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How to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy | 5 Effective Exercises | HER Network

Joanna Soh Official

Joanna Soh Official

Published on 2 years ago

♥ Struggling to lose the bugling post-baby-tummy after pregnancy Mums, if you've tried all sorts of ab exercises and still see no results, watch this!
♥ Nika will be sharing with you effective methods to get rid of the belly fat to feel confident in your body again! Do click here to get more information: http://www.nikakaran.com/flat-tummy-mommy/
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Filmed at Be Urban Wellness: http://beurbanwellness.com

Polish-bred and Malaysia-based Nika Karan, is a holistic health coach & yoga teacher. As a busy entrepreneur and mum of 2 boys, she's on a mission to teach other mums how to get in the best shape of their lives while eating better, cooking faster and exercising smarter. You can find more info about Nika's signature transformation programs at https://www.nikakaran.com

This video talks about:
- What is Diastasis Recti
- How to check if you have split abdominals
- What can you do about it
- Why doing crunches and plank will NOT be effective and can only make it worse.
- Simple 15 minutes effective exercises you can start doing at home.

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Comments :

shweta patki

shweta patki . 7 days ago

A billion thanks to both of you. I'm a doctor myself. Yet I didn't understand why my tummy bulged so much.

Angel Florentino

Angel Florentino . 2 weeks ago

I gave bortj nov 3 so when I can start to

ramya guns

ramya guns . 2 weeks ago

Tell me excersice for sagging breast


swankyshivy . 2 weeks ago

can these be done after c section as well after 2mths?

vennela cheruku

vennela cheruku . 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much 😊 i really need this, let me know please which time is best to do this only mornings??

Lina Tamizi

Lina Tamizi . 3 weeks ago

ok bye the asian girl is too annoying..

Lina Tamizi

Lina Tamizi . 3 weeks ago

first you can stop saying mommy tummy..damn its annoying..

adeeba Rauf

adeeba Rauf . 3 weeks ago

i hve for fingers...aftr my second delivery.iam going to start tday itself.

sanobar jamal

sanobar jamal . 4 weeks ago

Hello Dear Nika I want to know if these exercises are for thighs and hips also Pls respond

Bet Almaali

Bet Almaali . 1 month ago


Michaela Dodsworth

Michaela Dodsworth . 1 month ago

I'm 31 now I have a background and fitness I had my first daughter at the age of 22, I constantly hear women say how you're always going to have looser skin or your stomach never going to look like how it did before, but I have to completely disagree because after giving birth to my daughter my body looks even better than before, I had no problem getting my abs back I never had an issue with my stomach, and I continued with my normal workout routine six weeks 6 to 8 weeks after I delivered my daughter, it did take time to get my pre pregnant muscle tone back an back to perfect bikini competition body shape but overall I didn't experience any issues. Throughout my pregancy I rubbed olive oil an rose oil all over my breasts & baby bump, I really feel that helped, i would still use a steam room during my pregancy, HOWEVER I NEVER EXCEEDED more then ONE MINITUE, & DRANK LOTS OF COLD WATER, Steam is great for your skin, as long as you can use it safely during pregancy, I know coconut oil is very popular, BUT it's actually not ideal for preventing stretch marks as the molecules and coconut oil are too large to penetrate to the deepest parts of the skin! I would make my own custom blend of oils I would use olive oil rose oil avocado oil and I even found a mango oil and I would mix these together and I would religiously rub them all over my belly and all over my breasts two to three times a day! 🌞

chinna help

chinna help . 1 month ago

hi.. Nika wow is the world for u my c section is done in September inn this yr onlyy plsss advice me something m not so far only in belly nd waist fat plsss advice me m acreage weight woman worries for yummy fat plssss relpy me ASAP ty

Aqsa Qasim

Aqsa Qasim . 1 month ago

Hey i have knee problem than which step should be skipped? And all are safe for knee problm?

