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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | 1200 calories



Published on 2 years ago

Helllloooo my lil bean sprouts! I actually love bean sprouts so.. Yeah I love you. ANY WHO, here is what I eat while on a cut! Not for everyone, but it works for me :) Meals/ingredients down below!!
Until next time, ♡ Ei

TDEE calculator: https://tdeecalculator.net
Video on how to start losing weight that helped me: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/b_g1DtlAHkk (John, aka ObesetoBeast, is super helpful & genuine)

- 1 cup Greek yogurt (120 calories)
- 1 cup sliced strawberries (50 calories)
- 1/2 cup frozen blueberries (45 calories)
- 1 cup Trader Joe's Mango O's (120 calories)
Total: 335 CALORIES

- 1 whole wheat pita bread (220 calories... A lot for just one :/ I would suggest the Joseph's brand because it has better macros)
- 2 cups romaine lettuce (20 calories)
- 1 whole Persian cucumber (32 calories)
- Turkey pastrami 2 oz (70 calories)
- Tomato and basil hummus dip (35 calories)
Total: 377 CALORIES (I'm not sure what happened here 😱 I changed the recipe since I filmed this and I have no idea what I logged in that made it 10 calories less than what I said in the video... Not a big difference nonetheless!)

- 1 cup egg whites + canola oil spray (150 calories)
- 70 g of broccoli (less than 25 calories)
- 85 g of crimini mushroom (20 calories)
- 3 cups spinach (20 calories)
- Trader Joe's chunky salsa 2 tablespoons (5 calories)
Total: 220 CALORIES

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Beauty IG: @makeupby_ei

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QUOTE OF THE DAY to help you through this heck of a thing called life:

"We’ve all hit that point of exhaustion. The point where nothing makes sense anymore. Your body hurts, your brain becomes foggy, and you feel like you’re trapped in a tunnel…when all you want is your bed. So…how do you keep going? How do you not just sit down and give up? Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes you play games in your head. You make up someone, someone good. Whatever you need to keep you going."
— Meredith Grey, The Room Where it Happens, 13x08

Comments :


Eileen . 7 months ago

I love reading your comments!!! Thanks everyone! 😄😄


ali40450 . 4 days ago

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unga bunga

unga bunga . 2 weeks ago

My ed is quaking

Nickolai Gypsy

Nickolai Gypsy . 4 weeks ago

i just want to write to who ever is watching this video that 1200 calories is a unhealthy restriction of calories.when you go to low on the calories your body begins to slow down,your internal functions slow down -even your reproduction system gets sluggish. 1200 calories would be great for a child who needs help- not an adult.


Nurse956 . 4 weeks ago

I have to be honest here. I am 152cm and eating 1200 calories is very less but i do survive. I gain 22 kilos in prag and now i am eating 1200 calories and doing excercise at home and in 3 months i lost 11 kilos. I am happy that it works for many of us but believe me 1200 u cant have the food u want. U can clearly see her food as well, mostly berries, smothies, veggies. I just miss eating roti, lamb biryani, kfc and pizza. I am asian which makes it more difficult to eat veggies, brocollis and etc. Lolzz


mcpartridgeboy . 1 month ago

I just have one meal of 700 calories as late as possible, usually about 8 30 pm then like you at night I have half a tub of halotop icecream birthdaycake version ! and if I do excersice I have a 500 calorie breakfast of 2 pieces of diet bread toast with honey, a protein shake and a bowl of noodles with my own sauce ! it comes to about 1000 calories on an off day and about 1500 calories on a gym day ! you look great, but for me it would be tourchure having such small portions, for me its easier to eat fairly large meals once a day ! and depending on how big that meal is maybe the only thing I eat ! but im a lot bigger than you and im male !

avictimnomore perry

avictimnomore perry . 1 month ago

well i eat about 900 to 1000 calories and i don't feel hungry can't eat just had surgery

Estelle Burton

Estelle Burton . 1 month ago

Bullshit, that's way over 1200 calories.

Nada TW

Nada TW . 2 months ago

I hate the fact that when I saw 1200 calories I thought “that’s so much”

Alexia Cojan

Alexia Cojan . 2 months ago

Can someone please tell me when she eat every meal?! Thanks

Dick Burns

Dick Burns . 2 months ago

You shouldn’t spray non stick pans.

Trash For Jimin gUrl

Trash For Jimin gUrl . 2 months ago

1200 calories is plenty enough for weight loss, even FatSecret recommended it for me. I’m 5’1 and 96 pounds but I’m mostly trying to lose fat plus I’m active. I do an hour of cardio every time I go to the gym (5-6 times out of a week) plus is still in school. I kinda hate eating over 1000 calories but I have to face it and count my calories and do so. Keep doing you :)

Sammu bb

Sammu bb . 2 months ago

Hey will this help u lose weight? From this I’m also meant to have 1200 but I feel like it’s too much calories

L Blake

L Blake . 2 months ago

The best weight loss I experienced was portion control,water and exercise. I never felt deprived. Cooked all my meals and snacked if I wanted. 1200 cal. sounds about right.

Grace Connelly

Grace Connelly . 2 months ago

1200 calories is a good deficit but it's not sustainable I suggest if your trying to maintain this have cheat day once a week it helps trick your body

tod stevens

tod stevens . 2 months ago

I don't think there's a cell in that brain

katie mays

katie mays . 2 months ago

Hi i made a video on my channel of how to make a yummy dinner under 200 calories! Go check it out! :)))

aaron Dotson

aaron Dotson . 3 months ago

I’m 6,1 230 pounds and I’ve been eating 1200 calories a day I went from 255 to 230 in a month wish I lost more honestly I’m gonna start working out a lot so hopefully I lose it faster

Michael Jon

Michael Jon . 3 months ago

How do you go about counting calories when all the food is mixed together for example in a stir fry? you can obviously weigh everything before its cooked but when its all dished out esp if youre making it in bulk how do you get an estimate?


