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How to Make a Flannel Burp Cloth | a Shabby Fabrics Sewing Tutorial

Shabby Fabrics

Shabby Fabrics

Published on 3 years ago

Follow along to create easy, practical burp cloths using soft and cozy flannel! Check below for links to the free download, fabrics, and more.



Free Download: http://bit.ly/ShabbyFabricsFreeDownloads

Flannel Fabrics: https://www.shabbyfabrics.com/Flannel-Fabric.aspx

Fat Quarters: http://bit.ly/ShabbyFabricsFatQuarters

Turning Tool: https://www.shabbyfabrics.com/clover-point-2-point-turner-P63281.aspx

FriXion Pens: http://bit.ly/FrixionPenShabbyFabrics

MasterPiece Thread: http://bit.ly/MasterPieceShabbyFabrics

Pins, Needles, and Clips: https://www.shabbyfabrics.com/Pins-Needles-Clips-C4178.aspx


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Comments :

Zaiya Fine Art

Zaiya Fine Art . 2 months ago

it doesnt pill up when you wash it in the sewing machine.... i dont get it your sewing machine also washing clothes? either way good video.

Annie Bowers

Annie Bowers . 2 months ago

I have a question about quilting the burp cloth. Do I backstitch each straight line of quilting across the burp cloth to prevent loose threads on both ends?I’m confused and the video does not show how to do this step. Thanks so much for help!! I’ve made 6 burp cloths and want to finish them nicely ;)

Debra Springers

Debra Springers . 3 months ago

Love your burp cloth.

Donna Burbo

Donna Burbo . 5 months ago


Donna Burbo

Donna Burbo . 5 months ago

What kind of fusable fleece do I buy pmease

teri zachary

teri zachary . 6 months ago

The arrows are way off on printed pattern

SuzAnne Moore

SuzAnne Moore . 8 months ago

Apparently the burp cloth download is no longer available!!

elfie guymon

elfie guymon . 9 months ago

I love the Burp Cloth Video, but can't find the free download for the pattern.


knittingknut . 9 months ago

So cute. But they seem a little stiff. Guess they soften up with washing.

Sally Schilling

Sally Schilling . 11 months ago

I have a serger machine... would using it, cut down on the necessity of trimming the edges prior to quilting and top-stitching the edge?

Cindy Goodson

Cindy Goodson . 1 year ago

Where is the pattern download? Thanks!


A S . 1 year ago

When I get home, i will be trying a lot of the tutorials that y’all have. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan. Thanks again for sharing your projects.


A S . 1 year ago

I love y’all fabrics. They are so colorful and give positive vibes.

Linda Schofield

Linda Schofield . 1 year ago

I love this. I have a question. Do you wash your flannel before making this burp cloth? Thanks.

Deborah Mauser

Deborah Mauser . 1 year ago

i cant find pattern to burp clth

Catherine Strassler

Catherine Strassler . 2 years ago

Hi Jennifer, You have so many great ideas for babies. Thank you for all the tutorials!!

Debbie GoodVoice

Debbie GoodVoice . 2 years ago

Hi Jennifer, do you pre-wash your flannel fabric before using?

J Hamilton

J Hamilton . 2 years ago

Love this quick short tutorial. I think I'll save this to show my 11 yr old granddaughter. Hoping "sewing" will bite her. It's sweet and simple and I have everything already here at home!!! She's coming Friday too! Can't wait!

Lisa Van Gemert

Lisa Van Gemert . 2 years ago

I'm really excited for this project because it is cute, do-able, and will make a great matching set of baby fun! I am a pretty novice level sewer, and your tutorials make me feel like I can really do it.

Cathy Householder

Cathy Householder . 2 years ago

Hi I would love to make this for my grandson! I looked on your home page. Could not find the free pattern download?

Maggie Barnes

Maggie Barnes . 2 years ago

I am clicking on the link for this burp pad download and i am getting nothing but the site page. Even the search shows No fress downloads. Please help.

