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5 Non-Egg, Low-Carb Breakfasts (What to Eat besides Eggs)

Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Published on 1 year ago

Here are five low-carb breakfasts that can you have if don’t tolerate eggs or you are tired of eating them.

Download the recipes here: https://www.drbeckyfitness.com/5-non-egg-breakfasts-low-carb

With 5 grams of fat and less than one gram of carbs, an egg is a great choice for a low-carb/high-fat diet. However, it can get boring if you eat them every day.

In this video, I show you how to make 5 healthy low-carb, non-egg breakfasts.

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Dr. Becky Gillaspy graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991. After the birth of her daughter, she left private practice and accepted her first teaching position at a career college, and then went on to teach online courses for Ashford University and The University of Phoenix. Through the years, she has taught a variety of health-related courses, including anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. Her YouTube Channel shares insights and research into how to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is offered for informational purposes only. Do not change your diet, medication, or other health practices without your doctor's consent.

Comments :

Jean duncan

Jean duncan . 1 week ago

Food to help osteoporosis.


MrHarleythedevil . 1 week ago

Eat eggs, sit on toilet, sing," burning ring of fire".

Mary Tims

Mary Tims . 1 week ago

What's another choice of milk besides Hemp milk?



Dr. Becky💓

Molly A. Block

Molly A. Block . 3 weeks ago

I cannot find the recipes on your site. Where do I need to look, Dr. B?


chadzwife1 . 3 weeks ago

Need some keto brekkies. Unless its a leafy green or lettuces I only eat 20g net carbs in a whole day. 12g in one smoothie would kill that lol

Edith A

Edith A . 1 month ago



thaliasghost . 1 month ago

This video is also called "How to eat your paychek one breakfast at a time".

Stuart Worrell

Stuart Worrell . 2 months ago

Well,don t know what to say really Dr Becky,I really could not live without my 6 softly poached eggs every day for breakfast. Always been a big egg eater,they are cheap and got loads of goodness for the money. Nice video though,some good alternatives.

diane sanzone

diane sanzone . 3 months ago

For those of us on a strict financial budget I don't think I would be able to follow these food choices and diet, with only $25 to spend a week I don't think it's possible.

Renee Lanier

Renee Lanier . 3 months ago

Thank you! I hate eggs!


Mary GRAHAM . 4 months ago

I noticed you didn't mention rolled oats. Thoughts?


Ronald . 4 months ago

Full-fat yogurt with sunflower seeds. Sounds like a good way to start your day with diarrhea.

Martin Kelly

Martin Kelly . 4 months ago

Invaluable advice as always Becky .... u really are a life-saver ... now can u do a similar presentation for evening meals .... (dinner) ..... thanks again.

Rita Gaston

Rita Gaston . 4 months ago

I love my goat kefir instead of yoghurt. What do you think ???

maria G

maria G . 4 months ago

Along the same lines of a couple of other questions I have asked you, doesn’t all of this saturated fat raise your cholesterol levels? With high LDL, the MDs then want you to take statins. I think statins are dangerous in certain ways especially with memory loss issues,But how do we go about keeping our cholesterol low if we’re eating all of the saturated fat? I don’t get it.

trishna agarwal

trishna agarwal . 4 months ago

Great videos! Thanks! What do you have to say to people who are against dairy including delicious cheese and high fat diets in general??

Amanda Head

Amanda Head . 5 months ago

We're lucky in the UK as we can find no added sugar/sweetner natural and Greek yoghurt everywhere😃

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly . 5 months ago

Another great video that I can easily apply to my food choices. Thank you very much!!!

Monique Realivasquez

Monique Realivasquez . 5 months ago

Thank you so much for the recipe on the heavy cream with berries and almonds! OMG it is such a great idea and so easy to make especially here at work!

Leslie Porter

Leslie Porter . 5 months ago

This is very good info. And you are a very well spoken, feminine and lovely Woman. Thank you Doctor.

eva garden

eva garden . 5 months ago

After I eat a good low carb meal , I want to lie down and rest even in the morning. I thought food gives you energy? PS: I learned 50 yrs ago in a nutrition class at college we are not to mix and eat fruit and veggies. Blueberries & spinach smoothie?

tom surrey

tom surrey . 5 months ago

So, swap eggs' for sugar, great idea... NOT! Foolish!

Cali Karma808

Cali Karma808 . 5 months ago

THANK YOU for this video! I only eat boiled eggs so no egg breakfast options can be limited.

Lancet Boyer

Lancet Boyer . 5 months ago

Have tried to access using two different email accounts and am told both are invalid. Just trying to get the recipes. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Are they only for sale?

