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How to do Intermittent Fasting: Complete Guide

Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer

Published on 1 year ago

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Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting:

- What is Intermittent Fasting
- What are the benefits (fat loss, muscle growth, cellular rejuvenation, etc.)
- How to start a fast
- How long should you fast for
- What can you consume while fasting
- How to break a fast
- When should you workout
- What are the different types of fasting
- Fasting for Men vs Women
Common Questions & Concerns:
- Muscle loss
- Thyroid function
- When to take supplements
- Alcohol's effect on fasting

Hey, so you're interested in starting intermittent fasting, or maybe you have a family member or friend that's interested in starting it. Well, this video is going to be your entire overview. It's going to give you everything you need to know to get started with intermittent fasting. So the cool thing is intermittent fasting is really easy to get started on. Now, the caveat is there is some little intricacies that you need to be paying attention to and that's exactly why I created this video in some serious detail. So what we're going to cover in this video is a number of different things, and I'm going to go down the line so that you have a solid idea of what we're going to cover.

So first off we're going to talk about what is intermittent fasting and why you shouldn't overthink it. We're going to talk about the basic benefits, not going to spend a whole lot of time on that because if you're watching this video, you're probably already interested, and your curiosity has been peaked because you know someone that has had crazy success with it. But we're going to talk about the physical benefits. In fact, fat loss and some muscle gain. We're going to talk about the mental, and the focus benefits. We're also going to talk about the cellular rejuvenation benefits, but again, not going to spend a lot of time there.

Simply put, intermittent fasting isn't a diet. Intermittent fasting is a meal timing plan. So basically what you're doing is you're focusing on a specific period of time in which you are abstaining from food and abstaining from calories and then you have a set period of time in which you consolidate all of your food, all of your calories. You're basically going for an extended period of time and not eating fasting. And then you're going into a period of time where you are eating, your fed window. So one of the biggest problems that people make with fasting is they overthink it, okay?

They tend to complicate things. And it's human nature for us to do that. So you really need to keep it very, very simple. Intermittent fasting is just not eating for a set period of time and then consolidating your calories. There's a lot of different intricacies in between, but for all intents and purposes, that's the goal. So let's briefly talk about the benefits. Okay. There are huge physical benefits and that's probably the main reason that people are attracted to intermittent fasting, and it's a good chance that that's why you're watching this video right now. Physical benefits include dramatic, dramatic fat loss all while maintaining muscle. Okay. Also, increasing muscle tone, increasing muscle density, and there're some other general things like actually improving your vascular function as well that can improve your look. So in addition to helping out your skin, helping out your appearance in that regard, there are other benefits too, like your nails, your hair, all kinds of things simply because of the nutrient uptake that occurs.

So I hope this overview has given you a solid perspective on what intermittent fasting is and what intermittent fasting is not. Honestly, it's for everybody. You can use intermittent fasting with keto. You can use intermittent fasting with paleo, being a vegan or whatever you want. The thing is intermittent fasting is the proper protocol in which you are not eating versus what you are eating.

And I want to make sure that you check out the plethora of videos that are on my channel that teach you the different intricacies, and the different little things you need to pay attention to when it comes down to intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting. Thanks for watching. Please make sure you subscribe. See you in the next video.

Comments :

Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer . 3 months ago

ALSO WATCH 📺 My Full Guide to Fasting over age 👉🏼 https://youtu.be/njM2swbICYg Full WOMENS Guide to Fasting 👉🏼 https://youtu.be/VNWhScV5b4g

Shannon Chaney

Shannon Chaney . 5 hours ago

I have chronic pancreatitis.... I can barely eat anything when an episode begins of coarse the only thing I can do is dry fast. Ive been dealing with this since Oct 2017 I lost so much weight it was shameful. 2019 I've gained 40lbs I literally go days without eating sipping on liquid I can't eat a whole full coarse meal I sometimes can handle 3tbs servings meat is a treat for yet I gained weight I'm really trying to loose weight its been so hard I went from being too small to being brigger then I was 9mth pregnant I'm gonna try this fasting if there is anything else I can to boost this fasting even though I feel like a pro bc I hate staying in the hospital for days at a time so I've learn to deal with episode at home by liquid fasting very little liquid. I'm normally 130/145lbs prior to pancreatitis I'm 182lb on a good day. No I'm not recovery drinker or have any sugar problems that cause me to have pancreatitis ive had every test possible to get an answer it's unexplainable. Ive been watching your podcast very educational thanks for taking time to be a great host but if there is anything you can advise fasting weight loss id so appreciate it Hook'em Horns!!! I'm a Army wife I'm far from TX/Home....

