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Four Vintage Inspired Ways to Tie a Head Scarf!

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Published on 3 years ago

Whether you want to cover bad roots, dirty hair or just have a pretty scarf that needs more wear, try these vintage inspired head scarf ideas! For tips on how to curl your hair like mine, watch my latest hair tutorial: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/_7JUIRxLLV4

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Comments :


Sshorty . 3 months ago

I can't get the fringe curl thing in the 4th look right for the life of me. Anybody got any tips/help?

Molly O'Hara

Molly O'Hara . 6 months ago

Any tips on finding scarves? I have been looking on eBay but most are made in and/or shipping from China and I am trying to live more sustainably; flying a 90x90 square of material over from China to the U.K. kind of defeats the purpose 😂

Maria Copley

Maria Copley . 12 months ago

Is it just me or does Jessie look especially beautiful in this video?? Hair and makeup and lovely smile and everything???


Claire . 1 year ago

I‘m torn , i absolutely love Vintage dresses and styles , but i also love some modern outfits. I don’t know what style to chose. Would it be weird if i wear both, like sometimes modern sometimes vintage ?

Elena Christian

Elena Christian . 1 year ago

The scarves are beautiful and this does give me ideas!

Heather Mimi Wahlquist

Heather Mimi Wahlquist . 1 year ago

1-3 are the same. All 4 of them -the opposite of sultry, whatever that is. Think, “Waiting for Gufman” not “Roman Holiday”...Umm, like, If Anne Hathaway was a circus performer, who made a youtube channel on the side and edited it with a mime filter app that she sped-up b/c she thought winking faster at us would allow us to think she was as hot as she thought she was ..? Very strange..Very very strange...I liked it ;)

Charizma Velazquez

Charizma Velazquez . 2 years ago

I’m wondering where you get some of those really cute head scarves!!!

Jay K

Jay K . 2 years ago

You are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

Everything under the sun

Everything under the sun . 2 years ago

You suit green so much!!!😍😍

Luna Casandra

Luna Casandra . 2 years ago

Hi :) my name is Casandra, i'm from Mexico City. I love all your videos, keep going!!! I want to ask you if you can look for María Félix, you look like her but redhead. Thank you!!!!!!

Jacob Hock

Jacob Hock . 2 years ago

I have to have a little chuckle at the straight ladies getting the fever in the comments section! Lovely video, as always :D


MissTwilightHater . 2 years ago

You're so cute

Claire fitzpatrick

Claire fitzpatrick . 3 years ago

Wow, am binge watching you on a day my cfs and fybro are very painful. Would like to see more making things videos please. 😍


Totoruth . 3 years ago

Good afternoon Jessica. I've just found your channel and have been loving the videos! Could you possibly do a scarf tying video to help "weather proof" your hair, i.e. for those times when you find yourself in a convertible or dealing with our lovely British windy weather? Xxx


Smurph . 3 years ago

I love these looks but I find it hard to muster enough confidence to wear them out. I bought two vintage scarves recently and I haven't even got the courage to wear them around my neck! maybe I'll have a brave moment lol. thank you 💗

Sala Walter

Sala Walter . 3 years ago

You are so beautiful, Jessica!

claire cheskin

claire cheskin . 3 years ago

Ever combed your hair with hearing aids in? YES! lol

Jasmine SG

Jasmine SG . 3 years ago

Wow! I'm straight (mostly!) but am getting a little flustered watching you in this! I love the headband style, but I think you've got just the right face for a 50's style Grace Kelly type headscarf, would love to see you do a tutorial for that! Jx

m e

m e . 3 years ago

I'm super amaze on how u just keep on smiling through out the tutorial. Doing my hair is super exhausting for me, like I don't want to talk and get distracted because it cost me so much energy to keep my hand on my hair 😅😅. Great tutorial 💚💚💚

Donna Keane

Donna Keane . 3 years ago

As many have said before me you look exceptionally beautiful in this video. Not to be disrespectful in any way but whatever bra you're wearing is extremely flattering to your figure. Please forgive any appearance of impropriety but I am a straight woman who has always gone out of her way to complement women who stand out in some way. You are one of those women I would stop on the street to complement your style. Keep doing what you're doing because you're wonderful at it. With gratitude and grace XO


PowderedSugarOnYourNose . 3 years ago

Great tutorial, I'd love to see more of these :D


celestialskye1 . 3 years ago

Yet another marvelous video! BTW, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! You look stunning in your emerald green dress, now go out an have a green beer! ;)

Ellie Martin

Ellie Martin . 3 years ago

I've recently found your Chanel and I looove it!! Coming from a fellow vintage lover, You're wonderful!!


aveuch . 3 years ago

I'm super gay and restraining myself from commenting how amazing you look 😱😱 ... I don't think the camera usually pans this low.

Kay Tea

Kay Tea . 3 years ago

I have to try these!!

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