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Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Live from Europe)

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Published on 11 months ago

Join Mariah on stage to experience the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" finale from her European tour!

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Comments :

Elpidio Capasso

Elpidio Capasso . 16 hours ago

Sei sempre grande ed emozionante grazie


Johno . 22 hours ago

Wow... A Christmas concert with kids there and she is wearing that in front of em'... Noice.


恵美 . 1 day ago


Thiago Andrade

Thiago Andrade . 1 day ago

♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ te amo


UrbanKwon . 1 day ago

I’m a K-POP Singer and been a Huge fan of her since 10 😆 (Lambily) Christmas time really is in the air. Queen of Winter is ready to conquer once again..😍 Plz Check out my cover of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ !!!🤣 https://youtu.be/lm6aKPSc1Kg

Simone Stè

Simone Stè . 2 days ago

So sexy woman with her voice

Selina Warda

Selina Warda . 2 days ago

Please listen and if you like it then Sub, like and share my channel ❤❤❤ Merry Christmas to all 🎄🍾🎉🎊 https://youtu.be/mgpiCaMlG6w

Blake Gildaphish

Blake Gildaphish . 2 days ago

i just wondered: is this the last original Christmas classic?? Who else has recorded a successful Christmas standard after this??? WOW! i think Mariah holds the torch!

Daniella Rose

Daniella Rose . 3 days ago


Mark McFetridge

Mark McFetridge . 4 days ago

This song to obsessed 100%

Lucky Gem Velasco

Lucky Gem Velasco . 4 days ago

Amazing!!!! The one true diva. Legend.

Victor Augusto

Victor Augusto . 4 days ago


Igor Kirsch

Igor Kirsch . 4 days ago

Linda amoooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Martinez PTricia

Martinez PTricia . 5 days ago

Es mi ídola canta como los dioses De España

Michael Meijer

Michael Meijer . 7 days ago

Rock Barbie doll I love you


김아람 . 7 days ago

Who is she? She has turned into a pig

vanessa millevolti

vanessa millevolti . 1 week ago

Grande Mariah favolosa stupenda top

Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia . 1 week ago

That thumbnail is not it

Eric B

Eric B . 1 week ago

Nick Cannon thinks differently.

Ranz M TV

Ranz M TV . 1 week ago

Its Christmas time2019 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFhJY3IiGvLcCmmnDZjSzVQ

Andrew Rastelli

Andrew Rastelli . 1 week ago

When you came out with the song hero I felt in love with you

Gicelia Costa

Gicelia Costa . 1 week ago

Linda 😘

Eduina Santos

Eduina Santos . 1 week ago

Esperando dezembro... ❤❤❤


magliano96dm . 1 week ago

I was there ❤ brussels 🎄

Nathy Lulu

Nathy Lulu . 1 week ago

Toujours osi magnifique mariah beautifull 👍💋❤️👌💗

Katie Cronin

Katie Cronin . 2 weeks ago

Its Mariah Carey Christmas season!! Merry Christmas


최유정 . 2 weeks ago



dirtydogg06 . 2 weeks ago

It aint Christmas without mariah

Charlyn Zaenz

Charlyn Zaenz . 2 weeks ago

Yes i love your kids..Merry Chistmass! LOVE YOU

Ivone Alberto

Ivone Alberto . 2 weeks ago

Lindo de morrer

luc jacques

luc jacques . 2 weeks ago

yummy legs

L Ray

L Ray . 2 weeks ago

She used a track and background singers, I sing so I know some tricks, a track along with background singers is used when you don’t want to use your voice cause you’re not up to hitting the notes, sometimes. Mariah can sing this song live in 2019, it she’s been doing it for 20 plus years, so she’s taking it easy.

Chenel Dickerson

Chenel Dickerson . 2 weeks ago

I love ❤️ Christmas 🎄 and Mariah Carey ❤️ so much

Mr. Albert

Mr. Albert . 2 weeks ago

Mariah cant hardly move that might because of her outfit

Chris Z

Chris Z . 2 weeks ago

Unfortunate thumbnail


npmyx . 2 weeks ago


Nikolina !!

Nikolina !! . 2 weeks ago

We need more songs like this and last Christmas for Christmas so we can sing songs like this on Christmas.Mariah is killing this song!!!!!


R M . 2 weeks ago

Her boobs look like they gonna explode


StephaniesReligion . 2 weeks ago

The fact that I know who the bear was

Moonlighttt !!

Moonlighttt !! . 2 weeks ago

The thumbnail is sending me lmao. Dead😭

Phase 5 Records

Phase 5 Records . 2 weeks ago


Rachel Monroe

Rachel Monroe . 2 weeks ago

Jesus loves you


PGS . 2 weeks ago

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Cristina Mesquita

Cristina Mesquita . 2 weeks ago


Lord Halifax

Lord Halifax . 2 weeks ago

Delete the thumbnail RIGHT NOW

Robert Shugart

Robert Shugart . 2 weeks ago

What a body. Voice is still amazing

Paulo Malonzo

Paulo Malonzo . 2 weeks ago

I lover her Christmas Gundam outfit here ❤️❤️❤️

Nabil Miller

Nabil Miller . 2 weeks ago

Haven’t seen any European tour dates for this year 😭


김민주 . 2 weeks ago

I‘m ready 2019 November


mcglitter07 . 2 weeks ago

Wow, the fun!!! Aaaakkk! I just love this video!!!!

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