Eva Pellegrinet

Eva Pellegrinet . 17 hours ago

So “breaking a fast” is when the “eating window” starts?


Joseph . 1 day ago

Did I miss the frequency of intermittent fasting? Frequency was mentioned in the other types. Once per week ? 16/8 for a week straight?

Andre Atabaki

Andre Atabaki . 2 days ago

Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Does application of oil or cream on your skin cause a metabolic or insulin response?

Al May

Al May . 2 days ago

can I drink himalayan salt or would that break my fast


durandaddy58 . 2 days ago

Is this fasting supposed to be done 7 days a week? Durations?

alex DT77

alex DT77 . 2 days ago

Instructions unclear Am now Elon musk

Va K

Va K . 2 days ago

Goos video but too much scattered info. Break down info instead of showering knowledge everywhere.


capgains . 2 days ago

48hrs only water No difference in mental performance

Rommel Pasos

Rommel Pasos . 2 days ago

Hi Thomas, first of all thanks for this guide , it helped me a lot. I just have a question, I have friend who wants to start intermittent fasting but he works on a graveyard shift. Is there any difference in starting a fasting between night shifters and non night-shifters?Or how do we start a fasting for night-shifters?Hoping for kind response. Thanks a lot:)

Ren Sosa

Ren Sosa . 2 days ago

How and what do you eat during your 8 hour window? Do you eat one big meal that equals all the calories you need or do space out your meals?

Echo Trip

Echo Trip . 3 days ago

Skip to 6:42 if you're waiting for him to get to the point in terms of how to fast and what to do and not do.


Sasuke0383 . 3 days ago

Just skip breakfast and listen to your body


Sunderleaf . 3 days ago

Great video! I have a question, what about plain yogurt? Can I eat that during fasting?


An NE . 3 days ago

Is it ok to fast everyday 18 or 20-4 fasting? Its until i reached my goal weight.

Joseph Kouly

Joseph Kouly . 3 days ago

Does lent ring a bell?

Rolin Mains

Rolin Mains . 3 days ago

so how do you break a fast if you're vegetarian or vegan?

Pallab Paul

Pallab Paul . 3 days ago

Can i have milk before i start fasting?? Like at 10pm every night


AdoptADogOr2 . 4 days ago

What do you think about Stevia in the raw?

som Slovaak

som Slovaak . 4 days ago

So a cheeseburger without the bun?

Keerti Dwivedi

Keerti Dwivedi . 4 days ago

hello, I've problem with sitting to long in office, back pain and little poor belly, please make a video on this problem., Big fan. Thankyou for sharing everything.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug . 4 days ago

My husband has been fasting and has gained weight he does it for religious reasons. He used to be an average good weight. I hope your video helps him.


S3LINA KYLE . 4 days ago

What about for a nursing mother?

Kila_ Kam82

Kila_ Kam82 . 4 days ago

Its hard to workout while fasted especially when you work alot. If I stop eating at 830 pm and dont eat until 1230 pm the next day thats 16 hr. Get off of work at 5 hit the gym and do it all over again. Will it still benefit me?

Mark Debassige

Mark Debassige . 4 days ago

Can I break a fast with broccoli, avacado and moose meat?

ugly disgusting fish

ugly disgusting fish . 5 days ago

Ok I’m going to start today. I’m 164lbs and I hope to get down to 120.

Saga L. H.

Saga L. H. . 5 days ago

What supliments, vitamines and minerals do i need while fasting? (In the fasting state.)

Paramita Banerjee

Paramita Banerjee . 5 days ago

Please let me know,how long we can fast at a stretch,how long we will stop,let me know as soon as possible as I want to start immediately


Manu-Camus . 5 days ago

You aré a genius but I don't have the patients!


Raider . 5 days ago

That was so good. Thank You.

