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How to Start a Keto Diet



Published on 7 months ago

The ketogenic diet has been rising in popularity, and for good reason — it is simple and yields significant results. Whether you want to lose fat, increase energy, enhance brain health, improve your blood sugar levels, or improve your overall health, keto may be the diet you are looking for.

However, before we learn how to start a keto diet, we must develop a deeper understanding of what it is and why it is so effective. Knowing the what and why behind this way of eating plays an integral role in your keto diet success as well as knowing how to get started.

For more in-depth information about starting the ketogenic diet check out the full article on Ruled.Me: https://www.ruled.me/how-to-start-a-keto-diet/


See more keto recipes, knowledge and tips on the website to keep your weight loss going strong.

Everything you need to know about the keto diet:

Getting started? Everything you need is here:

We also make things easy with this 30 day diet plan:


Follow Ruled.Me for more tasty food:

Comments :


TheBigBadBone . 5 hours ago

Man I love this! I just tried keto diet and did hiit training and lost 4 kg in 5 days!
Sushma Rasaili

Sushma Rasaili . 1 day ago

Who's just planning to start weight loss diet since longer times but never tried?? 🥰 ✋🤝🤣😂
Danniology 101

Danniology 101 . 4 days ago

So what about melon? I've seen it on some approved lists. I don't eat most berries😥
tae love

tae love . 5 days ago

When u r Asian and vegetarian😐
Fatima Rashid

Fatima Rashid . 5 days ago

Play it in 1.25× Thank me later
Dhyan Yoga Kendra

Dhyan Yoga Kendra . 1 week ago

Apache Gaming

Apache Gaming . 1 week ago

Is it ok to work out during the keto diet?
Bia Chyng

Bia Chyng . 1 week ago

The very best video I've seen
Atu Anugrah

Atu Anugrah . 1 week ago

Keto make me loose 8kgs and never going back. I'll do it again soon to lose 12kg more fat to my ideal body weight. Wish me and you luck
Kimmie Hamilton

Kimmie Hamilton . 1 week ago

Mari Robles

Mari Robles . 1 week ago

John Kunai

John Kunai . 1 week ago

Otter Mom
Alex Fierro

Alex Fierro . 1 week ago

So is this what Martin has been talking about

LordBransty . 2 weeks ago

The first time I tried keto I nearly passed out after three days. I tried again 25 years later and found it really easy. The only difference was, I cut down the carbs for the first two weeks. I didn't go straight into it. I lost about 40lb in 5 months and went from size XL to Medium. My taste buds reset themselves, and I didn't miss the carbs and sugars at all. Hope that helps you guys that are scared to try. No rush. Ease into it.
Lil Cheetah

Lil Cheetah . 2 weeks ago

Worked for me. 70 pounds in about 8 months.
ButtHole Man Shrimp

ButtHole Man Shrimp . 2 weeks ago

On day one of Keto what do, I do fast?
Quazi Roberts

Quazi Roberts . 2 weeks ago

I find keto a lot more bearable by following my morning routine. The first drink I have is about 1/2 a litre of my first passing of urine in the morning. I drink urine thrice daily between intermittent fasting and it really takes the edge off craving sugar. It also is very versatile. If there’s any left over I dab it on my wrists and behind the ear for a clean and pleasant smell.
Life is Keto

Life is Keto . 2 weeks ago

The recipes are so delicious! I lost over 35 pounds following a Keto Diet. Its clearly life and body changing. Thumbs up!
Dj Avilared

Dj Avilared . 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the good information, I am using this method for more than a year and I change my life, I hope that several people serve as me, greetings.

