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How to Lose Weight: Phentermine Beyond the Basics



Published on 3 years ago

Phentermine can be adjusted in many ways to make it more effective and to decrease the risk of regaining weight that has been lost.

Comments :

Peta Platts

Peta Platts . 4 days ago

Great video!


safiya215 . 5 days ago

thank you so muchb

Vany Martinez

Vany Martinez . 6 days ago

I’ve been on phentermine before but stopped because it was causing me heart palpitations so I got scared and decided to stop taking it, however I’d like to start taking it again.. not sure if my side effect is life threatening... maybe I should switch doctor’s, mine doesn’t seem to be very knowledgeable on this medication.

Leah Swaso

Leah Swaso . 1 week ago

What is the spelling of your name I can’t seem to catch you name in the beginning of the videos? Are you on Facebook instagram?


BEST EXPERIMENT . 2 weeks ago

How many capsules a daily?

Hog Shark

Hog Shark . 2 weeks ago

You know what's crazy.... When I started phentermine, it gave me so much energy that I worked out twice a day (I'd go for a jog/run in the morning, come back home then do a beachbody workout (p90x, etc. I did 3 or 4 programs total). Anyways, my point is that it made me more focused than I've ever been. I thought this was from losing weight and being able to think more clear etc..... fast forward 6 or 7 years later to today, I just learned I am ADHD!!! I stopped taking Phentermine because I wanted to BULK up via dirty bulking, didn't turn out too well unfortunately. I am now on Ritalin and am more motivated and focused than I've been in years since I've stopped taking phentermine. I believe the chemical makeup of Phentermine, Adderall, Ritalin, are very similar right? So did Phentermine help my ADHD too?

Samantha Foster

Samantha Foster . 3 weeks ago

Beware the snake oil!!! Don’t be deceived!!!!!!

Kristen S

Kristen S . 3 weeks ago

Thank you so so so much for this 💗 I start tomorrow, prescribed by my endocrinologist. Struggling so much with my weight. (slow weight loss and gaining so easily) He is starting at 15 mg and I’m comfortable with starting slow. I think he said a year max? I’m excited and nervous!


ClassicRoyal . 3 weeks ago

Smooth pill. Took 37.5 every day before breakfast. After 3 months I lost 20 pounds which Is very good. I had good concentration, motivation, and energy. Slept great every night and could get up with a skip in my step at 5 in the morning! Didn’t think of food because I felt full. I’ve been off for about 3 weeks now. I’m tired, less energy, eating is the same, but the constant full feeling is gone. I’ve not been sleeping as well, been having some nightmares. All my vitals were always good. Went from 206 to 186. My ideal weight is about 150. I am 55. I miss taking this pill because it really worked for me!

Reality TV

Reality TV . 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much very good informative video! Best video I've ever heard my doctor don't do nothing she just gives me my script and says see ya next month don't weigh me or anything but I'm being responsible and managing my weight loss myself

Alyssa Bowen

Alyssa Bowen . 4 weeks ago

My doctor was reluctant to prescribe it to me, but since I am very healthy otherwise besides my weight! She was willing to work with me!

Happy Hubbs

Happy Hubbs . 4 weeks ago

This is great information. Thank you

Joseph Herbert

Joseph Herbert . 1 month ago

Great pod cast!!!!

Tanner Cox

Tanner Cox . 1 month ago

After so much searching finally found a real doctor to explain this pill. Most are just normal people with the same knowledge as me😂😂

Regina Temple

Regina Temple . 1 month ago

Great information, thank you! You’re so pretty :)

Mister Refraction

Mister Refraction . 2 months ago

Every substance that controls hunger is banned or restricted by your government.

Brennie G

Brennie G . 2 months ago

I just got a prescription for this yesterday. This video explains a lot I want to thank you for that. I am really excited about losing weight, I have tried many diets and nothing has worked.

