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Led Zeppelin: Rock and Roll/Sick Again 5/24/1975 HD

Randy B.

Randy B.

Published on 5 years ago

Led Zeppelin performing "Rock and Roll" and "Sick Again" on Saturday, May 24, 1975 at the Earl's Court Arena in London, UK.
The band is introduced by Nicky Horne.
This is a reupload from my old channel, and is taken from EVSD's "In the Court of King James" DVD release.

Comments :

Derek Jackson

Derek Jackson . 4 weeks ago

With some editing there is an amazing full length concert from EC, 5 nights of audio and 2 nights of video (possibly all 5 nights filmed) and even some US tour concerts inserts if needed to make the very best representation of a proper Live Zep concert. The DVD from 03 only gave us small segments but WE NEED a BEST OF EC!! Come on Jimmy!

Luis Vega

Luis Vega . 6 months ago

La mezcla de audio es atroz!!!!

Anthony Varwig

Anthony Varwig . 7 months ago

Dammmmmm page rips!

ana costa

ana costa . 9 months ago

Robert Plant é hipnotizante. Ele tem beleza e sensualidade, na medida certa. Que homem ...

Babis Tse

Babis Tse . 1 year ago

Rock and Roll begins at 1:37 and solo at 3:28. Sick Again 5:46 and solo at 7:21


PaRaDoX . 1 year ago

In honor to the GTOs! ; )

Star WarZ: Noobsfront

Star WarZ: Noobsfront . 1 year ago

Amazing!! How do you do to upscaling in 1080p when the original source is on 480p?


D C . 2 years ago

When they finally appear in the lights it's actually quite shocking since there aren't many films of this band. To see them in all their glory even though sounding rusty at first is quite amazing. True rock stars here folks...

What Katie did Next

What Katie did Next . 2 years ago

Wizardry ✨

Derek Jackson

Derek Jackson . 3 years ago

Bonzos lude show

Azhar Kamal

Azhar Kamal . 4 years ago

Finally a real raw live recording without any of JPs magic post pro masking...

Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston}

Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston} . 5 years ago

I thought it was kind of odd that Robert stalled on the ending of Rock and Roll. Bonzo was not waiting around for another "lonely".  This was great. Thanks RB~ Rob/Boston

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