Lunadare . 2 weeks ago

Poor people use rice, noodles, and bread to stretch their food and feed their families. How are poor people supposed to do Keto?
Harry and Ti

Harry and Ti . 2 weeks ago

Started keto and have insane diarrhea for 2 days so far. Ready to quit, any help appreciated!
Keto Steveo

Keto Steveo . 2 weeks ago

Awesome video! My view is many doctors either don't know, or they're in with the big pharma's for the money. My endo had me on the food pyramid and 180 carbs per day...just started keto 2 weeks ago with intermittent fasting after 3 days in the hospital with ketoacidosis. Feel great and insulin down from 75 to 20u per day. Can't wait to see my endo next week and show him my results so far...

m0nd . 2 weeks ago

currently weight about 170. gonna start doing some diets and workouts. will update, yall pray for my fatness.
Andrea C

Andrea C . 2 weeks ago

This diet doesn't work for everybody...too bad.
JJ frost

JJ frost . 2 weeks ago

I dont want to loose weight I just want my psoriosis cured 'cause keto diet is the for person suffering from psoriosis.
Becky Dobbs

Becky Dobbs . 2 weeks ago

I hate that they call it the "Keto Flu" when it is really only Carb withdrawal
Saliou Mbodji

Saliou Mbodji . 2 weeks ago

Just now starting Keto Diet, wish me luck! I’ll keep y’all updated!
Magik Munchkin

Magik Munchkin . 3 weeks ago

So it’s the Atkins diet with a cooler name.......cool
Noel Galvan

Noel Galvan . 3 weeks ago

Can i do this diet and do intermittent fasting?
Placaso Wuicho

Placaso Wuicho . 3 weeks ago

What about diarrhea. I got that at first and stopped. Is that part of the keto flu? Stomach hurt bad for 3 days. Then I quit
Stephen Tyree

Stephen Tyree . 3 weeks ago

As someone who had great success on this diet, this is actually a fantastic video. There are a lot of details that are left out for the sake of keeping this clip short and concise, so be sure to peep the resources that the lady mentions.

TheOtherChef . 3 weeks ago

where is this keto calculator?
*Blue Wolfz*

*Blue Wolfz* . 3 weeks ago

I need a diet T^T

Someone . 3 weeks ago

I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone by getting almond milk, although they can become pretty pricey.
zhanna davidova

zhanna davidova . 3 weeks ago

What if you have high cholesterol?

MsM8 . 3 weeks ago

is it bad to avoid the carbs and eat protein and fruits ?

GREEDY GLOCKZ . 4 weeks ago

How much would i lose in a month without exercising? 😂 seriously

Andromeda . 4 weeks ago

Does keto allows milk and chickpeas?
Solomon Street

Solomon Street . 4 weeks ago

Everyone making videos saying to do keto but no one is showing the foods to eat

Ketoeksperyment . 4 weeks ago

Will Knott

Will Knott . 4 weeks ago

Just thinking about trying the diet is making me hungry.
yasmin :/

yasmin :/ . 4 weeks ago

start at 1:30 :) thank me later <3
Antonio Rivera

Antonio Rivera . 4 weeks ago

Enjoyed the video. But I find it RUDE when they profile the side of her face and she is not looking at the camera! If you were in front of me and talking to me and then suddenly turned away from me and continued talking to no one, I would feel disrespected! I do not know why this is done in videos now. What a STUPID thing to do. It is a STUPID technique. Whoever thought of it is STUPID.
timeafter time

timeafter time . 4 weeks ago

Just eat low g.index foods, drink a litre of water a day and go for a brisk walk most days. Pretty simple really.
Yep It's Keto

Yep It's Keto . 4 weeks ago

Hariz Rizal

Hariz Rizal . 4 weeks ago

Can i eat all those oily foods like absolute fried egg
Lisa Schofield

Lisa Schofield . 4 weeks ago

How does this differ from Atkins?
Sara Jayy

Sara Jayy . 4 weeks ago

The first week of keto is hard but after that it’ll feel easy and then you’ll feel happier to continue
K Ward

K Ward . 4 weeks ago

What if you don’t eat meat?
Krystal Siverling

Krystal Siverling . 4 weeks ago

Look y’all had me until y’all said no fruit 🙄

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