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Luke Combs - Even Though I'm Leaving (Official Video)



Published on 3 months ago

Listen to “Even Though I'm Leaving” from Luke Combs’ album, ‘What You See Is What You Get’, available now: http://smarturl.it/WYSIWYG?IQid=youtube

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Connect With Luke:
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Comments :

Aaron Arsenault

Aaron Arsenault . 3 minutes ago

Same story as most of you. Lost my dad July 25th 2018 due to a greedy hospital. Heard this song on the radio and immediately after it another song played called I wish Grandpa’s didn’t die. Needless to say, I found out just how many tears I had left. Now I’m watching/listening to the video as I sit here watching my little boy playing with his puppy.

Josh McRae

Josh McRae . 55 minutes ago

I just watched your interview about this song and know someone else's helped create this song. But I found it in troubled times when my hero, who is fighting cancer, as well as me struggling to be a great Dad to two boys, and it has rocked my world! You singing these lyrics and the emotion behind them has made me want to continue to be a great Dad, THERE IS REASON, because of the memories of my Dad doing all he can to be there and be my hero. Thank you for showing the world that men really care, we just explain it differently than others are use to. My boys love your music also and want to here you on long trips because they get into the diversity. Thank you again.

Karen Hale

Karen Hale . 2 hours ago

Love love love his voice...makes you melt like butter on hot bread!!!!! :)

Holly Erin Williams

Holly Erin Williams . 2 hours ago

I miss you daddy, 5.15.18 will always be the date I'll never forget. I love you, I know you're happy and cancer free in Heaven 💕🙏😭

Fabrizio Lunelli

Fabrizio Lunelli . 4 hours ago

Love It. I miss my dad


Anonymous . 5 hours ago

Lost my grandfather the night before thanksgiving.. this song makes my heart hurt for my dad.

Daniel Whitt

Daniel Whitt . 9 hours ago

goos bumps


joker187cal . 9 hours ago

there a few song that really touch your heart and make u cry and this is one of them.

Mrs Firman

Mrs Firman . 11 hours ago

Daddy I miss you more than my heart can handle but I know how much you love me death couldn't keep you from me I know you're still here. I look for you everyday in everything that I do. Been the longest week of my life but we listened to this song before you left and I know it stands for you and me. I love you daddy

Jarvis Johnson

Jarvis Johnson . 11 hours ago

Lost my dad when I was 5, never really thought about him since I heard this song, hit me right in the feels..

Kerry Kelly

Kerry Kelly . 11 hours ago

I would sell everything I own to have him come and sing at my house for one day!!! Jesus. Kidding but it would be worth selling a ton of my shit to get him even close to my town.

Elizabeth Pesiridis

Elizabeth Pesiridis . 13 hours ago

Love this song

Eddie Broderick

Eddie Broderick . 13 hours ago

It's the most amazing song I've ever heard


trucker86a . 13 hours ago

At the current time, 3.3k people have disliked this song. The same 3.3k people probably like shitty rap music that you can't understand.

alexander cole

alexander cole . 13 hours ago

Not a huge country fan, but I heard this on the radio at work and I’ve been playing it nonstop for the rest of the day. It really hits different.

Toxic _Vxbes

Toxic _Vxbes . 15 hours ago

The people who disliked this song should learn real music

Audrey Anderson

Audrey Anderson . 15 hours ago

omggg i love this songgg

John Weeks

John Weeks . 16 hours ago

love this song one of his best if not the best one ever

PJ York

PJ York . 17 hours ago

I just lost my Dad on November 15th. RIP Dad December 29, 1955 - November 15, 2019

Kyle White

Kyle White . 18 hours ago

entire crowd is stunned... just as I am ... I been a TOTAL POS, a mere shadow of what I shoulda been ... since mah Dad left ... ;-(

Kyle White

Kyle White . 18 hours ago

totally fucking amazing ..

Mingo The Poet

Mingo The Poet . 18 hours ago

I don’t really play country music 🎵 but this is beautiful 🔥🙏 love ❤️ it


TblizzyY . 19 hours ago

To whoever has lost their daddy.. or is struggling with it now .. I’m so sorry, it gets better and it will be okay❤️ he will always be here looking down and watching you ❤️


silverdropstang . 22 hours ago



horsegirl07 . 1 day ago

Damn... my dad is still here and in my life but, I can’t get through this song without getting choked up 😭

amartin 23964

amartin 23964 . 1 day ago

Our 16 year old son just sent this video to his daddy. My husband is an over-the-road truck driver. Him and I are on the phone, he says just got a YouTube video....who is Luke Combs? I'm like I don't know. Then he tells me name of song. We hang up, I go listen to this song. Now I'm doing the biggest ugly cry (snot flying everywhere) ever, at 7:30 in the morning. That's our sons way of letting his daddy know how much he loves him and what he means to him. At 16 and being a young man, they don't always show their feelings. Sometimes when my husband is away for work and he calls he'll be like....our kid's hate me. I always tell him, no they don't....they love you! THIS song that our son sent him, should tell him all he needs to know about how our son really feels about him!

