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Dr. Jade Introduces the Science behind Metabolic Renewal

Metabolic Renewal is the first science-based, metabolism-restoring program designed to turn your natural female hormonal rhythms into a fat-burning, body-sculpting advantage. Each 15-minute workout contains a specific sequence of 45-second, hyper-efficient “intelligent” exercises that combine cardio, resistance and fitness training. This empowers your metabolism to deliver you the most results in the least time, particularly if you’re short on time and have struggled to get results in the past.

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Michelle Sledge

Michelle Sledge . 3 hours ago

Dr. Jade thanks for the detailed information. You are Truly Appreciated!!🙏💪💖🙌

Corina Domocos

Corina Domocos . 4 days ago


Corina Domocos

Corina Domocos . 5 days ago


Corina Domocos

Corina Domocos . 5 days ago



Intueri . 3 weeks ago

Please contact me. I am scared to do this program because I love the concept and Type 2 speaks to be a good fit but I am a Gastric Sleeve Patient. Please call me to certify that this meal will help me. I cannot eat high volume of meals. How can this be done?

Joanna B

Joanna B . 3 months ago

Finally!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 thank you!!!!

Avril Crisp

Avril Crisp . 4 months ago

No link to the quiz!

Rashida Duncan

Rashida Duncan . 5 months ago

I took the quiz today. I am excited about learning more.


Sarah . 5 months ago

Thanks for explaining how our hormones works. Now.... I waited to the end of the video to see "The program" still not understand what is your program based on.

Enidthe Red

Enidthe Red . 5 months ago

Lost the quiz..,, Ugh never finished it. Will you send a link. Thank you. The retirement trainer with injuries, Red. 😥


Jo . 5 months ago

Great information Dr. Jade. I started out with your Metabolic Aftershock many years ago and loved it! I am now trying your Renewal program and can't wait to get started. Love have this is so individualized.

Classic rock Lover

Classic rock Lover . 5 months ago

Proof of 21st century PC over load: "Because women are...sort of...a..the gender of...child bearing..." I.e. Women have babies and need to naturally be responsive to the needs of the child in order for the child to survive. Nothing wrong with that!

Kevin M Ohaeri

Kevin M Ohaeri . 7 months ago

Hey Dr Jade, what do you have for bally fat?

Christine Enderby

Christine Enderby . 10 months ago

What do you think about body pump for the breathless and moderate/low weights?

Donna Edmonds

Donna Edmonds . 10 months ago

This needs to be a ebook or audiobook. Most people don't use CD's anymore. I would love to order this but why can't I order this as a audiobook??

Roberto Parker

Roberto Parker . 2 years ago

Would the 7 signatures have any application to men entering andropause? Once a man drastically drops in testosterone is he potentially more estrogen dominant? Is there a signature program for men?

Shannon Stepp

Shannon Stepp . 2 years ago

Extremely refreshing!

Brenda Holt Knight

Brenda Holt Knight . 2 years ago

This is a great informational video...and I am ordering two of your books to try to get a btter understanding...but I do have a question. What about those of us women that no longer have ovaries? I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 30 and my ovaries went along with that. I was listening at the end about the seven types and I wold fall into the 7th, but with no ovaries.

Andrey Martyushev-Poklad

Andrey Martyushev-Poklad . 2 years ago

A great video, a must-see for any holistic practitioner - a sort of high quality extension of functional medicine into the field of physical therapy

Susan Mantas

Susan Mantas . 2 years ago

Love the video. Very informative.

Nicki Williams

Nicki Williams . 2 years ago

Great video Jade, really excited to see what's in the programme. Have loved and recommended your previous training programmes so looking forward to all the new stuff in this one!

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