Sumitra Mishra

Sumitra Mishra . 1 month ago

Hey Joanna, I really like your videos. Can you tell how much time does it take to repair DR

Suba Mani

Suba Mani . 1 month ago

My baby is 4MONTHS can this help me to reduce my tummy size

Kids Joy Arts

Kids Joy Arts . 1 month ago

How many days it takes to see d results?

kavya km

kavya km . 2 months ago

Can I start with classic Abs exercise.... It's 1 and half years since I gave birth to my younger child...

chosen generation

chosen generation . 2 months ago

I start today after one day of delivering my cute baby

Zareef Zamman

Zareef Zamman . 2 months ago

Is this effective after 7 years of c section delivery

April Chow-chee

April Chow-chee . 2 months ago

I just had my second kid. This video is so relaxing. Thank you for being so honest especially about the belly skin💗 all love from Guyana 🇬🇾

Shania Euni

Shania Euni . 2 months ago

Wow.Oh Wow.I didn't know that

Wussy Fehr

Wussy Fehr . 2 months ago

How long do I have to exercise that my stomach starts to get more flap

Geetu Arya

Geetu Arya . 2 months ago

Thank u mam

Ru Ahmed

Ru Ahmed . 2 months ago

Beautifully said the extra skin should be embraced- lovely reminder of the children you've given birth to xx

Sindhu Bhupathiraju

Sindhu Bhupathiraju . 2 months ago

Can I do these exercises after two months my c_section..

Thasni J.S

Thasni J.S . 3 months ago

I have hernia problem. The doctor told me to don't bend. Can I do the lamp post pee? My second Delivery 2 months and 20 days. Can I walk in treadmill. Please reply. Waiting

Faith Nassozi

Faith Nassozi . 3 months ago

Very useful and practical

Asha Kaur

Asha Kaur . 3 months ago

Hey I have recently gave birth through c section....it has already been 2 months can I do these exercises

sujata patel

sujata patel . 3 months ago

I hve c-section can i do these exercises..?

Chely Chelyy

Chely Chelyy . 3 months ago


Sosmar Yosef

Sosmar Yosef . 3 months ago

Wow.. Miss Nikla is really a prof!

Deepika Savithri

Deepika Savithri . 3 months ago

Wow..What a nice information u have given💓

Shilpa Shilpahemanth

Shilpa Shilpahemanth . 3 months ago

C section people also can do

sru gk

sru gk . 3 months ago

How much time approximately it will take for abdominal muscles to close after I start doing these exercises?

Whatsapp Status SN

Whatsapp Status SN . 3 months ago

How long it takes to see the difference?

benardine mwikali

benardine mwikali . 3 months ago

Soon I will start

Sona Singh

Sona Singh . 3 months ago

Thank u vry much for thz video

Pearl Watson

Pearl Watson . 3 months ago

I was told by chiropractors & nurses to stay off hands & knees until the DR has healed. The weight of your organs presses against the weak rectus abdominus muscles.

Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr

Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr . 3 months ago

Thank you for the great point highlighting that Stomach Crunches and Plank exercises do not get results with flattening the mummy tummy. You explain each tip really well.

Ammara Shaikh

Ammara Shaikh . 3 months ago

Can we do these excersise anytime of the day...??


BSK BSK . 3 months ago

I long will take to a good result Reply plz

iqbal Ansari . 7055 006274

iqbal Ansari . 7055 006274 . 3 months ago

Very nice

sakshi thakur

sakshi thakur . 3 months ago

How long these exercises for strengthening has to be done??i have one finger gap..

Pradeepa Ravichandran

Pradeepa Ravichandran . 4 months ago

Is this possible for after 6months from delivery to reduce tummy.

jiya singh

jiya singh . 4 months ago

Thanks for this vedio .. I learn many things.. specially that measurements finger ...my goes more than 3 finger ..m so scared..my baby is 5 months . Now I have to start this exercise soon ..,

Angela Williams

Angela Williams . 4 months ago

How many weeks after delivery can i start doing exercises again. My son is 2 weeks old

sowmya sowmy

sowmya sowmy . 4 months ago

my son is 7 yrs old,,,,its possible to reduce tummy now

Geisha Geisha

Geisha Geisha . 4 months ago

Maam...Am too late to see this vedio.however,now am feeding my second baby ,5th month. May I do this exercise? Any affection my feeding?and in this late time is this successful for me?plzzz rply

Rajini Koduru

Rajini Koduru . 4 months ago

When we stated c section ofter delivery exercises started

Paulameh M

Paulameh M . 4 months ago

Wow...thank you so much!

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