Melissa Rybarski

Melissa Rybarski . 2 months ago

Can I take this with my adderal ?


cloudskimmin . 2 months ago

Glad to find this information, as folks describe the appetite curbing, I can sure say that is spot on. First few days I felt a little off, but I have excellent support from my physician, so I knew what to expect. Also, it was really helpful to do reading on several sites, as to how people experienced this medication on an individual basis. I try to keep some humor about it and saw the post by Amanda Garcia, which made me burst out laughing as she described that feeling...like when you are going to have a nice big bowl of mashed potatoes and Turkey gravey and honestly you are just over the top with yummy tummy warm thoughts and scarf that food down, and me, heck I'd then go back for a second helping. So for someone optimally weighing 115, to have creeped up to 170, ahhhh well, I had all the accompanying problems you get, when you do not manage your weight. Anyway, 5 days, and I am amazed that I have to plan to eat, I'm not disgusted by food, I will have the customary thoughts like...ahhh when did I last eat...but then it passes and it's not even close to what I would call a craving. For me, under my physician's care, it's the first real option that I feel will work. But I'm not fooling myself, got to eat right, continue to exercise and honestly I'm hoping for the best. What I knew had to happen, was cut the darn cravings...but if anyone else out there is older and has another issue like having to take ADHD medication Ritalen, you must be very careful and tweak what you take. I have eliminated the Ritalen for awhile, as I do not want an escalation in Blood pressure readings. I know, wayyyyyyyyyyy to much information, but for me, I just want to thank people who do share what their weight loss journey is like. We are all in this together, and we can get back to healthy weight and keep it off the rest of our life. God Bless us all...


PinkPearl . 2 months ago

These videos really gave me so much information and helped me feel a lot better about taking Phentermine because I was afraid to at first with all the bad side effects. I start taking them tomorrow. Wish me luck and thanks again!

Professional Email

Professional Email . 2 months ago

I started taking this drug about a week ago and I still haven’t felt hungry since it kicked in on day 1. It’s amazing and it’s easier to eat healthy because since I’m not hungry I don’t get cravings for bad food.

Sim Stall

Sim Stall . 3 months ago

Thank you thank you, Doctor! This is so detailed and helpful!

Ehsan Rifai

Ehsan Rifai . 3 months ago

Please don't take duromine 40 mg because it is makes you very sick.


Livmylifelivi . 3 months ago


J Quin

J Quin . 3 months ago

How do you handle the dry mouth? I've bought over-the-counter stuff to help with dry mouth, nothing. Water and ice any other suggestions?

Wanda Leng

Wanda Leng . 3 months ago

Hello dr,,im start using this pill just a few days,7 days already like that..30/mg per day..today is my 7th day,,i can feel somethin is not right with me,,feel somethin like a gas flow to my head..maybe this is last im using this...

Melanie Hyatt

Melanie Hyatt . 3 months ago

How do I contact this doctor with questions?

mac lee

mac lee . 4 months ago

my dick did shrink back abit and libido is all shot... seriously.

Jessika Pastor

Jessika Pastor . 4 months ago

Hi! I appreciate you making these videos! Do you have any knowledge on Saxenda? My doctor asked if I wanted to try it and I’m trying to learn some things about it before I consider it. Thank you so much!

LaToya Smith

LaToya Smith . 4 months ago

New tooo your channel I've MS and I gained 45 pounds😢. I need to lose this weight ASAP. I'm calling my doc to see if I can be prescribed this medication. Wish me luck I'm trying to be slim thick lol🤗

Happy Chica

Happy Chica . 4 months ago

I like her I wonder what state she in she sounds like she really cares for her patients

sheree kiplinger

sheree kiplinger . 4 months ago

I have lupus and slowly gained weight over 13 years.... I had lost 140lbs and gained 80 back..... my doctor suggested phentermine..... he spent time explaining.....and with other health issues, we decided we would do this.....

Jessi Craig

Jessi Craig . 4 months ago

thank you so much for the information and the honesty. Im on day 3 and I'm really hoping to lose the 45 pounds I gained from being on prozac. I'm trying to stay ahead of this medication and any adverse side effects it may cause. these tips really help.

