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Click on this link for everything you want to know about the Keto diet, the ketogenic diet plan, how the best weight loss plan works, which foods you can and cannot eat on a keto diet plan. Karishma Chawla, founder of Eat Rite 24x7
Ketogenic Diet Explained | What is a Keto Diet | The best Weight Loss Diet Plan #ChetChat
Karishma talks about the Ketogenic diet she explains everything about Keto and what is a keto diet who should be on diet keto, which people should not follow a ketogenic diet, composition of a ketogenic diet plan, what are the elements of the ketogenic diet,
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Host - Chetna Vasishth
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Comments :

Pooja Kashyap

Pooja Kashyap . 2 weeks ago

Kya mal hai yar

Saumy Maxwell

Saumy Maxwell . 3 weeks ago

Omad and keto works like a charm.

JS Sandhu

JS Sandhu . 4 weeks ago

8:41 "3 hours of exercise per week = 1 hour+ lifespan." So, by math if I work out 3 hours per week for a year, that's 3*52=156 hours=6.5 days will get me 52 hours=2.16 days or extra life span in a year. Totally not worth it. Just kidding.. thanks for the info. :)

Ronnie James

Ronnie James . 1 month ago

Just after I conducted my analysis with this “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) diet program that was offered by a friend of mine who also lost pounds, I lost about 9 lbs too. My very own fat reduction and weight-loss should have been because of this specific program. I have realized now that I am eating healthy and balanced. .

abhi dhiman

abhi dhiman . 1 month ago

NYC video mam


fida80 . 1 month ago

But Dr Eric Berg says it has to be done for entire life and he is much more educated on keto diets 🤔

raavi riya

raavi riya . 2 months ago

Her voice is like ekta kapoor


LordWarhaft . 2 months ago

This a video on keto diet with facts from 70 year old flawed research. Professional athletes r on keto for 20years + additionally the idea of good and bad fats is all wrong. Trans fats are completely safe and do increase your risk of heart disease. If u want a successful show plz get someone with some more creditability. Some who has actually gone through all the researches on these tops and is not giving you some old hogwash. That's y always read stuff yourselves rather than listening to this bullshit. All this is from coming from an actual Doctor FYI

Devbrath Guha

Devbrath Guha . 2 months ago

when you say bad fat and say butter and ghee are bad fat it shows you are a quack.. saturated fat is best for keto. keto is good for diab 2. i guess u shud stop

sunita karole

sunita karole . 3 months ago

1.Ghee is not a bad fat. 2. According to famous Dr. Eric Berg keto diet is a lifestyle NOT a DIET. If anything is for short period how could u benefit from it for ur whole life. So... Plz stop making such stupid remarks. Keto is good for westerns because of their food availability. For us Indians it impossible to practice it. So tell the truth instead of saying its for a short period of time. The logical diet is Intermittent Fasting. Its more practical more sustainable nd results are gauranteed.


CHITRA LEKHA . 3 months ago

Can we eat rice?

mandar parulekar

mandar parulekar . 3 months ago

Bc isski aankho see samaj aaraha hain kito diet

Anupriya Paul

Anupriya Paul . 3 months ago

Thnk u for d info

sheikh shakiba

sheikh shakiba . 3 months ago

Ye doctor gastric ki shikar hai. Her gas is disturbing her.😂

Big Smoke

Big Smoke . 4 months ago

Short period of a time? Just day the no. Of days . Cmon And supplements will kick you out of ketosis

jagruti mali

jagruti mali . 1 year ago number plz....I want to get started with weight loss plan ....

heenakausar mudassir

heenakausar mudassir . 2 years ago

Can u plz give me this doctor number I really need that


sinakshat . 2 years ago

I have been on keto and lost 20 kgs weight and 10% body fat


ChetChat . 2 years ago

Follow us on Facebook - chetchat101 Twitter @chetchat101 Instagram @chetchat101

Ankush Chauhan

Ankush Chauhan . 2 years ago

Ketogenic diet is also known to cure many types of neurological disorders like West syndrome and certain types of epilepsy.

Abbas Barwaniwala

Abbas Barwaniwala . 2 years ago

Hello Ma'am, Can you plz make a video on IES(Indian Engineering Services)??


Gloria . 2 years ago

I feel like this diet should be a lifestyle change more than a short term diet. The hardest part in the diet is keeping proteins under check. We've always been told that fat is bad for your body but on keto it really isn't.. so when you're out shopping for groceries go for the full fat meat and not the high protein lean meats like turkey. Your body can go through gluconeogenesis and convert the excess proteins to glucose. Although light exercise does help it isnt necessary.... Heavy exercise can leave you naturally craving for carbs and you should be because carbs are important if you have a on a heavy work out routine.. but I wouldn't recommend heavy exercise during the diet.... you will be constantly low on energy and will want to quit the diet. I've been on keto about 5-6 months and I've lost 12kgs so far. If done right it can be amazing. You feel alert and full of energy.

Dipith Sharma

Dipith Sharma . 2 years ago

10 -15gms carbs per meal or for whole day. Can anyone tell?

karan SinghTanwer

karan SinghTanwer . 2 years ago

Hello ma'am When are you doing a vedio on hospitality industry.please ma'am do a vedio on it. Thankyou

Amit Yadav

Amit Yadav . 2 years ago

nice one 👏👏👏

Mangesh Shelake

Mangesh Shelake . 2 years ago

it is another's good Friday...

Mangesh Shelake

Mangesh Shelake . 2 years ago

thanks you so much mam ...its real y good ....

Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh . 2 years ago

i would not recommend anyone to follow ketogenic diet. I have done it. Its not good fr ur body. U have mood swings, gassy stomach, other side effects. You will be at ur worst. NOT recommended fr ppl who have hectic lifestyle. Its also not good to ur body to have such violent shocks. Jst keep ur macros in check, exercise & take vitamins & do regular medical check ups, Stop smoking & drinking, avoid junk food. U will live aaram se. Its all wat u r putting inside.

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