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High Protein Breakfast (61 GRAMS IN 3 MINUTES!!)



Published on 5 years ago

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There is no debating that a high protein breakfast is important to getting your body ready for the day ahead. That said, unless you plan on eating steak and eggs every day…finding enough protein can be a challenge. I show you the exact way that I get 61 grams of protein to start my day, in just 3 minutes!

High protein breakfast options can sometimes bring with it lots of unwanted calories or saturated fats. For instance, while a piece of bacon is never going to kill you (despite what some anti fat fanatics would have you believe), making a habit of eating it every day in high enough amounts to deliver the protein you’re after could be detrimental long term.

That said, I decided to shoot this video to show you the two things I eat most mornings (along with a bowl of my pumpkin oatmeal) to get a protein boost before I even leave the house. With 7 egg whites and an ultra high quality whey isolate protein (ATHLEAN-Rx2), I’m able to deliver the nutrients my muscles need after breaking the long fast from sleeping.

Not only will you be able to more easily achieve your daily protein intake goals but you will simply be supplying your muscles and body with the fuel it needs to get you going. Most bodybuilders and athletes realize just how important their nutrition and meal plans are to their physiques and performance. If you haven’t quite nailed your nutrition yet it could be that you are trying to select from muscle building foods that just aren’t practical. Maybe you don’t like a particular food? Maybe the foods you are choosing are just too hard to prepare?

In order for a meal plan to help you build muscle to be effective, it needs to be one that can be followed consistently. The key to consistency with eating is finding foods that taste good and are easy to prepare. The ATHLEAN X-Factor meal plans and Rx supplements make it easy for you to get high quality protein and food for fueling your muscle growth.

The meal plans are 90 days of complete meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and supplementation. If you want to get these exact eating plans that pro athletes use to perform at their best and build muscle while burning fat, be sure to head to http://athleanx.com and get your complete A-X program.

For more nutrition tips and muscle building meal plan videos be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

Comments :


SPORTALITY TV . 5 days ago

It is not 61 grams of protein This is more 1kg of spicy staff

stinkus talentino

stinkus talentino . 1 week ago

61 grams, i get less than that in one whole week

Jacoby JaGoaty

Jacoby JaGoaty . 2 weeks ago

Why not throw some peanut butter in there??

Stephanie Crosthwaite

Stephanie Crosthwaite . 2 weeks ago

This is totally disgusting Who drinks cows milk in almost 2020? And heating up chicken menstruacion in the microwave? 🤢

Carlos Josué

Carlos Josué . 2 weeks ago



ih8mcfly . 2 weeks ago

Are egg whites in a carton just egg whites? Surely not right? Must have some additional preservatives?

Stavros Arababaslis

Stavros Arababaslis . 2 weeks ago

I wanna see Jeff watch this now at the end of 2019!!!

Erik Britz

Erik Britz . 3 weeks ago

I used toneat 12 eggs+6 russian sausages+150 grams of future life high protein cereal and two scoops of whey protein which equates to 160 to 216 grams of protein that was one of 3 meals per day...

Captain Rob

Captain Rob . 3 weeks ago

That's ok but I have a better way to get 68grams of Protein. Here is my recipe: 1 cup of Vitamin D Milk 8g, 1 cup of original Quaker oats 10g, 2 raw eggs 12g, 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter 7g, 1 banana 1.3g, 1 scoop of Protein Whey 30g equals 68.30grams of Protein!! Throw it all in a blender with a few ice cubes and drink it down while you drive to work. If you want even MORE Protein just add another raw egg (each egg is 6g of Protein). You won't even taste the raw eggs or even know they are in there. The peanut butter and banana really add to the flavor too. Try it yourself. Some people prefer to soak the oats in a bowl of water overnight which works for people who get bloated. I don't get bloated but I do feel full up until lunch time.


The_Michael_Scott_Paper_Company . 3 weeks ago

I do 64 lol

Andy T

Andy T . 3 weeks ago

When 60g is suboptimal and 62g has diminishing returns


ezzcenter . 4 weeks ago

Sarachi Hot Sauce hmmmmm 🤔

Kiza D WhiteHorse

Kiza D WhiteHorse . 4 weeks ago

2 lunchables is 30g of protein


įŃ ŠåÑíTŸ . 1 month ago

How does he eat so much yet still stay so lean? anyone?

