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Phase 2 hCG Diet Basics - the 500 Calorie Diet



Published on 5 years ago

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Comments :

Frozen Cotton Candy Grape

Frozen Cotton Candy Grape . 1 month ago

I did this diet in 2011 and lost 40 lbs in 40 days. I want to do it again but this time 28 day rounds. I did not gain my weight back in all that time, I just did not lose all of it.


pleiades . 2 months ago

I deleted the bread sticks. Lost better

The Vegan G

The Vegan G . 3 months ago

What about vegans 🌱 🤔🤔 I’m not going to eat meat !!

Matiu Kaikiko

Matiu Kaikiko . 3 months ago

Kia ora Chica, I am doing a carnivore type way of eating, my question is do i need to add veges and fruits? Or can the HCG diet be done with just 500cals of lean protein?

Mudd Pie

Mudd Pie . 4 months ago

Hi Chica ! This video is 6 years ago I just watched today, you mentioned a list of makeup you can use that doesn’t contain oil. It wasn’t posted .


lauraintuitive . 6 months ago

You are so awesome thank you for helping me back on track

Bubulina Rose

Bubulina Rose . 6 months ago

I usually fast all day and brake my fast around 5:30 PM. I love my organic baked salmon with no oils, steamed vegetables with fresh garlic,green beans, in a couple spoons of organic quinoa. Half glass of Kombucha then I take my multivitamin.l don't eat bread, cheese Etc. If you buy fish be careful what fish you buy make sure is farmed raised.

Andleeb Jawwad

Andleeb Jawwad . 7 months ago

Where can i get hcg

Lisa A

Lisa A . 7 months ago

In this one she sticks a fraction more to the point and rambles a bit less. Thank God. Could still be condensed a lot more and she still states the obvious a lot but better than usual. Since its free Ive given her a thumbs up for the video.

maria moreno

maria moreno . 8 months ago

Can I still take my thyroid medicine while on the hcg diet? I have hypothyroidism and take Levothyroxine due to the fact of having to have 1/2 my thyroid removed.

Tabbitha Coughlin

Tabbitha Coughlin . 8 months ago

Where is the approved skin care products list?

Sabrina Velarde

Sabrina Velarde . 9 months ago

Hi there I use essential oils on my skin, should I stop??

Joanna Dillon

Joanna Dillon . 10 months ago

Do you ever respond?

SourMelon News

SourMelon News . 1 year ago

Oys been a long time since I did hcg. When I did, 5+ years ago, I watched your videos to learn. You do a great job. And, I'm back! Haha

Carrie J

Carrie J . 1 year ago

I lost 15 lbs last year trying my first HCG diet because I was gaining weight continually after shoulder injuries. Now I’m trying it a 2nd time and I’ve lost 11 lbs so far. (I35 lbs - 120 lbs - (gained some back) 127 lbs - 116 lbs now. I’m 5’3”) I will be traveling Thailand and Korea next month and I’m pretty concerned about continuing my strict diet 😔 any advice?


SebbyTrujillo . 1 year ago

Can u eat tuna


CJ . 1 year ago

How much of the vegetables per meal?

E. V.

E. V. . 1 year ago

Is Romain "lettuce" Allowed?

E. V.

E. V. . 1 year ago

HcgChica's summary of the approved phase 2 food list: Protein: very lean beef (without fat... remember to keep all fat out of the diet), chicken breast, veal, fresh cod, tilapia and other white fish, lobster, crab, shrimp ; Vegetables: spinach, chard, chicory, green salad, beet greens, tomatoes, celery, fennel, radishes, cukes, asparagus, cabbage ; Fruit: apples, orange, handful of strawberries, 1/2 grapefruit ; Carbs: I couldn't understand what gracini sticks she talks about. Other category in place protein in occasion: 1 whole egg+ 3 egg whites (occasionally), or cottage cheese , juice of 1 lemon per day, 1 tablespoon of milk per day, spices/herbs/salt,vinegar, mustard ok as long as No sugar has been added or other carbs/fats

April Rain

April Rain . 1 year ago

Which supplement do u use?

Joys shades of pressure

Joys shades of pressure . 1 year ago

Can you have tofu?

Maria Li

Maria Li . 2 years ago

Hi, with the vegetables can I have cauliflower broccoli corn and green beans? Thank you

Dallas Dominguez

Dallas Dominguez . 2 years ago

Hi china where do you order your H C G from ?

Shazana Khan

Shazana Khan . 2 years ago

Hi do you need the drops? Can't u just do the 500 cal diet without the drops?

