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Keto Carbonara Pasta Recipe - They Will Actually Eat



Published on 1 year ago

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Carbonara pasta is such an easy keto recipe, super creamy, and such an easy family dinner as a substitute for normal pasta (or eaten in combination with your family). Its so easy, and tastes like you’ve just visited an Italian home in the hills of Tuscany. Pure Deliciousness.
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Comments :


FatForWeightLoss . 1 year ago

What's your favourite style of pasta? Is carbonara pasta in your repertoire?


Biz888 . 2 days ago

Not to be disrespectful but your video is too long, and you talk too much. This can be condensed into a 3 min video. But thank you for sharing.

Lucia Seacreature

Lucia Seacreature . 4 days ago

your table is so low

Lucia Seacreature

Lucia Seacreature . 4 days ago

but you're going to cook everything ?

Mario Gallardo

Mario Gallardo . 2 weeks ago

That pasta made me violently ill avoid at all costs, just use almonds


R IP . 2 weeks ago

What are miracle noodles? 🤔

ola wilkinson

ola wilkinson . 2 weeks ago

Hi I made your sessame bread recipe and the beread looks great but it has bitter teast,,,,any idea how can I avoid that?

daniel danny dan

daniel danny dan . 4 weeks ago

Theyre not delicious i guarantee it

Tiffany's Creations

Tiffany's Creations . 1 month ago

Looks easy to make and tasty. Thanks for sharing this recipe 🙂

Liz Liz

Liz Liz . 1 month ago

You might be a very rare of clean person in musician & master chef of keto , great videos!

sally weatherley

sally weatherley . 1 month ago

The juice of a lemon in this lightly sours the cream and makes for a great tang.

buks on

buks on . 2 months ago

This guys of his tits!


DebbieTDP . 2 months ago

Don't call it carbonara, please. 🤔😳🤐😖

Asterix 40

Asterix 40 . 2 months ago

questa è una merdonara


pawddle . 2 months ago

It’s also good to use zucchini noodle as a pasta noodle.

Sundial 2014

Sundial 2014 . 3 months ago

Can i dry fry the miracle noodles using an air fryer?

Misis B's Cube

Misis B's Cube . 3 months ago

Thanks for this recipe. Seems easy to cook. Will definitely add this to my low carb/Keto recipes. And will do a video of this too and upload in my channel. Thanks again. 😊😉

Rita Garrett

Rita Garrett . 3 months ago

Dry cast iron frying pan on low heat for 20 minutes....never sticks.

Jeanette Garcia

Jeanette Garcia . 3 months ago

Love your videos 🙏🏻

Lynne Voyle

Lynne Voyle . 4 months ago

While chefs go overboard with washing, it’s not necessary to wash everything in between cutting different types of meat that are ultimately going to be cooked together. Not authentic carbonara but hard to stay authentic for any keto recipe that originally calls for carbs (including the starchy pasta water). Haven’t yet tried konjac noodles. I understand some people can be put off by the smell. Haven’t seen them in NZ.

Barbra Lerner Spectre

Barbra Lerner Spectre . 4 months ago

I do think that you can eat bacon quite as often as you like. Dr. Eric Berg would disagree on the bacon. He says that you can eat bacon, no problem. He is incredibly knowledgeable and studies health through nutrition in depth and has dedicated his life to it. I really trust his knowledge. He is a genius, literally.

Don Williams

Don Williams . 4 months ago

So you use a dry measure cup for cream?

Rod Sernesi

Rod Sernesi . 4 months ago

heavy cream .... it si not a carbonara. OMG.

Nick 90

Nick 90 . 4 months ago

sooo wanna make a personal recipe uh? then...DON'T CALL IT FREAKING CARBONARA


councilmandoug808 . 4 months ago

I'm guessing you're not an actual chef.


J C . 5 months ago


Valentine's Greatest Gift

Valentine's Greatest Gift . 5 months ago

Thank you...looks good...What is the texture of the "pasta" like?


SnobbyLion . 5 months ago

I would skip the rubber noodles tbh, and just eat the toppings if you're doing keto.


AprilFool42 . 5 months ago

This is soooooooo unnecessarily looooooong

Fırat İleri

Fırat İleri . 5 months ago

I'm not sure how I feel about egg yolks cooking for that long I can already feel the lumps coating my teeth leaving the egg taste for hours.

Hristea Alina

Hristea Alina . 5 months ago

Too much talk

Farmer Johnson

Farmer Johnson . 5 months ago

That is ham

Brian Eduardo

Brian Eduardo . 5 months ago

I assume noodles are carb free?


KCCAT5 . 5 months ago

Low sodium bacon does not contain sugar


Nonsensical . 5 months ago

Keto meal yes! Carbonara no!

kittrainbow 7

kittrainbow 7 . 5 months ago

Great video, healthy alternative 🇮🇹👍

jenna mcqueen

jenna mcqueen . 5 months ago

Diabetes is a bitch, but thanks to you guys, it's getting easier to create delicious Low_carb dishes that will keep me coming back for more!!

Sharmila Algoe

Sharmila Algoe . 6 months ago

That’s not bacon..... that’s ham......

Vis X

Vis X . 6 months ago

If you're cooking the bacon and the chicken together, there's no reason why they need a different knife/board... It's about whether you will be cooking the ingredients you cut up, not the fact the ingredients are different.


timothy790110 . 6 months ago

what are you on about, keeping bacon and chicken separate? No, you fry them up and that kills the bacteria. the danger is when you chop vegetable or something you're not going to cook on the chopping board that you've just used for raw meat. jesus man. dont spread misinformation.


Vanvanvan . 7 months ago

I love what youre doing.. but just a little advice from a fan... could you kindly lessen talking about every single move you make?... like no need to say youll be putting the noodles on the plate to taste it... It can be irritating to hear you explain every single move youll make when your audience arent preschoolers. Sorry just had to mention so maybe you could have that self-awareness... thank you♡

Karen Jefferson

Karen Jefferson . 7 months ago

need close up of food next time

Mrs. Sprouse

Mrs. Sprouse . 7 months ago

What a fuck is this shit. No chicken. Pancetta o Guanciale not bacon. No heavy cream or or milk, only eggs and Pecorino or Parmigiano. Porcoddio madonna puttana.

john smith

john smith . 7 months ago

' if you don't like chicken, bacon or eggs.then what the fuck are you watching this for?'


Mystiquemage . 7 months ago

Basically: Dice and fry Bacon Dice and fry Chicken Whisk Egg yolk + Parmesan + Cream, heat it up in pan and reduce. Konjac Noodles (dry fry and mix sauce and toppings in after) You're welcome.

ladi jada

ladi jada . 8 months ago

Oh no, the chicken and the bacon went in the same meal. It's potentially very dangerous!


Lashk . 8 months ago

Omg!!! Olive oil terrible to cook??? Is way better than coconut oil

Shahdah Abdullah

Shahdah Abdullah . 8 months ago

Next time if ya wanna do the video quit chit chat and str8 to the topic no need to giva lecture bout chopping board or else peopls not stupid and i don know why you like tooooo much talkin, i know the species tht like to talk they called women or gurlz are you from their species too? I hate to hear you voice and your talk its so boring, badaway i am an old woman.


kipling1957 . 9 months ago

Tofu noodles are really good too.


tannpl . 9 months ago

You didn't wash your hands after touching the chicken, so everything you touched afterward was contaminated with the chicken.

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