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WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION || KETO || Before and After Pictures

Kim’s Commitment

Kim’s Commitment

Published on 1 year ago

Hey guys! It's January 1st 2019 and that means it has been exactly 1 year since I started my weight loss journey. I promised my weigh in results and I am so excited to announce that I have lost 90 pounds in 1 year following a keto diet and exercising. Not a 100 pound loss like I was hoping for but I am still so proud of myself. I wanted to share some before and after pictures with you to help motivate you to continue or start a weight loss journey yourself. If I can make it this far, I know you can too! Cheers to the next chapter! xo

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Linda Easley

Linda Easley . 7 hours ago

Congrats 👏 losing 90 pounds is a huge feat . I know from experience that being successful at weight loss can be a confidence booster and it makes you feel good about yourself . I am on a weight loss journey and have lost 23 pounds on my way to 60


AJ . 7 hours ago

Good Job Good Video Don't Quit Happy for You

pamela jean amansec

pamela jean amansec . 9 hours ago

You are everyones motivation❤

Yvonne Bales

Yvonne Bales . 21 hours ago

You look great

CA Watson

CA Watson . 1 day ago


Hippopotamus Anonymous

Hippopotamus Anonymous . 1 day ago

You look great.

Ana Trofin

Ana Trofin . 1 day ago

I teared up when you started crying. You’re beautiful and such an inspiration! ❤️


pandie . 2 days ago

Wow nice and congrats! Your skin elasticity worked alongside with you!

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos . 2 days ago

90!!!! Wow, proud of you! <3

Ams Tyquiengco

Ams Tyquiengco . 2 days ago

You are such an incredible inspiration Kim!!!! Love love love your story!!! 🥳🤩

Michelle Torres

Michelle Torres . 2 days ago

Iam 420 and i just. Will start my weigh loss tomorrow


kimytaf . 2 days ago

I feel so sad

Kayla Draves

Kayla Draves . 3 days ago

This is so inspirational to me.. I am 3 months postpartum and started the keto diet January 1 2020 and am down almost 15lbs now! This gives me motivation to not give up and to go through it!

Cat B

Cat B . 3 days ago



Jonelle85 . 3 days ago

You look amazing! How did you manage to not have a bunch of loose skin? That’s something I always wonder about.


Jonelle85 . 3 days ago

3:12 I get so anxious seeing people do this in the gym. It’s like omg, I’m literally about to see watch someone break their neck in real time lol

Nacho Friend

Nacho Friend . 3 days ago

Crying! Incredible. Beautiful before and after, but healthier!

Dale Allen

Dale Allen . 4 days ago

You look like a teenager now so not only have you lost weight you have lost years off your face. Great inspiration


IdioticGamer . 4 days ago

I am not confident with the way I look at all. I want to lose 10-20 pounds. Wish me luck! Its my new years resolution! :)

Teresa Moreno

Teresa Moreno . 4 days ago

Bravo!!! You look amazing!!! You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure to others too. You were beautiful in 2018 and you are beautiful now. Congratulations!!!

Ruth Gonzalez Ríos

Ruth Gonzalez Ríos . 4 days ago

try go vegan!


soffdeis . 4 days ago

This is truly One of the best videos i have ever seen! Its not cheesy, its just Amazing 😍 congratulations On your Amazing results!

biology4everyone science

biology4everyone science . 4 days ago

I’ve just started keto this year too! It’s been getting harder and I needed this to keep me motivated, thanks.

Bridget M

Bridget M . 5 days ago

Good for you! Keep up the hard work...it pays off👍

Rosenrot B

Rosenrot B . 5 days ago


Monica Shmonica

Monica Shmonica . 5 days ago

Yay you!!!! Congrats on this amazing life transformation

Mar 77

Mar 77 . 5 days ago

You are an amazing inspiration I am starting my weight-loss Journey this year as well 20/20 wish me luck thank you for inspiring me

Adam Baker

Adam Baker . 5 days ago

are you married? ... :-))) Hello from the United Kingdom.... :-)))

Erica Patterson

Erica Patterson . 5 days ago

So inspirational!

Eman Elrashidi

Eman Elrashidi . 5 days ago

Just wow 💐👍👏 ... good work

Mehmood Raja

Mehmood Raja . 5 days ago

Hats off to you

Julieanna Lauer

Julieanna Lauer . 6 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS gurl!!! I just started the keto way of eating. I'm learning as I go. You are a great inspiration!!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey! You're a dog lover too 💕


Scott . 6 days ago

Impressive... Congratulations!

Barbara Schild

Barbara Schild . 6 days ago

there are other options than kept but this is amazing!

bgum saliha

bgum saliha . 6 days ago


dave flynn

dave flynn . 6 days ago


Rasha Daily لندن

Rasha Daily لندن . 7 days ago



KISS FITNESS . 7 days ago

On my Channel I plan on losing 80 pounds in 3 months!


YJB . 7 days ago

Well done!


Animateddreamer . 7 days ago

Is this diet good for your heart looks ot just looks like a lot of fat and cholesterol.

Manusha SMS

Manusha SMS . 7 days ago

Good job

T dsl

T dsl . 1 week ago

Wonder what she looks like now, in 2020.


SposhMa-h . 1 week ago

This is me right now and I am changing this starting Monday. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amira Tanger

Amira Tanger . 1 week ago



愚者 . 1 week ago


Sabrina Conrady

Sabrina Conrady . 1 week ago


Fred Hoy

Fred Hoy . 1 week ago

Although it's a year after your posting this, congratulations! I'm.going to subscribe and see how it goes with you this coming year.


A.R G.B . 1 week ago

Where can i get a keto diet?

Muna Kharoufeh

Muna Kharoufeh . 1 week ago

Excellent work

DJ Dacopy's Wife

DJ Dacopy's Wife . 1 week ago

you look fantastic I'm genuinely happy for you

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