TheKnowitall . 3 months ago

I'm a 6 ft male and I had to go to 900 calories a day to lose weight. I started on 1500 and didn't lose a pound. Actually gained about 3. Everybody is different. I tried to stay at 900 but a few days I only did like 600. I don't see how anybody loses weight on 1200 calories.

Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones . 3 months ago

Bruhh I barely eat 500kcals


Saadya . 3 months ago

1200 calories is not too low it’s recommended for a woman to have 2000 and exercise. If you don’t exercise it’ll be less than 2000. And to lose weight a 500 deficit is recommended so that’s 1500 If you don’t exercise its 1200 but it’s not recommended to go bellow 1200. (Also it depends on the intensity of the exercise)

Catarina Lorada

Catarina Lorada . 3 months ago

In some Asian countries this is considered A LOT of food! She's eating a healthy amount and everything is nutritious. Keep up the good work! You don't have to eat a massive amount of calories per day. It depends on HEIGHT, CURRENT WEIGHT, BODY TYPE, GENES, and many other criteria. Every single person is different and unique in what they can and can't eat. Just like some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, some people have to restrict ALOT just to lose weight. Metabolism, gut health, genetics all play a part in this.

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose . 3 months ago

Posted on my birthday 🎂😂

Aoife Burns

Aoife Burns . 3 months ago

Guys 1200 calories is fine. If your on the short side you gain weight quickly if you eat too much. I’m 5 ft 1 and I eat 1200-1300 and I’m okay, it just depends on your body.


Anna . 3 months ago

That was so much food for 1200 calories wow

King ko

King ko . 3 months ago

I like the fact that you told the truth about eating the ice cream. It shows that you are someone who can be trusted. I liked and will definitely subscribe for more of your content. Thank you!

hermione granger

hermione granger . 3 months ago

Can I eat anything as long as it fits in 1200 calories?

GO, TrigBoy!

GO, TrigBoy! . 3 months ago


Jonathan C.

Jonathan C. . 3 months ago

I would die at 1200 cals a day, but everyone has different calories intake so stop judging her

Mer Ber

Mer Ber . 3 months ago

This all looks so good!

PancakesPusheen !

PancakesPusheen ! . 3 months ago

i have literally half of these calories every day. 💀💀💀💀💀

Suzan Manasreh

Suzan Manasreh . 3 months ago

Honestly just go on keto and you can eat double this amount and keep it at 1200 calories


honeybee . 3 months ago

I know this is something really negative and slightly out of context, but when I saw 1200kcals a day, I immediately had a flashback to when I first started dieting and ate 1200 a day and saw changes in my body and became addicted to that change. I started doing extreme diets like OMAD and often during OMAD I would only eat 600 - 800. Now I wish I never discovered the significance that eating less would have on my body. I’ve lost nearly 10kg of body mass, gone down a full bra size, I’m severely underweight and suffering from anorexia with b/p subtypes that had originally started with bulimia. Now I literally have a mental breakdown when I eat anything above 1000kcals. Though that’s just my experience with restricting, nothing to do with this video, it just triggered this memory. Keep making videos :)

Angela Carpenter

Angela Carpenter . 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing ❤️

I want be a designer UK

I want be a designer UK . 3 months ago

the yolk of the egg has all the protien


J V . 4 months ago

I started counting calories which I NEVER wanted to do for fear of seeing how much I'm consuming. I eat pretty healthy though..very low sugar but I enjoy all the food groups. Wow! I found out about 1200 and feel satiated. Maybe when I get time to workout again I'll get hungrier and will need to eat more. But it's a nice way to just see what your eating.


diana . 4 months ago

Omg thank u for the cereal as a substitute for granola idea cause I stopped eating granola with my yogurt bc it was high in calories 😭

Rishiraj RoyChowdhury

Rishiraj RoyChowdhury . 4 months ago

that is my brekfast and pre workout meal calories combined.. 😂😂😂😂😂..

Green Eyes

Green Eyes . 4 months ago

Halo Top is awesome!!!

Rodk Vic

Rodk Vic . 4 months ago

She said it's all about the seasoning and all she put was salt and pepper 😩😂😂

Caylie Brown

Caylie Brown . 4 months ago

Thank you!

Geoffrey Lane

Geoffrey Lane . 4 months ago

Damn I have to eat 2,990 calories a day. That's six meals a day.


B . 4 months ago

your so pretty

Layladventures Here

Layladventures Here . 4 months ago

1200 cal is my normal intake and I'm 148 lbs 5'9" and I have extra fat in my stomach 😭

LadyMarmalade A.

LadyMarmalade A. . 4 months ago

Pitawich. ADORABLE

nina lat

nina lat . 4 months ago

These comments make me happy. There is finally a movement to be aware of how much and WHAT we eat. Keep going! But don’t go lower than 1200! Working out helps increase this number!

Annika Arnesdatter

Annika Arnesdatter . 5 months ago

1200 kcal? Fine, it's perfectly sustainable as long as you get the right nutrients. BUT, there's NO FAT in your diet, that's not healthy.


Sofiee . 5 months ago

I eat like 1200 calories a day. I eat normal and healthy and I never get hungry. I never counted calories and I’ve never been on a diet. So it’s normal for me

worst name ever

worst name ever . 5 months ago

I am building heavy muscle mass being really active and I eat exactly twice of what you eat in a day haha 2.800kcal (well 2.850)

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