Angelina Pecoraro

Angelina Pecoraro . 6 days ago

Really informative. Thanks!

billy bob

billy bob . 6 days ago

How long into intermediate fasting will I lose my body hair, get tan skin, and develop a PB like the models shown? Just kidding🙃, but really I’ve had an older brother in his mid 40’s just start watching and following your program a short time ago and he looks like he’s lost already lost 50lbs. Guess it’s my turn. Thanks for the info.


h31212 . 6 days ago

20:35 ''I wanna show you a study'' You don't show anything, you just talk about it. The link below refers to the study you mentioned I believe. Please provide sources if you wanna be convincing. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/309132377_Effects_of_eight_weeks_of_time-restricted_feeding_168_on_basal_metabolism_maximal_strength_body_composition_inflammation_and_cardiovascular_risk_factors_in_resistance-trained_males

Ralph Honore

Ralph Honore . 6 days ago

Thomas DeLauer is literally the BEST weight loss Youtuber anywhere. I watch him every day, and I’m also so grateful I found @t. It helped me not only lose weight but also keep it off, hope it helps some others :)

Kathleen Jones

Kathleen Jones . 6 days ago

A little bit of fat, a little bit of fibre, a little bit of protein— sounds like an avocado is the perfect pre fasting food


Aeros . 6 days ago

Hey Thomas, just a quick question from when you covered when to work out. If you're doing a pre-workout protein shake or something, obviously you wouldn't want to be taking the shake inside of your fasted period, but like you said, you like to work out in the morning when you are in the middle of your fasted state, having more energy from the food you ate the night before. Does this mean that you wouldn't gain the effects of a pre-workout shake during your workouts IF you decided to do your work outs in the morning? So if you can't gain the effects of a pre-workout shake in the morning because it would break your fast, and if you work out at night, you'd be at the start of your fasting period and not really gaining the effects of working out in said fasted state. Kind of confused since you didn't really touch on the protein shakes too much. It feels like combining workouts and intermittent fasting, there simply isn't time for those shakes that would heighten your protein levels. Do you not need it? Or am I missing something. Thanks!

Ba'al Busters

Ba'al Busters . 6 days ago

Intermittent vomiting works almost exactly the same way. You get to eat whatever, then get rid of it before the stomach acids secrete so you're burned on the way back out. Tasting your food only once is for your grandparents. If you liked it enough to eat it, why not repeat it? Taste it again for the first time! There is no limit to how many times you can repeat the procedure. The stomach retching/convulsing also works your abs! Plus no carbon footprint and if you evacuate properly, and in a timely fashion, there's never a single net carb! Even if you just ate a chocolate cake!


GENSTAR Gaming . 6 days ago

Hey I need some help, I have been fasting for a month and a half working my way up too Fasting for two days and would have a high protein meal (mostly chicken) to end it. I have lost around 25 pound but I have plateaued and need some advice on what I should do.

Luis Herrera

Luis Herrera . 6 days ago

Can u just pig out during 8 hour eating period?

Miss Impatience

Miss Impatience . 7 days ago

This guy is a totally SCAN!!! I'm sure thrive market and Bucher Box he mainly recommended for Keto must be paid a lot for him for advertising! These two websites are the two worst shopping experiences in my life!! The bucherbox didn't ship their order after 5 days. They don't let you cancel the order neither. Nowhere on the website you can cancel the membership. You have to call them to cancel the membership. My boyfriend ordered a seafood package from Thrive market. That's the WORST salmon and shrimp! The shrimp are tiny and taste like shit! I ordered a meat box from thrive market. It shows delivered but it's not! Their customer service is like a robot customer service. You cannot get talk to a real person for customer service! Based on this two worst shopping experience in my life, I have enough reason to believe Thomas is a scan!!! He has no idea what he recommend. Who give him money, he recommends who's product!

Gym Intuition

Gym Intuition . 7 days ago

Intermittent Fasting leads to Intermittent Feasting! ***Spread the word###

Gaming galaxy

Gaming galaxy . 1 week ago

Can I fast for 1 Day??

Gaming galaxy

Gaming galaxy . 1 week ago

Intermittent fasting is really good.In this way people would be healthy and food wouldn't be waste as well

Nick Traxler

Nick Traxler . 1 week ago

Can you do a video on alternate day fasting? As in one meal a day every other day.


domie07 . 1 week ago

Intermittent fasting is simple, 25 minute video about fasting.

CoachV Tennis Academy & Services

CoachV Tennis Academy & Services . 1 week ago

Broscience reps for jesus

John Vito

John Vito . 1 week ago

This ship works! Already down 6lbs in 3 days!

Twisty Gaming

Twisty Gaming . 1 week ago

Can I fast for only 6 days a week and have a Saturday off?


Snooze00 . 1 week ago

mmm this is a bit too extreme, its not sustainable. I think the 5:2 diet over longer period of time is a better option.

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