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Jon Reyes

Jon Reyes

Published on 2 years ago

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Everyone always asks me "Why?"

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Comments :

Wazup ma NIGGA

Wazup ma NIGGA . 3 weeks ago

I love wearing bandanas on my wrist


NickHas1HP . 2 months ago

You have a bald spot on the back of your head don’t make excuses

juli july

juli july . 3 months ago

Always wearing a bandana a thing that Naruto always does is John Reyes secretly a character from Naruto?


Reckless . 4 months ago

He wears it cuz the nigag wanna be in a gang😂 But nigga u white🤣


OfficialStolenKpopMemes . 4 months ago

I wear a bandana everyday for the same reasons :) also there are loads of designs so they're fun.

Shebnem Dignity

Shebnem Dignity . 5 months ago

10 minutes and I still don't know the real reason you wear them. Thanks for wasting my time


Cad . 5 months ago

Take it off you look weird


xXx . 5 months ago

I like to wear the same color bandana one on my head and one in my back right pocket of the same color.


xXx . 5 months ago

you don't know how many times I have been asked are you in a gang because you're wearing bandanas and I tell people all the time not everybody who wears bandanas are in gangs.

Jay Grounds

Jay Grounds . 5 months ago

ive got a bandana that says hot with fire affects

baby shplihg

baby shplihg . 6 months ago

I wear it coz i like it

Jared Seiple

Jared Seiple . 6 months ago

How do you put the bandana though?

Jayden Moyah

Jayden Moyah . 6 months ago

Has any one ever tried to fight you for wearing a certain colour


Astroman64 . 7 months ago

Dude he is def hiding something under that bandanna its so obvious haha!

Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia . 7 months ago

i know its just an idea for a video but you should never have to explain yourself. If people get offended by a bandana. they have alot to learn.


RobinHood1969 . 7 months ago

You hella gangsta! Lol

Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima . 8 months ago

Why does his background song sound like Papa loves video game soundtrack

cody tutt

cody tutt . 9 months ago

Im the same way with my hat


Cube_25 . 9 months ago

I Love my white/black rougue bandana

James Battista

James Battista . 10 months ago

Ok, I rather enjoyed your video. It makes me want to find my old bandanas and wear again. This, from an old guy (60)

Ericc E Solitude

Ericc E Solitude . 10 months ago

Bandanas are my favorite design , Very nice I wear bandana house shoes and bandana T-shirt’s 💯👍✊😊 🔥

Ha5h 0A

Ha5h 0A . 10 months ago

I would buy the bandana

Axel Bodin

Axel Bodin . 10 months ago

Nice vid. I use Snakeskin bandanas and the American flag made of fabric material. You should check that out too. If you wanna develop your stile more.

Nick Mescall

Nick Mescall . 11 months ago

Year later and still want a sig bandanna


Slyfox1 . 12 months ago

0:01 I know that park anywhere!! that's the rec!!! In HB!!!

Elai Nach

Elai Nach . 1 year ago

Same here love bandana too😍

Eduardo Rodriquez

Eduardo Rodriquez . 1 year ago

3:13 yo i love dat red and black bandana


Fadenebz . 1 year ago

If I weard a hairline it's cos my hair line is shit

Zach Latta

Zach Latta . 1 year ago

And I will wear it

Zach Latta

Zach Latta . 1 year ago

I will buy one


EyedBolty . 1 year ago

Where do you get your bandanas from

Nick East

Nick East . 1 year ago

Ksi's brother

metro zone

metro zone . 1 year ago

What store

im here

im here . 1 year ago

I wear a rainbow bandana because there's a story behind that Bandana and how I got it.


morob316 . 1 year ago

My mans have too many bandanas

Joe Oswalt

Joe Oswalt . 1 year ago

I wear bandanas because water out my eyes


bestcity097 . 1 year ago

what about in public? like dont people say something?

Jamaray Wallace

Jamaray Wallace . 2 years ago

We're do u get the different kinds bandasnas from

Maria Rocha

Maria Rocha . 2 years ago

I want a bandana jon Reyes

ijeoma chika

ijeoma chika . 2 years ago

I wear them because they look nice when they match my clothing

Ramon Burchell

Ramon Burchell . 2 years ago

I feel ya man!!

Holden R

Holden R . 2 years ago

where do you buy your bandana’s from ?

Carlos Rizo

Carlos Rizo . 2 years ago

The peep careful people think you might be a bloods or crips.

Carlos Rizo

Carlos Rizo . 2 years ago

Who cares what they think if you want to wear it wear it. This is a free place your fashion.

Jaxon Wilkinson

Jaxon Wilkinson . 2 years ago

I would buy one if they would be pretty cheap


VF1100rider . 2 years ago

It looks better than a cap cause it doesn't cover your face!

Well That’s Constant

Well That’s Constant . 2 years ago

But still... Why do you wear a bandana?

Josh Hung

Josh Hung . 2 years ago

You inspired ksi

Evan Serrano

Evan Serrano . 2 years ago

Why the FUCK you where a bandana

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