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Oasis - Live at Eurockeennes Festival 1995 (Full Concert)

Oasis Best Videos

Oasis Best Videos

Published on 6 years ago

8 Jul.1995, Belfort, France.
Some Might Say

Comments :

Angelo Márcio

Angelo Márcio . 8 months ago

As drogas e bebidas acabaram com a voz dele

Angelo Márcio

Angelo Márcio . 8 months ago

Voz de Liam nessa época era perfeita

Nick J

Nick J . 9 months ago

What the fuck was the sound guy on?! That delay on Liam's voice 🙈

João Neto

João Neto . 12 months ago

7:07 hahaha

João Neto

João Neto . 1 year ago

full concert hahahahaa


msrbelfast . 1 year ago

Does anyone know if Wonderwall was played at this gig?


TrainInVain . 1 year ago

He really was a perfect mix of Lennon and Lydon at this point

Caroline Eve

Caroline Eve . 1 year ago

Oh my god Noel sounds terrible he shouldn' t sing

Liam Noel

Liam Noel . 2 years ago

Sounds rlly good but that reverb on Liam’s voice is taking the piss

Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox . 2 years ago

Supersonic: 0:03 Some Might Say: 3:48 Acquiesce: 7:34

Elliot Harrington

Elliot Harrington . 2 years ago

His voice!!! So fucking clear!


MojoPin1983 . 2 years ago

Does anyone know who filmed this? I am looking for Jeff Buckley's set from the same day.

Bagas Dilts

Bagas Dilts . 3 years ago

Casually singing in France wearing the union jack 👏👏👏👏

Boy Racer

Boy Racer . 3 years ago

Stupid drums from Alan White they should have kept Tony on to play the definitely maybe stuff


HardWater91 . 3 years ago

Union Jack with the Queen's coat of arms. Rock 'n' Roll.

Johnny Jungle

Johnny Jungle . 3 years ago

hate Alan White's drumming

Mathieu aka Meatch67 Michel

Mathieu aka Meatch67 Michel . 3 years ago

Belfort, my fookin little town!! come on!

Jooply X Harrington

Jooply X Harrington . 3 years ago

this is not the full concert?


IMTV . 4 years ago

Я не буду очень спорить с годом записи этих материалов, но это кажется 1997-98 год и в роли Liam Gallagher совсем мне кажется уже другой человек, который перенял стиль исполнения музыки. Если это как мне говорили Дима Ред Хот Чили Пепперс, то идите вы вообще в ж..у дорогие продюссеры.


franz . 4 years ago

Love how Noel plays Sally Cinnamon's riff


芳田こうへい . 4 years ago

good clothes

Kaz Namalas

Kaz Namalas . 4 years ago

Hell Yeah


XtremFear . 5 years ago


James Edwards

James Edwards . 5 years ago

Way better than any crap that came out of the united states of toilet at this time

Dominic MCR

Dominic MCR . 5 years ago

Liam kept saying mid song turn the vocals down because he wasn't confident with his vocals and that's why the guitar and drums are always loud in oasis concerts

the mighty_isi

the mighty_isi . 5 years ago

red sunglasses, the British flag, clothing of the working class, a voice that shout of hope. liam embodies an era


27shocking . 6 years ago

His voice is youth and wildness personified




Carlos Jean

Carlos Jean . 6 years ago

Só foram 3 músicas ou só transmitiram 3 músicas? 

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