Dennis Flannery

Dennis Flannery . 1 day ago

Lost my father 5 years ago. My cousin's lost their father, my uncle, today. I shared this beautiful song with them. Thanks for this, the healing power of music is like nothing else. RIP Uncle Bob.


chevyman03ss . 1 day ago

No doubt a tear jerker! Been 15yrs since I lost my ole man and this song came on and and hit home!

ikaia kamai

ikaia kamai . 1 day ago

this is exactly my life but its better now

Quentin Thomas

Quentin Thomas . 2 days ago

Dad I listen to this and think of you I miss you

Gwen Havard

Gwen Havard . 2 days ago

be safe

Gwen Havard

Gwen Havard . 2 days ago

well good luck with your war

Gwen Havard

Gwen Havard . 2 days ago

i think he is going into the military

Mark Morton

Mark Morton . 2 days ago

One of my Favorite

Brandon S

Brandon S . 2 days ago

This is odd, I never listen to the radio, but my alarm clock came out while sitting at the computer and this song came on. My father was diagnosed with carcinoid tumors out of the blue 2 weeks ago. Doctor is talking like they are going to end his life early, and I truly don't want to live without him. He's the greatest man I've ever known and would literally give you the shirt off your back, or help you fix anything you needed without expecting anything at all in return. Sorry God, but we still need him here.

Esther Dinkins

Esther Dinkins . 2 days ago

crying R.I.P Mother I miss you


bigdawgcul . 2 days ago

When I first heard this song, it made me think of my daughter. Then my father passed away a month ago and it took on a whole new meaning. Great great great song.


S S . 2 days ago

Great Song, Great Artist no doubt about it. Interesting fact Luke Combs born in 1990, Sawyer Brown 1991 "The Walk" was a similar old school & better version of this. Just saying no need to get upset & hate on me for this. Thanks

Trudie Hickey

Trudie Hickey . 2 days ago

My Daddy just passed away, as a little girl he slept on my bedroom floor for 3 nights after scaring myself at a movie he told me NOT to go to. He is and was always my hero. This song was brought to my attention the day after his funeral and I now have it on replay daily. This song means the world to me, thank you Luke!


RASUL . 2 days ago

Respect from Kazakhstan🇰🇿, nice country music 😺

Joseph Hammer

Joseph Hammer . 2 days ago

If you are lucky enough to still have your dad, Go give him a hug and tell him how much you love him! Once he’s gone, You will realize how bad you wish you could!


MNRsq . 2 days ago

This had me in tears.. but he's right.. just because they're gone doesn't mean they've left you. Stay Strong.

Matt Sherrer

Matt Sherrer . 2 days ago

WOW!!!!! What a powerful song! I lost my dad when I was 10 years old. Reminds me of him & amazing my dad was. Here I am, 45 years old & this song brought tears to my eyes...

Kim Paul

Kim Paul . 2 days ago

No matter how old you are, daddy leaves, whoever the rock is in your life, it’s heartbreaking, knee dropping. Sometimes you don’t realize until the Rockies gone🥺

Two legged Terror

Two legged Terror . 3 days ago

Luke Sir, you are a masterpiece Sir. Sent this song to my two boys. Have deployed and am home for good now, but my soon to be wife and two boys listen to this song when I can’t be near for whatever reason now. MLLH&R Sir. You are a Legend already!!! You’re my kind of country!!!

Chloe Scott

Chloe Scott . 3 days ago

I cry when I here this cause my dad died on this song

rose hill

rose hill . 3 days ago

I've got this song saved for my son son and daughter. I have a 7 year old and a 1 year old and the doctors say I've got 2-3 years left if everything goes perfectly, which it's not. Breaks my heart to know my babies wont have their momma as they grow up. Hope this song might bring them a little peace. I'll always be right there.

Mr & Mrs Richards

Mr & Mrs Richards . 3 days ago

The people that disliked just had their phone upside down and thought it was the thumbs up 🙂

Jessica Carmack

Jessica Carmack . 3 days ago

I lost my daddy when I was 13 years old back in 2005. I remember everything about those 3 days in the hospital and holding his hand when they pulled the plug and didn’t let go until his heart stopped. This song hits every string of emotions I felt looking at my daddy in that bed.

Noah Arkeologist

Noah Arkeologist . 3 days ago

Last year my son was born on November 21st. On November 18th of this year I was diagnosed with a rare advanced form of Liver Cancer. I just want my son to know, that if I dont beat this, I'll always be by his side.

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