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Stanley Burroughs - Topic

Stanley Burroughs - Topic

Published on 4 years ago

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Purpose · Stanley Burroughs

The Master Cleanser

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Released on: 2014-10-29

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Lisa Crowe

Lisa Crowe . 3 months ago

I've used this detoxing system and it certainly has helped me detox and lose some weight. I saw results and felt great over time. However, the first several days are challenging, especially if you enjoy eating hearty meals as I do. But once you get past that hungry feeling, you should feel invigorated, and even, inspired to keep going. Plus, you'll see results in your toilet; but don't let that alarm you, as that's the reason why you are detoxing... So, follow the detoxing instructions for at least three days to one week, but, if you can keep going up to two weeks or more that can be a plus. Importantly, most people intuitively know when it's time to stop detoxing, however, this video renders great guidance concerning the best time frame for the best detoxing results. Moreover, when it's time for you to transition back to regular food start light and natural (try to stay away from processed foods), alongside supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Return to the detox diet several times or more throughout the year. Happy trails, you're on your way to a healthier you. #MasterCleanse #LemonDetox #LemonCleanse

Tony Zamberlin

Tony Zamberlin . 4 months ago

Great video.

natureboy tom

natureboy tom . 7 months ago

I first did this in 1978 and I had to stay strong and found it difficult the first time. I made it through and felt so elevated and alive. ( I disagree with the honey information here though). I recommend this to anyone. I do it yearly.

Kd Savage

Kd Savage . 7 months ago

This process saved my life. I lost 60 pounds of toxins in the 21 days I did the diet. I lost diabetes and high blood pressure

Frank Appleton

Frank Appleton . 7 months ago

I have tried this diet before and I didn't get to finish it. I was a week into it. I'm sorry for using natural disasters to describe it because I know people have suffered for them but I felt like a tsunami. A volcano, a hurricane or a tornado. I'm on this diet again, and I'm going to finish it.


D M . 1 year ago


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