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Low Carb: Shirataki spaghetti



Published on 2 years ago

Low Carb: Shirataki spaghetti

Shirataki noodles are a low carb/calorie alternative to regular pasta noodles.
Pasta Zero Shirataki noodles: 15 calories/ 4g Carbs per serving
-Regular spaghetti pasta noodles: 220 calories/ 43g Carbs per serving

Cooking instructions:
1. Drain and rinse noodles thoroughly to remove "earthy" smell.
2. Dry fry the noodles to remove moisture and make the noodles less slimy.
3. Simmer noodles for 5-10 mins in sauce of choice to help it absorb the sauce flavor.
4. (optional) Add meatballs and cheese
5. Serve and enjoy!

These noodles are slightly chewy compared to regular noodles but still a great alternative for your low carb/cal diet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for this recipe.
Thanks for watching and I hope you try Shirataki noodles

Comments :

Keven Wijaya

Keven Wijaya . 3 days ago

I got a stomach problem after ate this type of noodle. ( maybe I cook it wrong or to fast ) any suggestions?

Siouxanne Buehrer

Siouxanne Buehrer . 4 months ago

If you use a a little coconut oil in the pan to sauté them, it makes them easier to scrap into the garbage bin.

Sam Jung

Sam Jung . 8 months ago

It's definitely not 15 calories. Did the OP count the calories of the turkey meatballs and then the parmesan cheese on top? Is it certain the sauce was only 15 calories? How are they calculating the calories for that? It's lower than the pasta for sure, but I can't believe it's only 15.


richystar2001 . 11 months ago

I thought it was gonna taste like hell.... But wow what a surprise. Texture was very close to pasta. I think I found my goto keto pasta substitute.

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