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Summerweight Selvedge - Naked and Famous Denim

Carl Murawski

Carl Murawski

Published on 1 year ago

Naked and famous has become ubiquitous in denim circles with their unique offerings including glow in the dark denim, scratch and sniff denim, and the worlds heaviest denim at an astounding 32 oz!!
Just because the weather has begun to crest the 80 degree mark doesn't mean that you need to leave your cool denim at home though. With summer weight selvedge like the Sunrise Selvedge from Naked and Famous you can rock denim all summer long in comfort. Canadian made out of the finest Japanese un-distressed denim, you need to check out Naked and Famous!

BUY HERE: https://tateandyoko.com

-Website: https://newenglandstyleconsulting.com/

-Email: info@newenglandstyleconsulting.com

-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newenglandstyleconsulting/


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Comments :

Ted Mader

Ted Mader . 1 month ago

Hey Carl! What's the intro song here?

John Doe

John Doe . 6 months ago

Glow in the dark, Scratch n sniff and linen lined are dope pairs fromNaked

The Terrible Puddle

The Terrible Puddle . 7 months ago

I saw some linen denim recently. Crazy

irfan shamsuzzaman

irfan shamsuzzaman . 9 months ago

Actually, the coin pocket isn't the fifth pocket. The left back-pocket is. The left back-pocket was added on later than the coin pocket.


Amsterdenim . 9 months ago

We like this one!

Agin Manuel

Agin Manuel . 11 months ago

I am not huge fan of the vertical horizontal pattern that is found on most of the naked and famous jeans.

Jason Weber

Jason Weber . 11 months ago

Gotta say, Carl. I'm so happy I found your video. If I hadn't I'd still be wearing shitty levi's. My Naked And Famous jeans feel freaking amazing. I've been wearing them every day since november the 6th (haven't washed them yet, not dirty and they don't smell). Honestly I'm going to be buying premium clothes from brands like Naked And Famous for now on if they feel as comfortable as these do over time! In case you are wondering what pair of jeans I ordered from them, they are the Naked and Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge. I also have a pair of the 12.5 oz blanka electric surge selvedge from them as well, and then a 22 oz pair of Brave Stars. I donated all of my crappy $50 jeans.

Jason Weber

Jason Weber . 12 months ago

Just bought a different pair...Love the jeans! Switching from levis now. These naked and famous jeans are way more durable.

noord holland

noord holland . 1 year ago

That 5th pocket could also be used for the matches that the miners use for the candle on their helmet.

Johnny Vichi

Johnny Vichi . 1 year ago

If you ever come to Montreal let me know!!! we'll go to the store lollll

Naked & Famous Denim

Naked & Famous Denim . 1 year ago

Thanks so much for the review, glad that you enjoy our jeans!

Kris Glenn

Kris Glenn . 1 year ago

Great vids!! I just stumbled upon your channel today and I’m glad I did. You just gained a new sub!! Keep up the good work

BeastMade Reviews

BeastMade Reviews . 1 year ago

These look amazing

Ducci Trailertv

Ducci Trailertv . 1 year ago

Do you think these are better than Gustin?

Mateo Ibarra

Mateo Ibarra . 1 year ago

The new logo is great!!, it totally suits the rugged essence of the channel


thePowerPlant . 1 year ago

Dealbreaker for me is the button fly. I really hate them. It is a pain to fasten and re-fasten 6-8 times per day. I like Orslow jeans because they feature a zip fly.


Louie . 1 year ago

Awesome review. theres a little echo. just letting you know.

The Mensch on Menswear

The Mensch on Menswear . 1 year ago

YES! Love N&F, have a selvedge jacket and some flannels- and am waiting for the right time to buy some jeans. I love how transparent they are about the fabrics they use. It really lets us know why were paying a premium and tells us what were actually getting. I bought my stuff on Gilt btw they were heavily discounted- check it out there! (if u wanna buy something use my invite link and make a purchase using promocode GIVE25, and we BOTH both get $25! https://www.gilt.com/invite/1009018521aqa777zcyx ) Thanks!

Leonard Levy

Leonard Levy . 1 year ago

Hi Carl. Was this a sponsored review? Just curious. Thanks


warpweftandwelted . 1 year ago

Pssst- it's pronounced ta-tay...

Ted Nghiem

Ted Nghiem . 1 year ago

love them! Wearing my pair of naked and famous right now!


dieser_kirschner . 1 year ago

excellent Video as usual Carl! I wear a Neaked and Famous Sumi Ink Selvedge at the moment, its the darkest, blackest black there is when you start wearing them and i can tell you, you will die from heat when its sunny outside. But my other Raw Denim Jeans is currently in Austria for a few repairs so i guess i have to go through this ;)

Mateo Ibarra

Mateo Ibarra . 1 year ago

Another great video as always!!, I’ve always been interested in leather products, but maybe I could get into denim too, after all, spending more on premium products saves more money in the long run

Steve DelLanno

Steve DelLanno . 1 year ago

I really want to try naked& famous but I dont like not being able to try on jeans first

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