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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Of 26 kgs | | Fat to Fit | Fit Tak

Fit Tak

Fit Tak

Published on 7 months ago

It is difficult to lose weight after pregnancy, but she lost 26 kgs! Watch the video to know what all she did to achieve her goal.

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Comments :

Fit Tak

Fit Tak . 3 months ago

NOTE: All information contained within this channel is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem, nor is it intended to replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner, health practitioner, or fitness professional. No action should be taken solely on the contents of this website.  The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual.  Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health or on any opinions expressed within this

Aliza shaikh

Aliza shaikh . 12 hours ago

even i have lost 22 kgs i was 74 post pregnancy now i am 52kg without gym but dieting at home that is proper healthy diet without any support from anybody and i am very thankful to god that he gave me strength and sabr to achieve my target within 1 year

Craft Owl

Craft Owl . 1 day ago

you look like a model.. your face looks so strong .. 😋

Macha Suvarna

Macha Suvarna . 1 day ago

Hello mam. U look like thai actresses yaya ursaya. Chek it urself

Abhilasha Singh Birha

Abhilasha Singh Birha . 1 week ago

You are so beautiful mam !

Shatakshi Aggarwal

Shatakshi Aggarwal . 1 week ago

This is so cute and honest.

Shivani shet

Shivani shet . 1 week ago

Now u r so confident😎

Digdil Makvana

Digdil Makvana . 1 week ago

Woooooww.... same yar me abhi only 23 ki hu or mera vzn 78 he.. me pic nhi leti apne n bhar jati nto kpde fitt aate....dipretion me rhti pr apko dekh lgra k hojaye ga mujse bhi....3 mhinese 77 hi rhrhaa

Nidhi Shah

Nidhi Shah . 2 weeks ago

This is so cool!

tejal naik

tejal naik . 2 weeks ago

Wow very nice 👍👌

Sultana shaikh

Sultana shaikh . 2 weeks ago

So sweet

marziana saara

marziana saara . 2 weeks ago

In 4 yrs I came from 40kgs to72kgs Nd my appetite isn't supporting me

Saba Ajmal

Saba Ajmal . 2 weeks ago

You are extremely lucky to have such a supportive husband who is himself.physically helping you in doing exercise ...normally a susraal does not support a woman

Sangeeta p

Sangeeta p . 2 weeks ago

Wow amazing...😘


passhelley . 2 weeks ago

she said a word "C section". my advice donot google it unless you want nightmare.

mandy rj

mandy rj . 2 weeks ago

I got c section even facing the same issues but I am motivated now I will also reduce after completing 6 months of my baby


NEETU JATAV . 2 weeks ago

Hello ,,mam ,,kya c section k baad hr type k workout kr skte hain ,,stacyies pe koi fark nhi padta kya ,, kyuki mera bhi c section hua h 10 month hue hain ,,tummy bahut Nikli h

nilima kandalkar

nilima kandalkar . 2 weeks ago

I wish there is button for love this video. Its so inspiring..i can relate to her.. in many things.. and she i so cute and talking so friendly as well. Thanks for sharing her story. Feeling motivated.. 🥰💃🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Zahra Khataw

Zahra Khataw . 2 weeks ago

Congratulations!! Great job!!

numreen hoosen

numreen hoosen . 2 weeks ago

Can some one share what's a good proper diet I'm exactly where she is

Flora D

Flora D . 2 weeks ago

Your weight was 80 but what about your height. Weight is always proportional to height. A weight of 80kg on 4'10 or 5' is not same as 80kg on 5'3" or 5'4"

Flora D

Flora D . 2 weeks ago

Sab thek hay par face kese badla? Jo pics dikha rhy hain, even slim ki bhi, un me aur jo bethi interview de rahi bht difference hay face ka. Is it because of makeup?

Nisha Mathur

Nisha Mathur . 2 weeks ago

Thanks🙏 for guideing me. 😊

preethi gowda

preethi gowda . 3 weeks ago

Plz give idea how did u managed preparing food for u and family members

jungkook baby

jungkook baby . 3 weeks ago

Koyi stretch marks ke baare meij bhi baat karo bhai pls

Farha Mansha

Farha Mansha . 4 weeks ago

I'm not allowed to go to gym due to some reasons.I want to lose 30 pounds at home,is that possible?

Ever Girl147

Ever Girl147 . 1 month ago

Kesi lose skin ko tight Kiya plz reply me after weight lose

Parul Gupta

Parul Gupta . 2 months ago

I was 90 kg at the time of delivery and after 1.5 year I am 70 kg now☺️ without gymming

Umaralibutt Umaralibutt

Umaralibutt Umaralibutt . 2 months ago


Surinder Kaur

Surinder Kaur . 2 months ago

Wow.. 7000to 9000 calories intake a day is so much. However congrats for your weight loss. I hv also went to the gym and did cardio exercise plus Keto diet and loss 21 kg in 4 months

Shri Patel

Shri Patel . 2 months ago

Which app you use

Greeneyes Sono

Greeneyes Sono . 2 months ago

Me 4month pargent now my weight is 68..

Rekha4848 Sharma

Rekha4848 Sharma . 2 months ago

Mere c section ko 40 days ho gye 85 kg weight h kya krna shuru kru walk kr di h shuru

Mayank Bhardwaj

Mayank Bhardwaj . 2 months ago


Miss Anjali barnwal

Miss Anjali barnwal . 2 months ago

All of them are very rich

Yasher Gujjar

Yasher Gujjar . 2 months ago

Wanted to weight loss but muje gym jana allow ni h


Dr. BHUSHAN SALI . 2 months ago

how can i contact you? i want your guidance plz.


Dr. BHUSHAN SALI . 2 months ago

which app you ised?

Funpage 143

Funpage 143 . 2 months ago

Yar pregnancy ya weight loss karnay k bat jo stretch mark kesasy remove hotay hn???

Neha Kapoor

Neha Kapoor . 3 months ago

Can i run on treadmil .. or take protien shake

Neha Kapoor

Neha Kapoor . 3 months ago

C section k kitne din baad se ye sab kar sakte hai aur xersize kar skate hai

Siddharth singh baghel

Siddharth singh baghel . 3 months ago

I am siddharth singh baghel ,3rd engineer at merchant navy ,my weight was 125 kg earlier but for merchant navy you have to be fit .now my weight is 84 kg ,I lost 40 kg in around time span of 4-5 months without any supplements, and without any personal trainer .i had lost my weight by totally natural ways only by hard work and diet control.i also want to share my story with your channel,if you want that my story is inspired people please contact me by Instagram .and if any overweight people want some guidance I can guide you absolutely free ,because fitness is my passion and I really want India shoul be fit .thanks My insta I’d is - siddharthsinghbaghel1987

Sheena Life

Sheena Life . 3 months ago

One of the best videos I have seen

Abhishek dnanola

Abhishek dnanola . 3 months ago

BC 7000 colories😂 3 to 4 logo ka khana

Ankita Jha

Ankita Jha . 3 months ago

She is beautiful

Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma . 3 months ago

Mam bhot achcha bolte ho aap.bade achche se samjhayi khud ki journey.very very very good.hatts off

Veerpal Sandhu

Veerpal Sandhu . 3 months ago

Mere naal v same hi c

No Name

No Name . 3 months ago

she is so beautiful - looks like a movie star


NAUHIN SAYYADAH . 3 months ago

I wonder when we reduce weight y does clothes get shorter 😂😂💔

Dolly Ray

Dolly Ray . 3 months ago

Dilevery k baad bahut bhuk lagati h ..... 😏

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