Cullin-Crews . 3 years ago


roselle flores

roselle flores . 3 years ago

This is adorable and easy to make💕 i'll make one for my labrador retriever Cookie.😍

Paradise Creations

Paradise Creations . 3 years ago

She's/He's a beautiful dog. Great tutorial. I'm making a few for my dog. She a Shih Tzi.

Diane Chanter

Diane Chanter . 3 years ago

Great video. Thanks. I'm going to make a couple for my girls. Your machine operates very nice. Can you tell me what kind it is?


thehannahlee . 4 years ago


Vishal Grg

Vishal Grg . 5 years ago



Rei-kun . 5 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful, clear, and very simple tutorial! I'd much rather sew this slip on bandana than buy a premade one for more than 3 times the price.

Emily Allen

Emily Allen . 5 years ago

Your dogs is adorable! I want to try this for mine!(: thank you

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