Sisi Ghulom

Sisi Ghulom . 2 years ago

Thank you very much it's really helpful :) I watched lots of video but none of them was as helpful as yours :)

Marina Castro

Marina Castro . 2 years ago

Finally a video that is super informative and straightforward! Thank you SO much for taking your time to explain the process step by step! :-) Best vídeo ever! I’ll definitely watch all of your other videos!

Coulter Carla

Coulter Carla . 2 years ago

Your videos are the best💕


sweatintotheoldies . 2 years ago

Can we have sugar free jello on phase 2??

Blackjackkittyyy !

Blackjackkittyyy ! . 2 years ago

You had me right up until you said don't put oil on your skin. That is utter BS. It is IMPOSSIBLE to absorb fat calories through your skin. I'm not going to avoid my cuticle oil. Good grief!!


gwhelchel567 . 2 years ago

I have been on this diet for 8-9 days and am very frustrated.  I am finding that I am hardly hungry.  When I listen to my body, I only want between 300-400 calories.  I am diabetic so when I use the fruit, my blood sugar spikes.  I eat 3.5 oz of protein white fish and 3.5 oz. of chicken breast.  I eat 3.5 oz of broccoli or asparagus two times a day.  I eat cucumber and celery.  This, however, comes up to a very low amount of calories. Cannot find the breadsticks or Melba toast.  Lost 2 pounds each of the first two days, but very little thereafter per day.  Total after 8 days is 6 pounds in 8 days.  Frustrated because I just cannot seem to eat the full 500 calories and, because I  cannot eat that much, I am not losing weight.  Today I am forcing myself to eat more because I am totally satisfied at 200 calories.  Trying to do 3 times the protein required on the diet because I need to omit the fruit.  Should I cut back on drops?  So what I am hearing from you, is that I need to focus on eating more protein but need to add additional protein to make up for the calories that would have been in fruit.  Any suggestions?  I am so frustrated that I am about to just give up.  How do I do this diet without using fruit?

suzi que

suzi que . 2 years ago

this video is very helpful. did you remove the carbs that were included with meals? (melba and grissini) i am considering it.

Itzel USG

Itzel USG . 3 years ago

Just started my channel:) I'll be blogging my whole way through my journey! Please check it out. Thanks!:)

Rosemarie Fabre

Rosemarie Fabre . 3 years ago

I am starting this on the 26th of this month. I don't think my makeup has oils in it, but I don't exactly know what I am looking for regarding "hidden oils". I use Dermablend. Are you aware of any issues regarding oils in these products? Thanks for your help in advance.


Sunshine . 3 years ago

Thanks so much...you cleared up my questions. Good vid!

Claudia Ulwelling

Claudia Ulwelling . 3 years ago

Hi:) how do we get on your email list?

Thunder Rhododendron

Thunder Rhododendron . 3 years ago

Any "diet" that tells you there are certain fruits and vegetables you CAN'T eat can just sod off.


ChristFirst . 3 years ago

can i eat chips and salsa on p2 if I bake the corn tortilla

Montana Sunshine

Montana Sunshine . 3 years ago

Lost 71 lbs. Works. The drops make all the difference in this NOT being a starvation diet.

Me Here

Me Here . 3 years ago

In case you're still active, how many gramms of fat are ok per day. Are 14-16g too much?

Rebecca Hart

Rebecca Hart . 3 years ago

I'm so confused.... so I can eat as much of the veggies on the list that I want?

Alexander Brandt

Alexander Brandt . 3 years ago

Why would you try to be so rule oriented... just eat assorted vegetables and meat and eggs, and only eat 1 regular sized meal a day. And take a multi-vitamin. It doesn't matter if you accidentally eat 850 Calories instead of 500.

Angie Mendoza

Angie Mendoza . 3 years ago

What's better the hcg drops or injections?

Eda Garcês

Eda Garcês . 3 years ago

Can i smoke while hcging?

D Baker

D Baker . 3 years ago

Can you eat as much of the vegetables as you like?


ISAAC MONTES . 3 years ago

can we use salt ??? i read the ingredients on the salt today ...and say sugar ??? its safe to use salt ?

beth syme

beth syme . 3 years ago

just subbed, glad I found you, doing this diet after the first of year. tysm for all information so happy I found you again!

TheTummy Fan

TheTummy Fan . 3 years ago

very helpful. my drops should be getting here this week, so I've started compiling my shopping list:)


missyfw3 . 3 years ago

Very informative

Rachel Stein

Rachel Stein . 3 years ago

I use shea butter on my skin. Is that bad to use during the diet?

Lo Austin

Lo Austin . 3 years ago

are there any other sauces besides mustard you can have on phase 2?

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