Sandra White

Sandra White . 2 years ago

I just made two of the burp cloths using your pattern and video instructions. Thank you for providing them. I did have a problem when I tried to "quilt" the first burp cloth. The fabric shifted after doing a couple of the crisscrosses, so I stopped and am going to tear the threads out. I am going to leave them unquilted. They have cute little bumblebees on them for the new BaBee. [In hindsite perhaps I should used a different pressure foot; I will do that the next time.]


lamirada90638 . 2 years ago

Hello, did you use interfacing? Also, how absorbent is flannel vs terry cloth? Thanks in advance for your help

Janet McKinney

Janet McKinney . 2 years ago


Izilda Moraes

Izilda Moraes . 2 years ago

Olaaa queria saber se vc usou manta e que tipo?

Mariette Forget

Mariette Forget . 2 years ago

Hi Jennifer and thanks a lot for another great tutorial! 😎🌸

Sue Pluemer

Sue Pluemer . 3 years ago

First of all, LOVE this pattern, as I do all the others. You mentioned at the beginning of the video that you could use fat quarters. HOW would we do that? Can't quite picture it in my head, but have a lot of great fat quarters which are flannel, IN baby prints, so it would be perfect. Could you explain how to do that? Thanks in advance!

Karen Brennan

Karen Brennan . 3 years ago

Your instructions are always so clear. Thanks for the free download of the pattern.

Judy Worthy

Judy Worthy . 3 years ago

I am a beginning sewer and so glad that I found your site.  Your tutorial on the burb cloth is so well done.  I am ready to make one for my first project.  I do have one question.  When you are sewing the top quilting, do you reinforce at the beginning and end of each 'line'?  what is the best way to do that?  I'm sure your other viewers are intuitive enough to know what to do, so hope you don't mind such a novice question.

Sewonthemend With Dr. Garcia

Sewonthemend With Dr. Garcia . 3 years ago

Having a baby soon and have a few family memebers and friends who are having babies too so this is an easy gift for Me to make for them and myself!! Thanks

Gabriella Pettit

Gabriella Pettit . 3 years ago

Exactly what I was looking for - thanks! Love your company and YouTube videos!

Karen Lautzenheiser

Karen Lautzenheiser . 3 years ago

Just downloaded the pattern! #10 Great grandchild & #1 great, great grandchild both due in August...will add these burp cloths to the gifts! Thanks, Jennifer!

Chris Walker

Chris Walker . 3 years ago

Thank you so much for your awesome tutorials. I've learned so much from you! I just made the roll up pillowcase today and I love it! I'm going to try the burp cloth next. What kind of fusible fleece do you recommend? Also, do you have a pot holder/hot pad tutorial? Thanks again for being such a great inspiration and teacher! I always look forward to watching and learning from you. God bless.

Colleen Isaac

Colleen Isaac . 3 years ago

Darn you Jennifer! I LOVE these burp cloths! I just cut out fabric to make 3! Just add to my projects! ❤️ Kidding aside; I love your videos and the way you explain the projects, the patterns and make them so easy!

Jan Davis

Jan Davis . 3 years ago

Thank you so much for all your wonderful tutorials! We have our third great grandchild due in August. I wanted to make my granddaughter burp rags and use my embroidery machine to appliqué little animals on them. This is the perfect pattern for that. Thanks again, Jan (from N. Idaho too 😊)

Tammy J

Tammy J . 3 years ago

This is a great width in the center. Mine are more narrow I have been making for years but will give this a try since I have a new great granddaughter.

Debbie Vignola

Debbie Vignola . 3 years ago

These are so much prettier then a diaper. lol

Patricia Gabrielides

Patricia Gabrielides . 3 years ago

Great size burp cloth. Beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to make some of these. Thank you, Jennifer.

The Creative Chica

The Creative Chica . 3 years ago

Super cute! Can't wait to try this for an upcoming grandchild!

Sylvia Reyes

Sylvia Reyes . 3 years ago

love you instructions thank you, God bless you guys

Ewa N

Ewa N . 3 years ago

o la la i love your fabrics

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