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Four Seasons with Sinfonity

Daniel Stoica

Daniel Stoica

Published on 3 years ago

From: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3kIPwD5rzZBRkLNamlbmGQ/videos ... cause' what's flowing should just flow :-)

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Jurga Budvytyte-Biasino

Jurga Budvytyte-Biasino . 1 week ago

man tiesiog smagu:)))  galiu net pasijuokti, kad daugumos nemegstami rokeriai ar metalistai irodo, kad ir jie moka groti ir skaityti is natu. tiesiog puiku!!!


HyTricksy . 2 weeks ago

00:00 - 1st Movement: Spring 12:35 - 2nd Movement: Summer 23:40 - 3rd Movement: Autumn 34:57 - 4th Movement: Winter


NapoleonLouverture . 3 weeks ago

Awesome guys, I always thought this should be done! What a sausage fest tho xD

Jess Carrow

Jess Carrow . 4 weeks ago

Fantastic 💪💣🗯

Francisco J Gonzalez

Francisco J Gonzalez . 1 month ago

They are fabulous

Fritty 99

Fritty 99 . 1 month ago

They owe their success to Andrea Segovia

Наталья Филимонова

Наталья Филимонова . 2 months ago

Ждём вас в Москве!)

chris romero

chris romero . 2 months ago

All the composers from long time ago were all secretly metal heads.

Vidavid Filmer

Vidavid Filmer . 2 months ago

Winter 34:59

Jess Carrow

Jess Carrow . 2 months ago

Incredible talent, love it 💪💣🗯

Guille Gutiérrez

Guille Gutiérrez . 2 months ago

41 mano abajo?. Es incultura musical?. O es cachondeo?.

I Ka

I Ka . 2 months ago

If violinists would perform it like this, they would not pass exam... Sounds good but lacks the precision implied in the peace, imho... Great version, anyway, and a lot of work!

Roger [kirbydudelol] Waters

Roger [kirbydudelol] Waters . 3 months ago

There not even plugged into amps this is so obvlsy faek!!!111

Андрей Баянов

Андрей Баянов . 3 months ago


Acoustic Instrument

Acoustic Instrument . 3 months ago

great arrangement !



amazing!! VIVALDI had no idea his masterpiece can sound like this. Bravo to these incredible Musicians. The music arrangement is also top notch!

Kaire Meriniit

Kaire Meriniit . 4 months ago


Botanic Base

Botanic Base . 4 months ago

Amazing Performance !!!

Héctor Ricardo Vega Gutiérrez

Héctor Ricardo Vega Gutiérrez . 4 months ago

Magnífico, que increíble. Amo esta obra y la he escuchado en diversas adaptaciones, para trío de guitarras acústicas, por ejemplo, para gran orquesta, pero esta versión me sorprendió gratamente. Gracias ha quien subió el vídeo por proporcionarme la oportunidad de escuchar esta maravillosa versión de este gran clásico y un gran aplauso a los guitarristas. Saludos desde México.

Enrique Delgado Jimenez

Enrique Delgado Jimenez . 4 months ago

Si Antonio Vivaldi estuviese en primera fila estoy seguro que se levantaría a aplaudirles!! 👏

Manu Garcia

Manu Garcia . 4 months ago

38:40 does anyone know who is using to play the guitar

Josh Triplett

Josh Triplett . 4 months ago

The only thing about this that makes me sad is how long it took Youtube to recommend this to me. I had no idea such excellence in arrangement and execution the piece had for guitar.

Kelly Creason

Kelly Creason . 6 months ago

When will we see a Sinfonity album??

rafael udriste

rafael udriste . 6 months ago


fernando guillen

fernando guillen . 6 months ago

Encontrarnos con maravillas así, nos dice que existe otra humanidad, aun que es minoría, algún día veremos mas seres con suficiente desarrollo mental, espiritual y físico. Donde las artes sean el pan de cada día...

Chris Moyler

Chris Moyler . 6 months ago

Very enjoyable. Brilliant musicianship! A great shame, however, that we could not see more close ups of the individual musicians and their instruments.

Frank Fezishin

Frank Fezishin . 6 months ago

38:40 What a wonderful idea! (What a great musicians!)


InBoccaChiusa . 6 months ago

Bravissimi tutti! De la musique avant toute chose!

Jeremy Horne

Jeremy Horne . 6 months ago

pssssst - solo guitarist is a reincarnation of Vivaldi. Betcha. No score - every note perfect. You can tell he is actually living the original master. Others are not shabby, either. Nothing short of amazing - all of them. Thanks for the upload.

Novo Ambiente

Novo Ambiente . 6 months ago


Hamilton Silvester

Hamilton Silvester . 6 months ago



BravoComm . 8 months ago

Fantastic Rococo Rock Band !!!

Profil 300c

Profil 300c . 8 months ago

Niezwykłe podejście, wielka kultura muzyczna. Gratuluję i pozdrawiam.

ola p

ola p . 9 months ago


Peter Schmid

Peter Schmid . 9 months ago

Imagine Mr.Blackmore stepped on stage and joined them for a song. Now that would be out of this world.

Anton Raducu

Anton Raducu . 9 months ago

This is the third video of you , you sound perfect but you bring nothing new , you try to reproduce an old sound with new instruments which is so WHY ? Put some power into it , INNOVATE

Roberto Vázquez

Roberto Vázquez . 9 months ago

Authentic masters. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.


zackzick1996 . 10 months ago

this is so dumb lol

Dušan Janek

Dušan Janek . 10 months ago

very good. but soloist is too egocentric poser.

Setyawan Budiman

Setyawan Budiman . 10 months ago

Amazing..perfect..beautiful. Bravo masters

aldo introini

aldo introini . 10 months ago

Si puo'fare anche cosi',bravissimi .


gilbert01284 . 10 months ago

This performance is frankly amazing...

William Nepe

William Nepe . 10 months ago

That was "swell" ;) LOVE THIS!!!

andrey viva

andrey viva . 10 months ago

И красиво и оригинально

Mawo Duffer

Mawo Duffer . 11 months ago

I’m like. Woah they did the whole thing.

Richmond Fred

Richmond Fred . 11 months ago

Délicieux comme les autres vidéos. Franco

Oxo Icilaterre

Oxo Icilaterre . 11 months ago

Merci, merci pour cette belle énergie qui se dégage de votre interprétation ! C'est un véritable régal, une connexion céleste ! Vivaldi doit être fier de vous !! Merci.

Kristen K

Kristen K . 12 months ago

dans l'esprit de l'auteur : du rock baroque

Kristen K

Kristen K . 12 months ago

dextérité, finesse et beauté

Balázs Szeidl

Balázs Szeidl . 1 year ago

i didn't know what was missing from my life thanks for the upload <3

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