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The TRUTH Behind Fat Burners & Green Tea Extracts



Published on 3 years ago

Hey everyone!

I've got another video for you guys, and if you are new to my channel then hello my name is Lucy 🙋🏻 and I upload videos about my workouts, what I eat in a day, and some vlogs! So if you aren't subscribed already and want to see more videos then there will be a red button just above/below this description box (depending on mobile or laptop haha) and if you click it, you will be subscribed for more videos! YAY 👍🙌 THANKS FOR WATCHING! Hope you guys enjoyed the video!

Really informative video to watch: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2015-2016/green-tea

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Lucy xo

Comments :


EGYPTLYFE 213 . 2 weeks ago

I just splattered a hot load all over my desk. !!!!

Your Name

Your Name . 3 weeks ago

I listened to every word you said but nothing went in. I was too mesmerised with the pattern the venetian blinds have on your arms.

Tomika Blair

Tomika Blair . 1 month ago

What do you think about CLA?

4 Jesus Christ

4 Jesus Christ . 4 months ago

Not sure that they would be selling these if people were dropping dead. Do more research people before u do this.


ichliebeBill4leben94 . 5 months ago

great....I just bought green tea extract pills 725mg .... guess I should taking them ....in also bought Garcinia Cambodia. what do you think of that?

Stan Wilson

Stan Wilson . 9 months ago

How do you expect men [and lesbians] to listen to a word you say - with those things on your chest jiggling around ?

Taylor TLAT

Taylor TLAT . 10 months ago

This is so true! My doctor recommended this to me I bought it but rarely take um, my father died young from liver disease. I sure as hell don’t wanna die the same way! Thanks for the reminder. I most likely will NOT continue these pills!!

Dillon fretton

Dillon fretton . 12 months ago

This chick 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Analina Nikol

Analina Nikol . 12 months ago


Desi Nicole

Desi Nicole . 1 year ago

Thank you for this! I’m overseas and bought a probiotic online. I had absolutely zero idea that it had green tea extract in it but figured it wouldn’t matter. Now I’m throwing it out lol


RyanAir001 . 1 year ago

I went here bcs of her thumbnail😋😋😋😋😍😘❤️❤️❤️🍆


MochaWaifu . 1 year ago

I am so glad I got curious and decided to google the pills I got! I wanted to take them for an energy boost and I assumed they would be safe because green tea is safe. I figured it would just be a faster way to get a cup of green tea in you. Luckily I only took 2 pills before I got suspicious. I had a crazy craving for meat, which only happens when my iron gets low. Turns out the pills can mess with iron absorption. What really sketched me out was the fact that I could not find the product I bought anywhere online. I am so lucky I discovered this early. PS STAY AWAY FROM ANY PRODUCT WITH WINDMILL HEALTH PRODUCTS ON THE PACKAGE. THEY GO BY VARIOUS NAMES AND ARE VERY HARD TO TRACK DOWN. THE PILLS I GOT WERE LABELED "NUTRITIONWORKS" BUT THEY DO NOT SEEM TO BE AN ACTUAL COMPANY.

Euan Ferguson

Euan Ferguson . 1 year ago

Okay I didn’t listen to a word you said...for the obvious reasons 😂


Jamie . 2 years ago

I've been taking green tea supplements to improve hair growth I've found that they massively increase productivity and energy levels

jon rise of aesthetics

jon rise of aesthetics . 2 years ago

it's no magic hard work

Joe Somebody

Joe Somebody . 2 years ago

Beautiful Lady!!


MrZlathan3 . 2 years ago

I think you should differentiate between green tea and/or the constituents in green tea like EGCG and L-Theanine AND "these pills." As far as I know there's nothing toxic about green tea or anything in green tea. "These pills" or "fat burning pills" might have anything in them. You have to simply know what you're consuming and the reputation of the company selling you the product. Also people get into trouble over-consuming substances that would otherwise be benign or helpful.

Johnson Wang

Johnson Wang . 2 years ago

Can I drink green tea? Is it safe?

Democrats are cunts

Democrats are cunts . 2 years ago

Nice tits

jhmm gf

jhmm gf . 2 years ago

dem teddies though <3

Kaylah Green

Kaylah Green . 2 years ago

A classmate of mine takes the spring valley green tea 315mlg and she said she didn't have any health problems. She works out almost everyday and only takes the takes the pills once every week or 2 weeks and not twice a day like the bottle says. She has lost alot of weight but i don't know about the pills being the cause.

Jazzfan 285

Jazzfan 285 . 2 years ago

What about biotin pills?

