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Decorating My Nails with Star Glitter Nail Polish



Published on 3 years ago

Happy Friday! Thanks so much for the nice comments & the support. After being on youtube for so many years I feel grateful to have the most awesome viewers. You guys have been so kind, its what keeps me going. I appreciate every single one of you. Enjoy your weekend.

White glitter nail polish is by Sinful Colors called Opal Glitter.

Pink nail polish is by Nstyle called Tea Time.

Purple nail polish is by Revlon called Gumdrop.

Pink Glitter Polish with stars is by Klean Color called Aurora.

Purple Glitter nail polish is by Klean color called Starry Purple.

Comments :

Shanti Sotomayor

Shanti Sotomayor . 5 months ago

Beautiful design❤

Donna charm

Donna charm . 7 months ago

Wow!It's pretty💅

Mónica Vivivana Zambrano Zambrano

Mónica Vivivana Zambrano Zambrano . 1 year ago

Q hermosas uñas tiene

Creative Chica Hauls

Creative Chica Hauls . 2 years ago

You are So good at Nail Art! No salons that I have been to compare to you! Thanks for sharing!

Madhu Sharma

Madhu Sharma . 2 years ago

this is very nice


frenchy6684 . 2 years ago

I ordered the starry purple and it doesn’t look the same as the clear polish is pink with purple glitter :(

Brenda Romero- Enfinger

Brenda Romero- Enfinger . 2 years ago


Yolanda Santhagen

Yolanda Santhagen . 2 years ago

Wow finally found someone with real long nails😍

Meet Rabari

Meet Rabari . 2 years ago


Leticia Cruz

Leticia Cruz . 2 years ago

Your nails are beautiful

zaynab Figue

zaynab Figue . 3 years ago

ohhhhh soo cute

zaynab Figue

zaynab Figue . 3 years ago

ohhhhh soo cute

Renee' Rozario

Renee' Rozario . 3 years ago

Do you use swarovski crystals? I find them to be quite expensive, but I can't seem to find anything as shiny.

Robin Wolfe

Robin Wolfe . 3 years ago

Omg very beautiful 👍👍👍👍



very pretty do u still make your own glitter polishes ? i tried to follow your steps of making them but mine went all horrible the clear polish was going the same colour of the glitters so plz can you tell me what iam doing wrong and also can u show us some more lovely home made glitter polishes plz

Rinki Das

Rinki Das . 3 years ago

very nice

Snook Witham

Snook Witham . 3 years ago

This is so pretty- r those your real nails or r they acrylics? They're beautiful either way!

Barbara Asumadu

Barbara Asumadu . 3 years ago

I love this. Where do you buy your nails polishes?

Kanesha Watkins

Kanesha Watkins . 3 years ago

your nails are ALWAYS beautiful

Shimea Williams

Shimea Williams . 3 years ago

I finally found her channel yay


rscnails . 3 years ago

Where do you purchase your rhinestones?

بنت الكويت

بنت الكويت . 3 years ago

i love it 😍

Jâz Mîn Hoo

Jâz Mîn Hoo . 3 years ago

Preciosas uñas <3 y la decoracion es hermosa :D


KIN RAP . 3 years ago

I like it

Alicia Turner

Alicia Turner . 3 years ago

Very pretty

Carletta Griffin

Carletta Griffin . 3 years ago

Are u on ig...I hope so, I've gotten my license I'm on ig @thestlnailtech


NICOLE2Q . 3 years ago



Creativemadness13 . 3 years ago

This is beautiful I love how creative u are with your polishes they're so unique, the designs!!!💗💗😄😄

Et evilchen

Et evilchen . 3 years ago

Wow this nails are sooo beautiful *_*

Magaly Ramos

Magaly Ramos . 3 years ago

beautiful as usual and yes I was missing your voice TFS😀

Candi Gryl

Candi Gryl . 3 years ago

What is the best way to get your nails dry fast??

Candi Gryl

Candi Gryl . 3 years ago

What is the best way to get nails dry fasy?


linda165 . 3 years ago

This one is so beautiful Raquel!

Viktorija Radić

Viktorija Radić . 3 years ago

Your nails are so beautiful♡

B Elteto

B Elteto . 3 years ago

So beautiful!!

Pretty Noona

Pretty Noona . 3 years ago

Lovely manicure... I like it a lot =)

Alexandra Vicuna-Perry

Alexandra Vicuna-Perry . 3 years ago

Raquel I have been watching your videos for a long and just wanted to say thank you because of following step by step the instructions on your videos on how to take care and grow long nails, my nails are the best they have ever being...thank you I love nails and nail art❤️

Crazzynails. Garcia

Crazzynails. Garcia . 3 years ago

awesome Tfs.love. you always do beauuutiful work.


doodleartlover . 3 years ago

This is such a beautiful design! I like the fact that it is not very time-consuming, but it looks so feminine and unique that it looks as if it took a long time to do, lol. Thanks for the tutorial and have a wonderful and blessed day! ☺👍


artisticncrafty . 3 years ago

Absolutely love it! Can't wait to try it!!! Please make more videos like this ❤️


Narmolanyae . 3 years ago

I'm very happy that you did this video as the older ones, speaking while you painting!!!!! I hope you continue like that!!!!! Love your designs!!!! ❤❤❤

Carola Bauer

Carola Bauer . 3 years ago

super schöne Nägel, richtig gut!

kim love pink

kim love pink . 3 years ago

i love this one .

Dominican Kandie

Dominican Kandie . 3 years ago

Soooooo pretty! Tfs


DebEly70 . 3 years ago

Love it. The lighting you are using makes it hard to see the details of your design. But I love watching your videos and seeing what design you do. Hope you have a good weekend. 😊

Mis Sample

Mis Sample . 3 years ago


Sharon Collins

Sharon Collins . 3 years ago

So pretty!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Olga Colón

Olga Colón . 3 years ago

Gorgeous nails. I love that color so much. Muy hermosa como siempre!. 😍🤗😘❤️🌹👍👍

jodee doherty

jodee doherty . 3 years ago

just beautiful! thank you for sharing ☺

Glenda Park

Glenda Park . 3 years ago

I love this video. It reminds me of your earlier videos that I absolutely love. Your designs are beautiful and your voice is beautiful. Xo

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