Anna Ismail

Anna Ismail . 4 months ago

Thanks doc for this informative video, here in Australia duromine as they call it is something people are scared to go on to help with Weightloss..


C. HR . 4 months ago

What if my heart rate goes up to 180, but with a normal bp?

Kelly Stubblefield

Kelly Stubblefield . 4 months ago

Can you take this while on hydrochlorothiazide

{Pink Cookie}

{Pink Cookie} . 4 months ago

Well I think ur a doctor I trust u...

Tomás Galván Salas

Tomás Galván Salas . 4 months ago

You are amazing! Thanks for the data :)

Jewels _the_one_and_only

Jewels _the_one_and_only . 4 months ago

It so hard to find a dr to help

Lisa Bonelli

Lisa Bonelli . 5 months ago

What if your experiencing sleepless nights with it? Tips to sleep 😴


DEEPALI VATZ . 5 months ago

Today was my first day of duromine i dont feel any side effect infact im feeling sleepy but it has suppressed my hunger lil bit but not entirely.

Melissa C

Melissa C . 5 months ago

Was prescribed Adipex 37.5 mg but can only take a half- dose- even taking a half pill makes me nauseated & super energetic.why is this? I take it at 6am and it still affects me sleep at night- am I doing something wrong?

Sheri Wright

Sheri Wright . 5 months ago

I have been on phentermine on and off for over 10yrs. Im thinking abput starting again. The only side effect i get is insomnia. If anyone goes on for first time take it from me- finish the program you and get to ypur goal and maintenance for 1 yr. My problem is i get down and gp off it and think im "cured". Im not cured. Its temporary. Just do it and get the weight off, make good choices and walk everyday to keep your weight off.

Angela S

Angela S . 5 months ago

Phentermine almost killed me. My heart rate was 130 and I was experiencing water retention and was having trouble voiding urine. I gained 10 pounds the first full week of taking the full pill

Carmen Neg

Carmen Neg . 5 months ago

I am starting this medication now .. I’ve been following you for sometime .. I am happy that I found this video about this medication .. Thank you so much 😊 .. Take care and God Bless you and your family 🙏🏼

Callista Gibson

Callista Gibson . 5 months ago

Please help. I dont know how to find help as a child I was in foster care and didnt get a choice in the meds they put me on. Lithium depeokete zyprexa seroquel abilify zoloft to name afew... these meds ruined my metabolism and made me really Hungary I've been struggling with weight ever since. I was diagnosed with bipolar so theh say stimulants are a no no. I'm a rapid cycle. I take topamax now for recently discovered epilepsy and here recently discovered I've got cardiomyopathy as well. I feel like if I could lose the weight I could protect my heart I have a BMI of 37 and feel like I'm 80. It's not water weight I had that looked into. I have stopped a lot of the psych meds cus they made me fat and am really struggling with the weight but they wouldnt dare give me that. What else can I do. I've cut out soda juice sugar from my coffe ect. I do excersize but it's hard cus I feel so lathargic and Hungary. I'm prediabetic but they wont treat me for that either... it's like they want me fat or something so they can make more money off the illness its causing on top of what I started with :'(

Cathy Goltsoff

Cathy Goltsoff . 5 months ago

Great video.


kenswift12345 . 6 months ago

Thank you. Great video

Christine Forester

Christine Forester . 6 months ago

One thing people don't know about phentermine is that it doesn't make you lose weight, it helps you control what you eat therefore you will start losing weight. If you do some workout this will be even much better. My doctor has refused to prescribed them to me, I don't know why. That's why I've been getting them from a young lady I met a few years ago in New York City by the name of Carla, she's legit and very reliable. Drop her a few lines, she will help you too with your weight loss supplement carlaburke85@gmail.com  she's fast and very great person to work with. Take care.

Arneda C

Arneda C . 6 months ago

God Bless you. Thank you for your honesty. I am transitioning to a plant based diet, I suffer from Lupus and People rave about how much better they feel. But I did have to force myself to eat even on day one with this medication but I did it. Don't want to loose weight by starving been there done that and got fat.

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