Jazzfan 285

Jazzfan 285 . 2 years ago

Thanks you Lucy. I won't buy these green tea extracts anymore. You are a life saver


W001 . 2 years ago

Thanks for putting this information out on Youtube. I wish your video title actually consisted of the words "liver failure" for emphasis. I'm glad I learned something new today! -nurse


jars92 . 2 years ago

Thank you so much JESUS LOVES YOU

marie p

marie p . 2 years ago

So awesome of you to inform people of this. I had no idea.

regie b

regie b . 2 years ago

hello lucy.can girls take amino acid tablets.thanks

saba ahmadi

saba ahmadi . 3 years ago

@lucy fitness thank you.how about L-carnetin?is it dangerous too?

Doofy Her

Doofy Her . 3 years ago

the pills is just a boost of energy! I took these pill and make me feel like not eating. I'm very hype! take these pill, just lower your diet and workout



Thank you for the heads up. I recently purchased some from Costco and now why I was getting massive head ache.

Lakisha Medina

Lakisha Medina . 3 years ago

What about CLA? Is it safe to take?

Temi Ojo

Temi Ojo . 3 years ago

Where in Canada are you from? Also super informative video, thanks for sharing! :)

Colossus Fitness

Colossus Fitness . 3 years ago

Congrats on 20k Lucy, well deserved! And another solid, informative video

Amanda Graf

Amanda Graf . 3 years ago

Hey girl! Great video and very informative!! I'm kind of new to fitness and I was wondering what your opinion was regarding pre-workouts and BCAAs? I see pre-workouts being used by several fitness enthusiasts on YouTube and I know BCAAs can help with recovery, soreness, and building muscles, but how safe are they as well? Thanks!! 😊

Stephi Nguyen

Stephi Nguyen . 3 years ago

Can I just say.. eyebrows on fleek 😏 but yes.. sad that some people rely on fat burners and think it's the end all be all of weight loss!

Fuse. Your. Soul .

Fuse. Your. Soul . . 3 years ago

OMG are you from 🇨🇦

Atom Garcia

Atom Garcia . 3 years ago

great video..i know tons of people that think they can just take "fat burners" and not workout or change the diet and just lose weight or tighten up..and they've gotten sick or the results just never happen for them and they don't know why!!

Harrison Uwah

Harrison Uwah . 3 years ago

shadding light on the truth! Lav it!


Sunethra . 3 years ago

I'm glad your doing a video on this. A lot of people sometimes take these things for wrong reasons into fitness. Can you do a video maybe on your future fitness goals and what supplements you take and how we can take creatine when starting off? Maybe how once should eat or avoid when on it. I know it's different for all depending what program they have but ye. Just a thought. :) I agree FDA approval in both US and Canada has to improve a lot. Even detox teas are nonsense. We can just buy natural ingredients and make them ourselves lol.


SuperCam . 3 years ago

Lovely Channel!⭐️🎉 hope you can check out mine as well:)

Lidya Elkobi

Lidya Elkobi . 3 years ago

Omg..I was thinking this is all natural tea...I've been considering starting using it ..😱

Itschelseee Xo

Itschelseee Xo . 3 years ago



rickraw100 . 3 years ago

Lucy is a very attractive woman !

Wason Lay

Wason Lay . 3 years ago

omg I'm never this early. This is scary O.o Edit: also I once saw a insta "model" who was promoting those teas and when I looked at her bio it said she was studying to become a DOCTOR!!! I'm just a nurse myself but even I know that any self respecting person in medicine field would NEVERRRR recommend/promote those teas.

Irina Tsay

Irina Tsay . 3 years ago

Please do a video on your top favorite supplements:)


M . 3 years ago

Oh my... Im taking garcia cambogia pills, I eat very healthy and I train much. But I don't lose weight and of course I see that my figure is improved, but that's just because bodybuilding. I just started my second bottle. I will stop taking this pills right now. Thank you!!!

Nathan Rejesky

Nathan Rejesky . 3 years ago

Hi just started watching your channel and got the scale. Was wondering you know of a good gym to join in the Waterloo region, Ontario? Thanks so much.


pandamayeux . 3 years ago

Thank you for talking about this. If pills like this ACTUALLY worked (the way they claim) they wouldn't be available for the public to pick up OTC. They'd only be available from your doctor with a RX. Logic.

Ash Liu

Ash Liu . 3 years ago

I've bought women's weight loss pack just a few days ago and they do contain a fat burner pill bottle. Do you know if they are indeed harmful to your liver?

Ann Kim

Ann Kim . 3 years ago

oh shit. I got it for my mom thinking it wouldbe safe cause its just green tea. I just threw away the ones my mom was taking. she only took 6 pills at least..

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