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HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS | Military Diet, Does It Really Work? *NEW*



Published on 5 years ago

FOOD SUBSTITUTE LIST: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/2aoytwnGomk

MILITARY DIET w/ SUBSTITUTIONS: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/7Zy2VUA7Bls

MILITARY DIET FAQs: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/MEkl462aP2k

ABS: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/RNznlJL7YNE
BUTT: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/r_m-fTlxfe4
BACK: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/LHmIEL2KseE

LOSE 30LBS: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/ZYbavwYFOEc
KEEP WEIGHT OFF: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/BQPGK1_9Tts
FAT BURNING FOOD: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/HRcXeO2-ctU

So much weight, so little time.... Learn how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days safely!

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NOTE: I am NOT the creator of this diet. This is a well known diet that I decided to try to see if it actually worked. Please refer to The Military Diet website to answer any questions you may have:


Q: Is there substitutions for foods?
A: Yes. Please refer to the website above for substitutions.

Q: Did you exercise with this diet?
A: Yes, but only one day. The diet states that you should maintain your daily exercise routine if you have one already.

Q: Do you lose water weight or fat?
A: Both. The diet is able to help you slim down by burning fat and helping you get rid of extra water weight.

Q: Will I lose muscle mass during the diet?
A: No. The body burns carbs & fat first. The body only burns muscle as a last resort. Your body will NOT burn muscle tissue in the 3 days of doing this diet.

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***I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. Please consult with a professional and research the diet before attempting.***

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Comments :


OnTheCheapTip . 12 months ago

MILITARY DIET FOOD SUBSTITUTIONS? 🍎🥕🧀🥦FULL LIST HERE► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aoytwnGomk


Jaroeryz . 5 days ago

Yes... 40 pounds lost in 12 days

KM 07

KM 07 . 5 days ago

Do you have to follow everything because I get the shits after drinking coffee and peanut butter is fucking disgusting

carrie birt

carrie birt . 1 week ago

When you get the app it will give you a shopping list and substitutions for foods you dont eat and it has a vegan option


?TiKï¿ . 1 week ago

I am now 110 pound 14 year old this helped

Garcia Garcia

Garcia Garcia . 1 week ago

****EATS FISH**** “Its a little fishy”

JohnThicc Gaming

JohnThicc Gaming . 2 weeks ago

In boot camp and military camp your only aloud to chew 7 times for each thing on your plate

lil dready

lil dready . 2 weeks ago

5:08 he said day thirty

T1 Cozy Y

T1 Cozy Y . 2 weeks ago

Is this good for kids?


MR T W I X . 2 weeks ago

I'm 109 so hopefully this works

Alexia stenerson vlogs forever

Alexia stenerson vlogs forever . 2 weeks ago

do you have to eat that food can you eat any other healthy food?


Wings . 2 weeks ago

sooo much food what am i gonna do? 💀

XxKawaiiAvocadosxX XP

XxKawaiiAvocadosxX XP . 2 weeks ago

When your heavier the he was before he did the 3 days and your 14

Jimmie Gordon

Jimmie Gordon . 2 weeks ago

This man is so happy


Biibii . 2 weeks ago

It you don’t like tuna, try replacing it with lean meats like chicken.

Lauren Salley

Lauren Salley . 2 weeks ago

I want to try this but I'm vegan lol I'll just have less than he did haha

Sam is short

Sam is short . 2 weeks ago

I don’t think I can do this cuz I’m allergic to peanut butter and just don’t like coffee


PulseIsGon . 2 weeks ago

I lost 4 pounds after I went to the gym for 3 days

Kepa Arizabalaga

Kepa Arizabalaga . 2 weeks ago

Happy new year 2020

OddFlamingo1023 2

OddFlamingo1023 2 . 2 weeks ago

Does chicken work instead of tuna because I will not eat sea food

Sebastian Hiller Zafra

Sebastian Hiller Zafra . 2 weeks ago

It really works! I lost 4 pounds in 2 days!

Jack 110-90

Jack 110-90 . 2 weeks ago

I was really sick for a week or so and i lost 14lbs. I literally didn’t change

Brainsells have left the chat

Brainsells have left the chat . 2 weeks ago

Can someone help, is there anything I can eat other then the tuna and the egg with this diet?

Brennan Baker

Brennan Baker . 3 weeks ago

I started football in the summer and have worked Out about almost everyday since then and did lots of cardio , I was 230 and now I’m 215

sibel Erdogdu

sibel Erdogdu . 3 weeks ago

He sounds like shane dawson

Persona Non Grata

Persona Non Grata . 3 weeks ago

So could you double the foods in order to lose more than 10 pounds? I know it sounds weird to eat more than what the diet suggest, but I’m curious.


marsimone1 . 3 weeks ago

You are hysterical! New subscriber.

Sarah Tovey

Sarah Tovey . 3 weeks ago

I have hypothyroidism, do u think it would work for me??

Ashley Peepeetch

Ashley Peepeetch . 3 weeks ago

Im 14 and weigh 230 ;(

OrbidiA Gaming

OrbidiA Gaming . 3 weeks ago

just cut out bread and soda and any other junk food

Victoria Quilo

Victoria Quilo . 3 weeks ago

WHO IS ARMY!!!!!!!!!! :D


SkyZ . 3 weeks ago

EVERYTHING u showed here ,I can eat in a day And still be hungry and not that fat

2.4mrd Mmmm

2.4mrd Mmmm . 3 weeks ago

I think it has been patched

Jolly Das

Jolly Das . 3 weeks ago

this is my moms acc but I'm 12 and 140 :(((

Minel Brunclik

Minel Brunclik . 4 weeks ago

If i skip on the ice cream will i lose more than i wish to lose?


FlowsIsKaleb . 4 weeks ago

So if i eat a healthy diet. I loose weight, and i loose a bit more if i ride my bike for an 1-2hours a day. Poggers

Ash Daddy

Ash Daddy . 4 weeks ago

What do I do if I don’t drink coffee?

Che Impey

Che Impey . 4 weeks ago

What did he do during the day between each meal

antonetta snijders

antonetta snijders . 4 weeks ago

Cut the f*king grapefruit

sasuke Clans

sasuke Clans . 4 weeks ago

Miss Laurel

Pusssy Clapper

Pusssy Clapper . 4 weeks ago

This shit actually works but I lost 7 pounds in 2 days

matthew demaster

matthew demaster . 4 weeks ago

Luckily I like all of this stuff. Except for the tuna.

matthew demaster

matthew demaster . 4 weeks ago

Wanna learn how to lose all debts and never pay taxes again? Just don't eat! Ever.

vegetarianlife vlogs

vegetarianlife vlogs . 4 weeks ago

I'm about to start a 4 day water fast. I home I can lose around 8 pounds

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris . 4 weeks ago

I didn’t eat for 2 days and lost 6-7 lbs. but I drank water and protein shakes. Definitely try!!! 👍👍🙀

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris . 4 weeks ago

Water is better because it cleans your system


BlazzyBIazzy . 4 weeks ago

u should try warm up the tuna fish in microwave

Prince Tsu

Prince Tsu . 1 month ago

Like if your in 2019

Zak Zak

Zak Zak . 1 month ago

Video: About how to lose fat Me in bed: Nice

Talon Miller

Talon Miller . 1 month ago

Just saying I have the same plate and cup

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