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The Role of Insulin in the Human Body

Mechanisms in Medicine

Mechanisms in Medicine

Published on 9 years ago

Developed and produced by http://www.MechanismsinMedicine.com
Animation Description: This patient-friendly animation describes the main role of insulin in the human body.

When food is ingested, it travels along the digestive tract where it is broken down into its component nutrients in order to be absorbed into the bloodstream. One such nutrient is glucose, a simple sugar.

Glucose gets absorbed by the stomach and intestines and then enters the bloodstream. It travels through the circulation to all body cells.

Once absorbed into the bloodstream, glucose circulates causing the blood sugar level to rise. An increased level of blood sugar sends a signal to the pancreatic beta cells, which respond by secreting the hormone insulin into the circulation.

Insulin is necessary for glucose to reach and be used by several important target tissues throughout the body. These include the liver, muscle, and adipose tissue. Insulin is necessary to keep blood glucose levels stable in the body.

Circulating insulin binds to specific insulin receptors located on the cell membrane of tissue cells throughout the body.

Upon binding, a signal is sent to the nucleus of the cell, instructing it to transport glucose channels to the cell surface. These channels allow glucose to enter the cell.

Glucose enters the cell through a process called facilitated diffusion.

Comments :

Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper . 1 month ago

this one minute video was more helpful than an 8 minute medical video good work !!


Gabe . 1 month ago

Can diabetes be reversed


Nykworld . 2 months ago


Jamil Ken Mar Rabino

Jamil Ken Mar Rabino . 2 months ago

Amazing explanation of insuline

Ahemed Shamim Ansary

Ahemed Shamim Ansary . 4 months ago

useful. I have embedded this Vid in my blog: https://www.healthplasm.com/insulin/

Kiran Kumar Ande

Kiran Kumar Ande . 4 months ago


linadunord `

linadunord ` . 5 months ago

I’m a diabetic type 1 watching this


mweb1 . 5 months ago

Wrong. Insulin's function is to store.

Coby James

Coby James . 6 months ago

0:07 *h a m b u r g e r*

Alex 1611

Alex 1611 . 7 months ago

Very nice educational video for my kids

lost in thoughts

lost in thoughts . 7 months ago

The brain can take glucose without the need for insulin.

John Camarena Blancas

John Camarena Blancas . 8 months ago

Execelente explicacion

Manuel Haro

Manuel Haro . 9 months ago

In conclusion: Glucose and only glucose is the reason of diabetes. Not fat nor fructose

Yasir Khan

Yasir Khan . 9 months ago

1:31 (facilated diffusion)

Alex Joseph

Alex Joseph . 10 months ago

very good one thanks

starblue emily

starblue emily . 12 months ago

does insulin go to the duodenum

Krishna Nagam

Krishna Nagam . 1 year ago

How does the signal goes to pancreas,I mean how does it get known that glucose level is increased in blood stream?

Mind Mirror

Mind Mirror . 1 year ago

short video...

Hana Hamza

Hana Hamza . 1 year ago

bio chemistry is fine since

Christopher Bueker

Christopher Bueker . 1 year ago

A cheeseburger is a super loose definition of "food." Whole foods are real foods. :)

Adrian Swaby

Adrian Swaby . 2 years ago

Assignment 1 Adrian Swaby

Shifa Raza

Shifa Raza . 2 years ago

Too damn simple for med school level smg

Laura Edwards

Laura Edwards . 2 years ago

really appreciate how they used a normal sized figure of a man, its critical we stop perpetuating these impossible to reach body standards


KenDBerryMD . 2 years ago

Very simplified explanation of One of the things Insulin does in the body

Mike Cola

Mike Cola . 2 years ago

Insulin is the storage hormone that takes sugar (glucose/fructose) out of the blood and helps store it in the form of glycogen in your muscles and liver....The problems start when you eat too many carbohydrates or food in general, and your glycogen levels are full but you still keep eating more carbs. All excessive carbs that can no longer be stored or burned immediately are then converted into body fat. Now, if you keep on eating too many carbohydrates over and over again and your pancreas keeps on making insulin to take the sugar out of your blood, eventually you will become Insulin Resistance....Your body will no longer respond properly to insulin and that can lead to a number of health issues like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, pre-diabetes and weight gain.

Barnard Llerena

Barnard Llerena . 2 years ago

Great info

Ona Calvo

Ona Calvo . 2 years ago

The information in this video was very helpful.

motivational thoughts

motivational thoughts . 2 years ago

very knowledgeable

Waqas Ahmad khan

Waqas Ahmad khan . 3 years ago

these sorts of videos are really interesting

Waqas Ahmad khan

Waqas Ahmad khan . 3 years ago

these sorts of videos are really interesting

How I Kissed Insulin Goodbye

How I Kissed Insulin Goodbye . 3 years ago

Thank you for this information

Corey White

Corey White . 5 years ago

ahhhhhh! so insulin is like the key to the door sugar needs opened to give cells energy! with out it it would stay in your blood stream and cause... diabetes? 

allout lakdar

allout lakdar . 5 years ago

thanks for all


ShineyM . 6 years ago

Thank you. So essentially there are always GLUT channels present in beta cells in order to detect the change in glucose levels in the blood. GLUT 1 is for erythrocytes right?


Eywa39 . 6 years ago

thanks! Made it easier for me to understand :)

Tiana Henriques

Tiana Henriques . 6 years ago


Tiana Henriques

Tiana Henriques . 6 years ago


Parmenion Lekovic

Parmenion Lekovic . 6 years ago

Very nice video but for highschool. For Medicine or Pharmacy studies the infos are not so deep. It should explains also the mechanism of glucose signaling at β-cells and also the phosphorilation of intracellular proteins which lead at GLUT translocation. But it remains a very nice video! Thanks for uploading!


VideoEtTaceo . 6 years ago

Great animations, thanks for creating this channel!

Emerson Berlanda

Emerson Berlanda . 7 years ago



davidegarz . 7 years ago

This is not the role of insulin in the whole human body . you should also underline the action that it has on adipose tissue favouring the accumulation of lipid droplets and on central nervous system decreasing appetite

Jerome Ash Jr

Jerome Ash Jr . 7 years ago

Very good


Alcyone . 7 years ago

Thanks..this video help me do my homework. ^^


ALI . 8 years ago

good video!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


basheersubei . 8 years ago

Great animation!

Duong Dararith

Duong Dararith . 8 years ago

good explanation

Mechanisms in Medicine

Mechanisms in Medicine . 9 years ago

Thanks for visiting. Glad to see you among the first!


RgAmelie . 9 years ago

First :)

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