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Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :

Mary Duff

Mary Duff . 1 month ago

LoL ... I was just thinking about fried chicken and how the H I was going to make it and this video popped up.

Moro Baruk

Moro Baruk . 2 months ago

Can I sundry the bread instead of baking it?

Nansi William

Nansi William . 2 months ago

plz made seven days full keto meal plan


CrazyTee33 . 2 months ago

Instead of drying the bread for an hour you could like just put it in a toaster for like five minutes.... I don’t have an hour to make breadcrumbs. Lmao


Moaz . 2 months ago

Can we make breadcrumbs out of fathead bread?!

neo aqua

neo aqua . 3 months ago

thank you headbanger

Sean Frank

Sean Frank . 4 months ago

Looks like another winner Sahil.  Going to give this one a go soon.

Rasheedah B

Rasheedah B . 4 months ago

i love it. thank you for making this video !

Marcus Bryan

Marcus Bryan . 5 months ago

Music is slammin what is the name bro?

Aquaria Austin

Aquaria Austin . 5 months ago

Try using mashed up pork rinds for the crumb. For fun, we use the flavored pork rinds (as long as they don't have sugar in them) to season the outside. The salt and vinegar variety makes a really good fried chicken.


ratrax50 . 6 months ago

Thank you Dipti! Nice job, my fam loves all your recipes. Sahil and Dipti, you make a great team!

Lisa Spikes

Lisa Spikes . 6 months ago

I heard the crunch on that!😃

Sharmaine Pandaram

Sharmaine Pandaram . 7 months ago

OMG!!! That looks super amazing......

Sisira Chaminda

Sisira Chaminda . 8 months ago

You make me crezy......


iloveromeo3 . 9 months ago

Any other options if you are in a hurry for breadcrumbs?

Jojo Fuji

Jojo Fuji . 9 months ago

Boy. Coconut flour crumble. That's smart.

goober pea

goober pea . 10 months ago

I'm thinking croutons here. What u think about some day old mug bread, then cook to dry it out? Definitely gonna try this. Thanks a heap! 🤘

sal dangamuwa

sal dangamuwa . 10 months ago

What's this song called is it yours??

Chris Bassartist

Chris Bassartist . 10 months ago

Just curious why I never see anyone using shake and bake chicken for Keto? It’s low in carbs is it ok to eat as well?

Judi Mills

Judi Mills . 10 months ago

What to name it? DELICIOUS! I just love you and your show. It cheers me up just seeing how excited you get. It's contagious. Thanks for all you do and thank you to your wife for pushing you to do this video,


H M . 10 months ago

Oh I'm hungry now 😣😣😣

Shawna Martin

Shawna Martin . 11 months ago

I just started Keto a few weeks ago. I feel AWESOME. Seriously, I feel so energetic and on point! I was in uch a haze before. Anyway, I wanted to tell you. Your channel is so great! I really love it. I save your recipes so that after two weeks of super low carb I can include your stuff. Anyway, thank you! I like your music too. I'm more of a classic hard rock girl but I can totally dig and appreciate your talent. It makes me happy. Cheers Dude

Shawna Martin

Shawna Martin . 11 months ago

Woohoo for your GORGEOUS wife!!

Shawna Martin

Shawna Martin . 11 months ago

I Love You!!!! Thank you!!

Claire Chapin

Claire Chapin . 11 months ago

Wow! Can you make bread crumbs and freeze for later use. I love breading everything...lol was dreading not having. Do you make your own ghee. It's pretty expensive here in the states. And you really need to check the quality of it. Do you recommend making your own? Love all your work man. My favorite keto channel. Thanks.


YaBoiiiHarry . 11 months ago

Thanks Dipti

Maxi Bake

Maxi Bake . 12 months ago

This is SCRUM. I made 2 off your Almond micro mug breads to coat some Turkey breast fillets. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe. 🎄🎅⛄

Zerlina Fernandes

Zerlina Fernandes . 1 year ago

Can we use psyllium rusk instead of bread crumbs

nicky lin

nicky lin . 1 year ago

the look on yr face says it all!!!

Sandra Grace

Sandra Grace . 1 year ago

Thank you Dipti!

Yogesh Sapkale

Yogesh Sapkale . 1 year ago

You can hire me for free for that last ' time to taste it' part...


wenjingsaf . 1 year ago

whats the music?????????

Ms Hareem

Ms Hareem . 1 year ago

I tried this today. Although m a beginner on this diet so I didn't use bread crumbs., instead of that I used husk and Parmesan cheese for coating... It's just woaaaaahhhhhhhh The best in best 💞 Thanks a lot for your efforts... Prayers from Pakistan

Ms Hareem

Ms Hareem . 1 year ago

I tried this today. Although m a beginner on this diet so I didn't use bread crumbs., instead of that I used husk and Parmesan cheese for coating... It's just woaaaaahhhhhhhh The best in best 💞 Thanks a lot for your efforts... Prayers from Pakistan

Karl Hungus

Karl Hungus . 1 year ago

Jibba jabba

Thiru Siva

Thiru Siva . 1 year ago

Amazing.... Just one word explains everything. You used to inform about the macros, but you no longer do that. Can you please do that as well...

Tania Alvarado

Tania Alvarado . 1 year ago

Man awesome!!!🍗🍞🍽🔪

G. Henckens

G. Henckens . 1 year ago

I like your vids but please dude, buy a new oven 😅

B Love

B Love . 1 year ago

What does " Horns Up " mean? is that Devil?

Jen Tuesday

Jen Tuesday . 1 year ago

Love how you always stay true to your roots with your meat seasonings. As for me here in the south of the US, definitely going to be replacing those seasonings with a classic Cajun spice mix or something.

Lord Trump

Lord Trump . 1 year ago

This guy is using the word keto but probably never looked up that word in the dictionary. Keto is 80% Fat. 15% Protein and 5% Carbs. Not fucking 80% Protein.

Dual Love

Dual Love . 1 year ago

Such a life saver. Been craving crispy chicken. Thank you!

Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen . 1 year ago

Hello. I am new to both Keto and to your channel! I really love your Keto food content. Recipes are super delicious and simple to make with your awesome instructions! You and your wife are the sweetest couple! Love your videos - so entertaining while I’m learning to cook the Keto way! Been doing a bit of binge watching your channel since discovering it 🙂 Keep up the good work!

Nancy Soni

Nancy Soni . 1 year ago

Ohhh yeah... I just love the way to express your food love...

Cynthia Midori

Cynthia Midori . 1 year ago

OMG!! YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY =D =D That's the best thing I've cooked in years.. IT TOTALLY AMAZING!! I can't describe the happiness of having it again after 4 years avoiding it due to gluten! THIS IS HAPPINESS in my tummy :) :) I tried the bread crumbs made via the almond mug bread and it's just perfect!! I also lifted the fried chicken up with you Homemade Keto tomato sauce and included mozzarella on top and it became a Chicken Parmigiana!! The result it is just perfection!! Thank you so much for saving lives =D =D =D and bringing happiness !! Your channel it is just the best Keto one !! Cheers

Angela Collins

Angela Collins . 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your recipe. You have breathed new life into the possibilities of the keto diet for my life. Thanks again

Zain Haji

Zain Haji . 1 year ago

Can I just buy almond bread and process it?

Manmeet Kaur

Manmeet Kaur . 1 year ago

can I use chicken breast?

Manmeet Kaur

Manmeet Kaur . 1 year ago

thank u dipti

kenny weeler

kenny weeler . 1 year ago

But Fried foods in KEto ..wont it give Acid Reflux and may lead to Colon Cancer ? Just asking. Great channel.

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