Alic Sutton

Alic Sutton . 1 month ago

Sick of these so called professional trainers saying here the perfect diet and telling people to scoop a chemical shit storm in their stomachs.

scotty jennings

scotty jennings . 1 month ago

Powder milk plus almond milk poor man's protein shake.🤔

Mike Coon

Mike Coon . 1 month ago

I cringed when he said "Almond"

Ian Ballard

Ian Ballard . 2 months ago


Sylfus /R6

Sylfus /R6 . 2 months ago

I’m gonna try making a shake like you do , I’ll sometimes do (milk,banana,whey protein,sometimes peanut butter,and ice cubes) or(milk,ice,apples,cinnamon) ooor (just basically a mix of fruits around the house like strawberries,blue berries,anything with the work berry in it).(I use whey protein in all of them btw)

Mido vinci

Mido vinci . 2 months ago

Cows milk is bad man.. can you do a video over this ?? if you haven't done already

Agnes Philomena

Agnes Philomena . 2 months ago

Raw oats OK with the digestive tract?

Matilde Torres

Matilde Torres . 2 months ago

this one of the BEST nutritional tip ever!!.is straight up simple and it WORKS.but you got to be willing to follow it.👍👍👌💪💪


Boots . 2 months ago

I bet those eggs taste disgusting, why would he choose to microwave them?

Manoranjan Praharaj

Manoranjan Praharaj . 2 months ago

Jeff are you eating egg whites every day!!🤔I think you need🍭.

Roman Gutierrez

Roman Gutierrez . 3 months ago

This video was 7 minutes

Xavier Tiberghien

Xavier Tiberghien . 3 months ago

Apparently it requires a lot of seasoning to forget how disguting egg whites really are.


Andrzej . 3 months ago

What is wrong with yolk?

Zootopiasloth Gaming

Zootopiasloth Gaming . 3 months ago

Awesome easy tips, really appreciate the share!!

Gerardo Almeida

Gerardo Almeida . 3 months ago

Hi, Jeff!. Congrats on the channel!. Someone told me that we can only metabolize 10 grams of protein per take, so this you recommend would be wrong. Is that true?.. (I don’t think so but I need your point of view). Thanks!!


Ohmyqwad . 3 months ago

I’ve been choking down hard boiled whites for way too long, your microwave method is great 👍

David Silva

David Silva . 3 months ago

These are my favorite videos of yours. Really helps people out and gives them ideas to improve their eating habbits and food choices.


shawnjanika1 . 3 months ago

I see a cooking class in Jeff’s future. Definitely an intelligent guy and fit as a fiddle, but not a chef. I imagine robots eat this way. Lol.

Imtiaz Abdoulkader

Imtiaz Abdoulkader . 3 months ago



swansmeister . 3 months ago

Useless, body only absorbs 25 to 30 grams of proteïne.

Bradley L

Bradley L . 3 months ago

"regular cow's milk"


GALACTUSside . 3 months ago

It’s widely acknowledged that the human body can only utilize 20-30 grams of protein per meal

Giskard Reventlov

Giskard Reventlov . 3 months ago

I thought he was going to troll us by serving 3 cups of protein powder in a glass of water. I find tuna cans very helpful for protein intake, to add some variety I buy the tuna cans with hot peppers, coriander, basil, garlic, etc


FromBeToReality . 3 months ago

THUMBS UP!!! then watch!!!

John Frank

John Frank . 3 months ago

He ate 4 eggs with some salsa and a protein shake... There's really nothing special about this at all. It's the same morning meal plan I'm on, though I do a double scoop of protein powder, add in a scoop of collagen peptides and a scoop of psyllium husk but omit the milk and the salsa.

shefin mathew

shefin mathew . 3 months ago

But the problem is your body won't digest more than 30-35 gm of protein


superman . 3 months ago

Thats almost worse than dog food

Tonio Kettner

Tonio Kettner . 3 months ago

Go to Master Chef


Marcelo . 3 months ago

I came for the high protein breakfast & left for the microwave

Shane H

Shane H . 3 months ago

Sorry but I eat the whole egg!yolk and all!

Francesco Lo Cascio

Francesco Lo Cascio . 3 months ago



xzotic92 . 3 months ago

I don't have the r2 whey protein does a scoop of rat poisoning work just as well?


armadillotoe . 3 months ago

Then there are those of us who enjoy eating.

Dontgettoknow M

Dontgettoknow M . 3 months ago


Steve Parker

Steve Parker . 3 months ago

Nothing like a high strength protein fart to really get the day going, also it'll clear the machine you wanna use at the gym.😂👍🏻

vikrant sharma

vikrant sharma . 3 months ago

$1 Blend = 2 bananas, 2 eggs, 300ml low fat milk, 2 spoons of peanut butter.

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