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Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Icon Video)

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Published on 5 months ago

Official Music Video: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/Y2E71oe0aSM
Listen Everywhere: http://wmna.sh/10khours

Comments :

Maria serena scopelliti

Maria serena scopelliti . 2 days ago

Più bella di questa non c'è ne .... 🙃🙂
July Dayanara

July Dayanara . 6 days ago

Eugene Cordero

Eugene Cordero . 1 week ago

I know but this is good.
Blue Rider

Blue Rider . 1 week ago

A very romantic song from Justin Bieber. I loved to hear this many times. Feels like I'm in a wedding.

SEMiBEATS . 2 weeks ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qh3VtxaoFc CHECK NEW REMIX`1
Hannah Skinner

Hannah Skinner . 2 weeks ago

it a good song
Saidee Hossain

Saidee Hossain . 3 weeks ago

Congress justin bieber for happy weding. GOD BLESS for your future happy life.#justinbieber.#10,000HOURS.
Mariam alshenqity

Mariam alshenqity . 3 weeks ago

I loved it

KAZ . 3 weeks ago

well yummy was worse than this lol
Simone Andrade

Simone Andrade . 4 weeks ago

Sucesso Justin.
Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark . 4 weeks ago

Good stuff
Thúy Nguyễn

Thúy Nguyễn . 4 weeks ago

From get me with love😍😍😍
jahid gazi

jahid gazi . 4 weeks ago

Ламунат Абдулгалимова

Ламунат Абдулгалимова . 4 weeks ago

So cute song ❤️
Jocelyn Linares

Jocelyn Linares . 4 weeks ago

Thank you my sister love it she say thank you to
Alexis Cummings

Alexis Cummings . 1 month ago

I love this song

La MJ . 1 month ago

Con comparación esta es la canción que mas me gusta de el ❤️❤️
Leah Radic

Leah Radic . 1 month ago

I want this song played at my wedding

Amarante . 1 month ago


pablo . 1 month ago


Dillicopter . 1 month ago

Stay the fuck out of country music, we hear enough about your ass as is.
Jay Arnow

Jay Arnow . 1 month ago

It's called 10,000 hours because that is the average time it takes to meet somebody until marriage. Pretty cool!!
Sandy Chen

Sandy Chen . 1 month ago

God bless you, Justin Beiber
Ra Dy

Ra Dy . 1 month ago

Dakota Marie

Dakota Marie . 1 month ago

Had to listen to a good song after hearing Yummy
Leah Radic

Leah Radic . 2 months ago

I want this song played at my wedding
Tyler Williamson

Tyler Williamson . 2 months ago

Moni Chot

Moni Chot . 2 months ago

Justin Bieber ♥️♥️ 2020?
firoh. hhh

firoh. hhh . 2 months ago

every song that collaborates with other singers, I prefer Justin's part 🖤🖤🇲🇨
Aicha Alizem

Aicha Alizem . 2 months ago

Who came here after Yummy? This is soooo much better
Dynamo Minati Gaming

Dynamo Minati Gaming . 2 months ago

It seems like justin not singing for his fans he is singing only for his wife i miss the old bieber very much .❤😭
Dox Rapidfire

Dox Rapidfire . 2 months ago

Can people stop comparing Shawn and Justin? Both are great lol
Ciel Vlogs

Ciel Vlogs . 2 months ago

Simplesmente o melhor ❤️
Hara Sreekar

Hara Sreekar . 2 months ago

Who is here after Justin Bieber's Yummy Yummy song
Larry Pagel

Larry Pagel . 2 months ago

Yummy is not a very good song but this is great.
Dhriti A Patel

Dhriti A Patel . 2 months ago


julie . 2 months ago

Yummy yummy yummy
DaVion Luv

DaVion Luv . 2 months ago

Justin sounds so good on this 🥺 this song makes me feel like the 90s again 💔

HALX . 2 months ago

Who listening in 2089?
Elekber Babayev

Elekber Babayev . 2 months ago

Who's here before 1M 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Krishna Vaghela

Krishna Vaghela . 2 months ago

Who is here after yummy 2020
Ana Guilherme

Ana Guilherme . 2 months ago

Siga sempre JESUS. Só nele há Salvação. Maior que o dinheiro. Está no céu. É tudo o que importa Deus te abençoe. Te amo em cristo JESUS!
Wannabe Emo Teen

Wannabe Emo Teen . 2 months ago

Nocif !!!

Nocif !!! . 2 months ago

03/01/2020 ! 💞💞💕💕
Kejsjaayeh Jwjsj

Kejsjaayeh Jwjsj . 2 months ago

Whose here after yummy!!
carlos gamer420

carlos gamer420 . 2 months ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!ÑÑñññññññññññññiiiiiiiiiiii imágenes de estoy triste de mi primo tuyo
carlos gamer420

carlos gamer420 . 2 months ago

Era un peligro para todo el mundo cretario secretario de cabeza de chivo
Epically Awesome

Epically Awesome . 2 months ago

Is my girlfriend listening it . Its for you babe 😍😍😍
Flávia e Gabi no mundo de gacha

Flávia e Gabi no mundo de gacha . 2 months ago

I am your fan caua carlos

GERA BS . 2 months ago

click fucking

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