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Defunctland: The History of Disney's Worst Attraction Ever, Superstar Limo



Published on 2 years ago

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Defunctland goes to Anaheim to discuss the history of Disneyland Resort's California Adventure and Disney's worst attraction of all time, Superstar Limo.

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Comments :


Defunctland . 2 years ago

Hello everyone. To answer the main question, yes I have already done an episode on Superstar Limo. I will be going back and redoing some of my old videos every now and then to give them the same research and production value as the new ones. This video is over twice as long as the original, because I was able to find so much more information and footage.


pansztuki . 2 hours ago

*Great advert, singing about how great a thing will be* Voice of Wisdom: It wasn't.

Tilting Head detergent

Tilting Head detergent . 21 hours ago

Too town is the worst part of Disney it’s so outdated and old and it looks like they barely clean up the buildings it looks like something you’d see in six flags most of the properties represented are irrelevant relevant so if you take a kid there they’ll only recognize Mikey mouse and Donald Duck

Caroline Brill

Caroline Brill . 2 days ago

I actually like the art style of this ride but it needs a heck of a lot more oomff!


Smokie . 5 days ago

“A California themed park based in california based on California.

Robert Robrahn

Robert Robrahn . 1 week ago

Yo Kevin...Like the way you ripped off the intro to Arrested Development as a theme to this vid. Very creative and cool.

Fred Bobberts

Fred Bobberts . 1 week ago

The classic line : California Adventure - the California themed California theme park set in California themed California.

Amy Fain

Amy Fain . 1 week ago


Adrian Alvarez

Adrian Alvarez . 1 week ago

Hardly anybody was going to know the celebs in the ride

chinks crashed into africa it broke now

chinks crashed into africa it broke now . 1 week ago

dude the old one was way better. monsters inc sucks

Dustin Solis

Dustin Solis . 2 weeks ago

Colin Mochrie sighting!!!!!!!!!!


ScreamingLordRocky . 2 weeks ago

Surprised they dont have a coaster called Californication


ERUS THE DEER . 2 weeks ago

why there a calofornia theme IN CALIFORNIA, why not in florida in disneyworld


xlSmokeShowlx . 2 weeks ago

The Drew Kerry crew riding Hollywood Limo is the most late 90s early 2000s shit I've ever seen.

Andrew Tuck

Andrew Tuck . 2 weeks ago

I hope this guy never gets called to testify before a court, his name would be a point of serious confusion

Leonardo Martinez

Leonardo Martinez . 2 weeks ago

So nobody questioned the two fainted bodies on the ground? Ok......

Plump Anus

Plump Anus . 2 weeks ago

At the very least they could’ve replaced that horrible sleazy agent with Danny DeVito

California Bricks

California Bricks . 2 weeks ago

I love how one of the promotional clips has "All-star" playing in the background..... IRONIC

Feline Samurai

Feline Samurai . 2 weeks ago

Woww a Monsters Ink thing Thats awsome!


EricInANutshell . 3 weeks ago

The average IQ in Japan is higher and there's less diversity, which is why their parks are cleaner.

Peruvian Potato

Peruvian Potato . 3 weeks ago

Well um... its about time you do a Bugs Land Defunctland...

Emma Jones

Emma Jones . 3 weeks ago


Moose Man

Moose Man . 3 weeks ago

14:13 you sound like Kermit


Lwilkens25 . 3 weeks ago

Love the Arrested Development theme lol.


Chaziz . 3 weeks ago

15:09, they played, a song known for being played in shrek, in a tv show/news, about this failure of a theme park, which had a mention of "dreamjerks" before it was removed?


lanceflx63 . 4 weeks ago

This ride no worse than Stich

Clint James

Clint James . 4 weeks ago

Omg I remember that ride !

CMT Productions

CMT Productions . 4 weeks ago

15:35 Even when riding a shitty attraction at Disneyland, Ryan Styles can't help giving Drew Carey shit.

Seamus Stanley

Seamus Stanley . 4 weeks ago

That Arrested Development parody at the beginning was great! "


Jaceblue04 . 4 weeks ago

I'm not gonna lie, that honestly doesn't look too bad. I mean, it doesn't look GOOD, but I've definitely seen worse.

Farmer Brown

Farmer Brown . 4 weeks ago

Can you make a video about DCA’s Tower of Terror?

DJ Skeletrek

DJ Skeletrek . 4 weeks ago

Haven't noticed until now but is the Arrested Development end card a regular thing? Because if its not, it should be...

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper . 4 weeks ago

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, babe. I hate that part the most. Super cringeworthy.

Luckdragon's Lair

Luckdragon's Lair . 4 weeks ago

I've never been to Disneyland and have no desire to (since I live on the East Coast and go to Walt Disney World). But, my inner child smiles when I see Michael Eisner. A lot of wonderful memories of watching him introduce the "Wonderful World of Disney." He's no Walt Disney, of course, but he was kind of my generation's human face of Disney.

Rose Child

Rose Child . 4 weeks ago

Did you really make a arrested development intro wtf


IceyPie . 4 weeks ago

Michael Eisner literally turned Disney into a sitcom internally


nerdwriterfighter . 1 month ago

This sounds like a boring ride.

Michael Boydston

Michael Boydston . 1 month ago

The muppet idea sounds interesting


Levelmake . 1 month ago

You know, California adventure has 2 things that make it great, beer and rollercoasters that have loops.

Daliah Galvin

Daliah Galvin . 1 month ago

When you die you become a cut out in 2001 superstar limo


DeltaME . 1 month ago

I wish I was the big cheese

Chris Stephenson

Chris Stephenson . 1 month ago

Unbelievable that they could go from the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, to this.

JEM ofthe80s

JEM ofthe80s . 1 month ago

11:16 to 11:48 I WANT to say I saw this on the Disney Channel in 2001, it seems so familiar, but I'm not sure. Either way, I miss seeing things like that, and Colin Mochrie! The Rosie O'Donnell part with the Drew Carey Show cast makes me ship her and Drew so much...:)

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson . 1 month ago

Oh hi, Colin Mochrie. 0:10

Ariana Fox

Ariana Fox . 1 month ago

I love the arrested development vibe haha!

#M2Climax Official

#M2Climax Official . 1 month ago

I would’ve been interested in The Muppets version because that’s The Muppets sense of humor


J.London . 1 month ago

I always thought that superstar limo was just the ride for David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive 😂


vonsmitty1313 . 1 month ago

Mickey is the "big cheese"! Eisner is the dick cheese...


RandomShinigami7 . 1 month ago

I gotta wonder, does Colin Mochrie remember filming that commercial?

BirdCraft SSB

BirdCraft SSB . 1 month ago

I would ride Miss Piggy’s superstar limo

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