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Low Carb Protein Ice Cream

Brittany Dawn

Brittany Dawn

Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :

Kammie Bell

Kammie Bell . 11 months ago

Legit game changer for me!! After watching this video and seeing how easy it is, I went and made my own protein ice cream with what I had on hand. Chocolate peanut butter protein ice cream. GURRRL! 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you!!!

heather phillips debassige

heather phillips debassige . 1 year ago

What kind of ninja blender was used in this??

Danielle Schroeder

Danielle Schroeder . 1 year ago

Probably way late and maybe you've already done it but I'd love to see some other health sweet snacks you eat :) I have such a sweet tooth so NEED NEED NEED healthy alternatives. Please and thank you!

Noir Merde

Noir Merde . 1 year ago

Is that protein powder dairy??

laney opperman

laney opperman . 1 year ago

Yes...more sweet tooth videos

J Scharp

J Scharp . 1 year ago

I looked up that protein powder b/c i was interested in trying this, but it has Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose and BHT and a bunch of other icky things in it. Darn! Wish it was a bit more on the natural side. I guess I will try to figure out my own cravings buster. :D

Micky J

Micky J . 1 year ago

probably taste better with a frozen banana

Antonia Farina

Antonia Farina . 1 year ago

Hi!! I would love a recipe for those who crave chocolate goodnesss!! Thanks :) I love your videos

Celina Jones

Celina Jones . 1 year ago

Can I use coconut milk instead?

Krysta Fitch

Krysta Fitch . 1 year ago

I went to order the protein powder and at the checkout there is nowhere to put your discount code???

Nikki M

Nikki M . 2 years ago

Thank you for inspiring us to have healthy mindsets when it comes to eating right and not starving ourselves! You are an inspiration! It's amazing all of the unhealthy eating habits that celebrities can sometimes pressure society to be like. Thank you Brittany!💖

Stephanie Wise

Stephanie Wise . 2 years ago

Love videos like this

Cici Rae

Cici Rae . 2 years ago

Did I miss it? What are the macros for this ice cream?

Melissa Berge

Melissa Berge . 2 years ago

I just bought the protein powder in mint ice cream sandwich can’t wait! It just came and smells amazing!

Debora Schultz

Debora Schultz . 2 years ago

Omg! I have to try this! Thanks for the recipe! ❤

Shannon Hollaway

Shannon Hollaway . 2 years ago

Do you have to use the truvia? I have everything except that. I have vanilla almond milk so I assuming I don't since it's already sweet.

Sarah Beatty

Sarah Beatty . 2 years ago

Does she still live in Texas? If so what part I live in Austin Texas

Stormy Alexis

Stormy Alexis . 2 years ago

That jacket 🤤 that icecream🤤

Stephanie Stoven

Stephanie Stoven . 2 years ago

Low carb and ice cream in the same sentence?? I’m in!! 💪🏻😍

Taylor Abu

Taylor Abu . 2 years ago

I’m the worst at controlling my craving.

Adorable Kittens Adopted Kittens

Adorable Kittens Adopted Kittens . 2 years ago

I’m allergic to almond milk. Can you use coconut?

Inga Andreyeva

Inga Andreyeva . 2 years ago

Girl your glowing!! So inspirational

Sabrina Wells

Sabrina Wells . 2 years ago

Are you not eating dairy free anymore?? The protein powder is dairy.

Laura Elfstrom

Laura Elfstrom . 2 years ago

Where do you get your rings from girl?

Lauren Perhacs

Lauren Perhacs . 2 years ago

What lashes do you use?? I LOVE them and my eyelashes suck! Always looking for ways to make my lashes better.

riley arthur

riley arthur . 2 years ago

yasss make more recipe videos and alternatives for that sweet tooth 😎😈👏🏻👏🏻👅👅

Lauren Sanders

Lauren Sanders . 2 years ago

Nico kills me 😍😩 such a cutie. Also, do you think this would also work in a regular blender? I don’t have a Ninja and was curious on your thoughts about using something else.

Brooke Dannar

Brooke Dannar . 2 years ago

What type of blender do you use my blender is not whipping it up to the same consistency?

Valentina Kruk

Valentina Kruk . 2 years ago

Yum!! Love this ❤️


Barbara . 2 years ago

Damn those nails are fierce!!!! Love your videos!

Felecia B

Felecia B . 2 years ago

I am favoriting almost all of your videos!

Meagan Scholink

Meagan Scholink . 2 years ago

Yes to healthy cravings vid❤️

Elie Amore

Elie Amore . 2 years ago

Love love love your nails in this video btw! And I’m definitely trying this recipe out too 😋

Tesa Hogue

Tesa Hogue . 2 years ago

Pleeeeease make a video for sweet substitutes!!!÷

Catherine Bundy

Catherine Bundy . 2 years ago

Hi Brittany, do you have any kettleball workouts you can share? Thanks.

Pan From Space

Pan From Space . 2 years ago

is there any vegan mint chocolate chip protein powder anyone suggests?

sugar tucker

sugar tucker . 2 years ago

PRO TIP: wipe a thin coating of water onto the inside of the bowl you want to use, then place the bowl in the freezer until that thin layer of ice freezes over. Your bowl will stay chilled much longer for your protein ice cream! : )

M. L.

M. L. . 2 years ago

Thanks love!! Might I say you’ve been looking spectacularly happy and adorable!!!

Fei Wu Huang

Fei Wu Huang . 2 years ago

Ohh no!!! What ever happened to your long beautiful hair?

Paula Alberto

Paula Alberto . 2 years ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you for sharing this all to us! We love you Brittany❤️❤️

May T

May T . 2 years ago

You look so pretty!!! ❤️💓

Michelle Marie

Michelle Marie . 2 years ago

Where can I send you a question that you’ll see and can respond to?

Michelle Marie

Michelle Marie . 2 years ago



jazouz . 2 years ago

😍Oh wow! This is spinach🥒🥦 I really want🍦🍧 to eat!!!! 🍨

Jessica Grace

Jessica Grace . 2 years ago

Thank you for this!!!! Yes please share with us your healthy alternatives for that sweet tooth!! I always tell everyone about you in my videos and all my family and clients!! Xoxo

jade m

jade m . 2 years ago

Yes to the alternative video xxxx

I Zen

I Zen . 2 years ago

This is a protein shake, basically.

rebecca nulton

rebecca nulton . 2 years ago

Chocolate chip cookies!

April Cox

April Cox . 2 years ago

Yes cravings video!!! :)

nancyland 9

nancyland 9 . 2 years ago

I'm new to your channel and I love it! I absolutely love your hair short it suits you! :)

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