Lancet Boyer

Lancet Boyer . 5 months ago

No link for the recipes


MoonPhaze5 . 5 months ago

This is so awesome!! Thank you so much for the alternatives!! I dread getting bored with food. You just made this SO much easier to do!!😃🖒💝 Thank you for your videos, pretty lady! 😊

Zee Zee

Zee Zee . 5 months ago

I eat more carbs in a day then anyone will eat in a month and I just can't seem to pick up weight , its terrible and I hate it when people say "OH hi you're so skinny" it's just as bad / derogatory to say someone is thin in the same way someone says you're fat . I wish people would just grow up 😭😭👎


Adria . 5 months ago

What about using honey for sweetness?

Serina Wolf

Serina Wolf . 6 months ago

Don’t mix spinach with fruit . Fruit needs to be eaten alone other wise it will ferment . And use coconut yogurt. Animal dairy is toxic ! It has tons of hormones in it and causes women to have even more hormone issues 🙄

sun rise

sun rise . 6 months ago

Great as usual Becky..

Sharon S

Sharon S . 7 months ago

And what is MCT oil and which kind of MCT oil would you recommend? Thank you in advance.

Sharon S

Sharon S . 7 months ago

When you say “heavy cream,” do you mean Half & Half or Whipping Cream? Thank you so much. I’m new to your channel. 🙂🙏

natz and anne

natz and anne . 7 months ago

short, accurate and straight forward collaboration.. great job dr. Becky!

Tiffany Lueong

Tiffany Lueong . 7 months ago

Thank you for this very informative video!

Norma V

Norma V . 7 months ago

Wow! Do you have a recipe for thyroid? What about oatmeal? I eat breakfast at work and this would be quick and easy for me. I start working at 6 30 am

X Marks

X Marks . 7 months ago

Eggs are the best low carb food. Oh the irony.

Gloria Peel

Gloria Peel . 7 months ago

What a great way to use the berries!


egastap . 7 months ago

Dr. Becky....the information you gave for blueberries are not accurate. One cupful has 21g of carbs, 4g of fibre, 1g of protein, 84 calories and a glycemic load of 7. According to Carb Manager, blue berries are to AVOID. For people on a low-carb diet who are probably on anywhere from 25-45 carbs a day, having these blueberries in your smoothie would almost use up your daily quota of carbs. If this is your one meal a day you're having, then it's probably ok, but likely it is not. However, blackberries and raspberries are fine to have in your smoothie as they have a much lower carb count.


CECILIA GONZÁLEZ . 8 months ago

You are gorgeous, even more than ever!!💖💖💖

Kasto Eis

Kasto Eis . 8 months ago

Is this high fat low carb diet ok for diabetics with high cholesterol mumbers?


INDIRA KUMTA . 8 months ago

Great idea. Will look forward to your next video 🌹🌹

Carmen Maria

Carmen Maria . 8 months ago

Sooo what was that yogurt called?

freedom hiker

freedom hiker . 8 months ago

I highly dislike smoothies , always makes me hungry !!! Stevia is not artificial sweetener , it’s plant based ..y’all always confusing me 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

jayanthi narasimha

jayanthi narasimha . 8 months ago

You and your videos are awesome. I enjoyed them thoroughly. Thanks for your non egg recipes. Please post more eggless vegetarian vegan recipes. Keep your good work going. Thanks again.

Sonja Carpenter

Sonja Carpenter . 8 months ago

Regarding intermittent fasting.... can I put a splash of heavy cream in my coffee in the morning and still stay in a fasting state?

Idpa Group

Idpa Group . 8 months ago

Great information ty 😎

Gay D

Gay D . 9 months ago

Hello, Thank you for your brilliant tips but have you got any tips to help me, I am adrenal insufficient, allergic to nuts and shellfish, don't like coffee and am trying to do a keto diet but I am rather limited to what I can eat so the longer I am doing it the harder it is as I am getting problems as I feel sick a lot of the time as I keep going towards adrenal crisis and believe me, after being unconscious for two days I really can't face eggs, can only just swallow because of dehydration. Many thanks for any ideas and keep up the brilliant channel, thanks

Ana Cristina Teixeira do Valle

Ana Cristina Teixeira do Valle . 9 months ago

Dr Becky I am sorry but unfortunately can't eat Milk nor dairy;I'd appreciate if you could make breakfast menus without dairy tks


SmellyCat . 9 months ago

Almond flour, heavy cream, egg, vanilla extract, Erythritol. Makes great pancakes with some sugar free syrup. No egg taste.

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